10 Best Cruelty Free Mascara in 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Here we have the best cruelty-free mascara options for you.

You will love and praise their quality as they formulated without the presence of parabens and also phthalates.

In addition, these suggested mascaras have no SLS and petroleum in them.

You will find them as Natural Nourishing Mascara options for sure.

If you do not want to wear fake eyelashes and want to make them naturally defined looking, then do try out these best cruelty-free mascara suggestions.

They have user-friendly brushes attached to them. Furthermore, the application of these mascaras will give you a feel as if you have healthy-looking lashes.

Most of these mascara recommendations are made with the help of Jojoba Oil and injected with naturally moisturizing Glycerin in them.

The use of these mascaras will end up giving you nourished lashes and they are even ideal to be used by those girls who have a delicate eye area.

Besides, they do not have synthetic fragrances in them and remain to be ophthalmologist tested.

Best Cruelty Free Mascara Reviews:

10. COVERGIRL Cruelty-Free Mascara – Clean Vegan Formula

COVERGIRL Cruelty-Free Mascara- Clean vegan formula

You might be wondering why to buy COVERGIRL Cruelty-Free Mascara, here you can see that!

The application of this exclusive mascara recommendation will end up giving you voluminous and well-defined lashes.

In addition, it increases the volume of your natural lashes up to 10 times. The product comes with an applicator brush so that you can conveniently apply it.

Rest, this mascara promises and ensures to give you longer and fuller lashes in a single stroke.

You can surely order this best cruelty-free mascara because it is composed of a clean and vegan formula.

Girls have loved using this lash-loving vegan mascara. It is infused with ingredients like argan and marula oils.

The best part is that this mascara has none of the parabens, sulfates in it and it has no traces of talc or mineral oil in it.

Thus, we have given thumbs up to this suggestion because it is ensured by the brand that is FSC certified.

Its formulation remains to stay smudge-proof and even clump-proof.

If you want to get a kind of mascara that is wear-proof, then do not forget to try this pick.


  • Lash-loving vegan mascara.
  • It is formulated without parabens.
  • Leaping Bunny Certified.


  • Expensive.

9. Burt’s Bees Vegan Cruelty-Free Mascara – Premium Lengthening Mascara

Burt's Bees Vegan Cruelty-Free Mascara- Premium lengthening mascara

Want to know the best part of Burt’s Bees Cruelty-Free Mascara, here we are going to provide you with the details.

This one is a black-brown mascara pick that you can go for, We have called it the best cruelty-free mascara because it comes with the mascara tube and injected easy-to-use applicator.

No matter what eye color you have or what skin tone you have, this mascara will suit and look brilliant on you.

In addition, it is made of nourishing ingredients. It is all because of its 100% natural origin formulation that we have picked this mascara product for you.

Its primary ingredients are Jojoba Oil and also naturally moisturizing Glycerin. Moreover, this mascara is gentle enough to use. It will not irritate your eyes.

The single-stroke application of this respective mascara will give you a long-lasting definition.

It is going to softly nourish your eyes, and that is the best quality of this suggestion. Furthermore, it lengthens as well as defines your upper lashes and lower lashes in a premium manner.

It is even ophthalmologist-tested and suitable to be used and applied on sensitive eyes.


  • Easy-to-use applicator.
  • 100% natural origin formula.
  • It defines strongly your upper and lower lashes.


  • You may find it tough to remove.

8. FINEST Cruelty-Free Organic Mascara – Finest Grade Ingredients

FINEST Cruelty-Free Organic Mascara- Finest grade ingredients

The next recommendation that we have for you is this FINEST Cruelty-Free Mascara! It is made of the finest grade ingredients and that is its unique selling point.

Most importantly, this best cruelty-free mascara has the potential to lengthen and thicken your lashes in less time.

It ends up giving you the luxuriously long lashes and that is what all girls have dreamt of!

Moreover, this mascara makes sure that you get the super sexy and upturned sort of lashes.

It is time to stop applying false and fake eyelashes and time to use such kinds of mascaras.

You will be happy to know that this mascara is smudge, smear-resistant and it is also flake-resistant. It gives you 24-hour coverage and that is the noticeable quality of it.

The brand has manufactured this mascara on an award-winning formulation. It is also gentle to use and vegan.

If you are looking for all-natural mascara, then we advise you pick this one because it is PH balanced and suitable to be used and applied on sensitive eyes.


  • It is flake resistant.
  • It gives 24-hour coverage.
  • It is all-natural mascara.


  • Limited in stock.

7. GAYA COSMETICS Cruelty-Free Mascara – Buildable Volume

GAYA COSMETICS Cruelty-Free Mascara- Buildable volume

The kind of buildable volume offered by GAYA COSMETICS Cruelty-Free Mascara is so amazing.

If you think that it is tough to look for a vegan luxury mascara, then you are wrong. Order this best cruelty-free mascara and get the desired results.

Most importantly, it is ideal to be used by contact lenses wearers. Its other highlighting quality is that this mascara is paraben-free.

There are no harmful ingredients present in it. You will be quite happy and surprised to know that this mascara gives you natural-looking thick and longer lashes.

It has buildable volume and that makes it an interesting recommendation.

These days, girls prefer using those mascara recommendations that come with a professional curved wand and this exclusive recommendation is among them.

It gives a full boost to your lashes and you can extend them in the natural style as well.

Say goodbye to false lashes and start using this high-end and premium mascara.


  • It is suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • It is Paraben-Free.
  • It gives your lashes Voluminous Thick Effect.


  • Limited volume comes in the pack.

6. Tarte ManeaterCruelty-Free Vegan Mascara – Triple black Formulation

Tarte Maneater Cruelty-Free Vegan Mascara- Triple black formulation

Tarte Maneater Cruelty-Free Mascara comprises triple black formulation and that makes it one of the super best and premium vegan mascaras that you can try out.

You can even call it lengthening and curling mascara because it comes with a soft-flex brush.

It is all due to its lightweight and triple-black formulation that you will fall in love with this product.

Moreover, it helps you in getting big, full, and fluttery kind of lashes in less time.

You can see that its brush is featured and packed with over 500 flexible bristles. With the help of these bristles, it will be easy for you to curl and coat your lashes without any hassle.

You can get your hands on this best cruelty-free mascara because it comes with intense pigmentation.

The presence of a soft flex brush will manage to bring an amped-up fluttery kind of fullness to your lashes.

Thus, if you want to buy a kind of mascara that is composed of creamy formulation, then we suggest you have this option.

Its main ingredients are lash-strengthening jojoba and even composed of carnauba wax for protecting and guarding your lashes.


  • Lightweight triple-black formula.
  • Custom molded brush.
  • Latest Packaging.


  • No money-back guarantee.

5. WANDERER BEAUTY STORE Cruelty-Free Mascara – Smudge-Proof

WANDERER BEAUTY STORE Cruelty-Free Mascara- Smudge-proof

Next, we have this WANDERER BEAUTY STORE Cruelty Free Mascara for our readers.

This one is washable mascara that you should not miss trying out. It gives a dreamy kind of look to your lashes.

There is no other way to disregard the presence of this best cruelty-free mascara because it works magically.

In addition, it is based on the award-winning Volumizing formulation.

If you think that it is tough to shop for flake-proof mascara, then you are wrong. Simply get hold of this suggestion.

Most noteworthy, some of the girls have called this reviewed mascara one of the strengthening and conditioning mascaras.

It holds your lash curls in the best manner. This is the kind of mascara that strengthens your lashes and manages to reduce fallout as well.

It is injected with licorice root extract and successfully promotes the aspect of long-wearing time and offers water-resistant results.


  • It is water-resistant mascara.
  • It is Gluten Free.
  • It has a synthetic fragrance.


  • You may find the packaging outdated.

4. ESSENCE VeganC Cruelty-Free Mascara – Lasts All-Day

ESSENCE VeganC cruelty-Free Mascara- Lasts all-day

The next suggestion we have for you is this ESSENCE Cruelty-Free Mascara!

It brings extreme volume to your lashes and that is for sure.

Moreover, buying this best cruelty-free mascara will bring unbeatable volume and maximum curling effect on your lashes.

The single application of this mascara lasts all day and it ensures buildable volume at the same time.

This mascara never and ever flakes and fades. In addition, it never and ever wears out. It is included in the category of long-lasting mascara and you should try it out.

You will see that it sculpt your lashes in an ideal and salon kind of style. One stroke is enough and you are good to go!

You might all know that this Essence brand is known for making vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

All of their products are certified as well as acknowledged right by PETA.

If you think that your lashes do not look impressive, start applying this Essence mascara and see the noticeable results.

It is free from the presence of any chemicals, parabens, and this mascara does not contain any mineral oil, silicones.


  • Unbeatable volume.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Buildable application.


  • None.

3. Ecco Bella Cruelty-Free 100% Organic Mascara – Smooth to Apply

Ecco Bella Cruelty-Free 100% organic Mascara- Smooth to apply

Ecco Bella Cruelty-Free Mascara is loved by lots of girls out there. By using it, you will get the most luxurious-looking and natural lashes.

We have picked this smooth and all-natural mascara for you because it claims and promises to call itself the best cruelty-free mascara.

The formulation present in this mascara is all-natural.

We like to tell you that this mascara product is made of flower cutins extract so that the content gets wrapped up on your lashes with ease.

Furthermore, it is now possible to get fuller and longer lashes because high-end mascaras like these have arrived in the market.

It does not clump or produce caking and does not give you an overdone look.

Do order this Ecco Bella Mascara because it helps you keep your eyes fresh-looking for hours and hours.

In addition, it allows all-day wear time and is ideal to be used on sensitive eyes.

You will also see that this cosmetic product comes with a uniquely designed brush. A single coating is enough and voila impressive-looking lashes you will get!

We again tell you that it is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and this mascara is paraben-free, gluten-free.


  • Fuller and longer lashes
  • It gives you a heavy-eyed look.
  • Uniquely designed brush


  • Absence of synthetic fragrance

2. Endlessly Beautiful Cruelty-Free 100% Vegan Mascara – No Smudges and Flakes

Endlessly Beautiful Cruelty-Free 100% vegan Mascara- No smudges and flakes

Moving to the next suggestion, we have this Endlessly Beautiful Cruelty, Free Mascara.

It makes your lashes much longer and this makeup product even gives your lashes a fuller effect. It is high-end voluminous mascara that we have suggested to you.

If your current mascara is not smooth enough to apply, then you should try this product. It does not produce any of the clumps and flakes.

Girls have fallen in love with this great lengthening mascara because it is included in the all-natural makeup category.

Moreover, you will find this black mascara 100% non-toxic.

It does not matter if you have sensitive eyes and you count yourself as one of the contact wearers, this is a risk-free makeup product that you can try out.

On using this best cruelty-free mascara, you will see that it stays for all day long.

It is time to get big and sexy-looking lashes and this is possible if you use only high-quality mascara products.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this mascara recommendation and let us know your feedback.


  • It does not produce clumps.
  • 100% cruelty-free makeup.
  • It is water-resistant.


  • You need a makeup remover to take it off.

1. Hourglass Caution Cruelty-Free Mascara – 4D Amplifier Brush

Hourglass Caution Cruelty-Free Mascara- 4D amplifier brush

The last suggestion is none other than Hourglass Caution Cruelty-Free Mascara!

The right time has arrived to get extreme and impressive-looking lashes. We have recommended this all-in-one mascara to you, you can try it now.

Most importantly, it gives endless length to your lashes and that is what a high-end and premium mascara should offer.

Along with that, it is promised by the brand that you will get the intense volume right there on your lashes.

The product comes with the 4D Amplifier brush. With the help of this brush, you can apply this mascara product with so much ease and no hassle.

So, time to use this best cruelty-free mascara, and let us know your feedback as well. Its application process is simple and quick to follow.

You just have to start applying this mascara from the base section of your lashes and then take it to the root tips.

You can keep on layering the mascara until and unless you get the desired effect on your eyes.

When it comes to removing this mascara, then it is also easy to do. Just take soap and water and this mascara will be washed away from your eyes.

We like to remind you about the fact that this mascara has no parabens, sulfates in it. It has no synthetic dyes, fragrances, and none of the nanoparticles in it.

This one is a Vegan-friendly product and it is never tested on animals.


  • It has no sulfates, synthetic dyes.
  • It is a cruelty-free brand.
  • It is made of specialized ingredients.


  • None.

How to Choose the Best Cruelty-Free Mascara? – A Buying Guide:Best Cruelty-Free Mascara

Natural Ingredients:

You should get that kind of the best cruelty-free mascara that is made of gentle and natural ingredients.

It is a must for you to look for an option that is composed of the finest and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Moreover, high-end brands have started to make that kind of mascara that remains to stay from the presence of GMPs and parabens.

You should be applying mascara that does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, and any or artificial fragrances.

Not Tested On Animals:

It is a must for you to look for the best cruelty-free mascara that is never and ever tested on animals.

The brand behind the manufacturing process of any mascara type should oppose and remain against all kinds of animal testing.

Vegan Society Registered:

Experts have recommended choosing the best cruelty-free mascara that is a vegan society registered.

If it is free from the presence of animal-derived ingredients, then that is great. You should look and hunt for the mascara cosmetic item that has got a seal of approval on it.

Gives The Best Results:

Avoid buying that mascara that does not give the best and desired results!

It has to be specifically designed and should be able to lengthen and thicken your lashes in less time.

If your chosen mascara product gives high moisture coverage and lifts your lashes in the best manner, it means you are using the right makeup product.

Full Bristle Applicator Brush:

It is a must for you to look for the mascara pack that is packed with a full bristle applicator brush.

With the help of such applicator brush as well as precision bristles, you will be able to gently lift and define your lashes

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions:

Which Mascara Brands are Cruelty-Free?

Lots of top-notch mascara brands have arrived in the market. like, you can try out the too-faced better than sex mascara and eyeko lash alert mascara.

In addition, you can buy urban decay perversion mascara and Pixi large lash mascara.

Some girls like to use illamasqua mascara and NYX is worth the hype, mascara.

What does Cruelty-Free Mascara Mean?

Cruelty-free mascaras are those mascaras that are never tested on animals.

In addition, their ingredients are parabens-free and sulfates-free.

Are Most Mascaras Vegan?

Not all mascaras are vegan!

Though all brands have been trying their level best to make cruelty-free as well as vegan mascaras, still there are a few of the brands that make use of beeswax in their mascaras and this one is a non-vegan ingredient.


Now, we have told you the maximum amount of details on the best cruelty-free mascara!

You can let us know which mascara brand you want to try out now.

Having appealing and impressive-looking lashes have now become a must. If your eyes look boring, then there is no point in doing the rest of the makeup.

So, try out any of these mascara brands and let us know your feedback about them.

In addition, these suggested and the best cruelty-free mascara brands help you in getting a high-volume lash look.

They run on the clean and vegan formulation and remain free from the traces of parabens, sulfates, and also talc, and mineral oil.

The best and highlighting trait is that these mascaras are infused and packed with argan and marula oils.

It means your lashes will not only get a lifted look, but they will also look nourished.

It is time to stop trying out those mascara brands that bring the problem of having smudging or clumping.

You can invest in these mascara options for sure. Rest, these suggestions support you in getting longer and even 100% fuller lashes.

You can enjoy getting dramatic lash thickness if you use our suggested mascara brands.