The 10 Best Foundations for Large Pores in 2024

Large pores are a nightmare for women. Even the most perfect skins have pores. But that does not mean that you become disheartened.

The real problem arises when these pores become too much visible.  The more oil your pores produce the more they will become visible.

Are you too facing this problem?

If yes then no need to worry. You require finding a product that does magic to your skin.

But wait, are you choosing the right one?

Because if you are not choosing the right one then the wrong product will also contribute to making them prominent.

Guess what?

There are several ways through which you can easily overcome the problems of large pores.

Want to know what is best?

Making use of the best foundation that is specifically for those who are struggling with large pores.

For this one, I am going to talk about the 10 best foundations that are available out there in the market.

We have selected these 10 after keenly observing the many foundations. I hope these are helpful for the cuties that are facing the problem of large pores.

Are you ready for it?

Best Foundations for Large Pores Review:

We are lucky enough because the market is full of foundations that are beneficial for large pores.

If you go to the shop then you will be amazed by the number of brands that are offering such foundations.

But, here I am going to mention the 10 best foundations that are specially for the skins having large pores.

Let us have a look at them,

1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup

The Maybelline is the brand that never disappoints you.

And when it comes to large pores Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup is a life savior.

If you want a subtle makeup look then this foundation is for you.

it is highly advised for those people who do not like to contemplate that they spend hours doing makeup.

You just need to apply it and then express to people that you wake up like this, possibilities are maximum that they believe you.

As it is clear from the name of the product that it is Poreless but this is not the only prominent feature about this one.

The cherry on the top is that this foundation is available in 40 different shades.

Ladies!!! Are you excited?

40 different shades that mean from now your neck will be of the same color as your face.

Isn’t crazy?

Additionally, if you are struggling with oily skin then this one will give you a fine mate finish.

Plus it is suitable for most skin types and will not make a problem with wrinkles too.

Also, all these features are available at a very affordable price.


  • For all-day wear
  • Light coverage
  • Suitable for most skin type


  • Contains parabens

2. LORAC POREfection Foundation

LORAC POREfection Foundation

If you want something that gives your skin a silky and smooth finish then LORAC is the best to use.

If you are considering this one then what are you doing?

It is formulated with vitamin E and A also antioxidants are used in manufacturing.

On top of that, this product is also oil and paraben-free that is offering you medium to full coverage.

What is to like about LORAC POREfection Foundation?

Well, this one is best known for the large pores and also for the people who got sensitive skin.

The foundation is made from the extracts of fruits and plants that give the healthier look to the skin.

Also, this product is capable of protecting your skin from harmful sunrays.

So this foundation is for those who want to go out for the lunch on sunny days.

This one is not only limited to any one type of skin rather it is beneficial for all kinds of skins.

Even if you have got mature skin this one is going to work for your skin too.

If I speak the truth then this is the treat in itself.

Also so you do not need to give a touch-up now and then during your busy day.

The shortcoming of the LORAC POREfection Foundation is that it is a little bit pricey as compared to the other foundations available for large pores.


  • Offers Medium To Full Coverage
  • Uses SPF-20
  • Silky Smooth Finish


  • Little Pricey

3. Clarins Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation

Clarins Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation

the next brand that we are going to review is Clarins because it is one of the famous brands out in the market.

This foundation is specifically for those who have this issue of enlarged pores and also want clear and shine-free skin.

This is not only the choice of many ladies but also many dermatologists and influencers recommend you this one.

So if you want to get rid of the large pores and shiny skins then this foundation is indeed the best choice.

Not only this but also it is so good texture the texture of the product is light and the coverage varies from medium to high.

This foundation is best if you want to keep the skin hydrated because it is formulated with plant extracts.

Isn’t it great?

If you want to keep the things natural then apply this foundation and wear some mascara and you are good to go.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • Mattifying Properties
  • Shine free complexion
  • Reduces the visibility of pores


  • A little expensive

4. Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

The next product that is in the race is Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer. This is the one best foundation that offers you high definition as well as work as a concealer too.

This not only works with large pores but also is long-lasting and suitable for a variety of skin types.

Sounds great, right?

If you are using this one then it is easy to minimize the pores and tackle the shiny skin.

As the name suggests is one product that is going to work with your everyday skin problem.

The best thing about this foundation by Stila is that it lasts on the skin for at least 12 hours.

Do you know what it means?

It means that now you do not need to worry about your foundation running off in the summer after a few hours.

Another thing to notice about this Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer is that it is waterproof.

You can easily wear them while having a trip to the beach and roam around the pool.

There are many benefits of using these two in one product as your skincare essential.


  • Offers Full coverage
  • Water Proof
  • Give Natural Look


  • Colour oxidize for some people

5. Youngblood Clean Luxury Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Clean Luxury Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation

If you are a makeup and skincare product freak then you must have heard about Youngblood Clean Luxury Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation.

This is one of the best foundations for the ladies having dry skins and also facing the problem of large pores.

Also, this is a gluten-free product that offers you medium to full coverage.

According to some people, it is the best foundation among all but we all know that it totally depends on the preference.

Am I right?

But the thing that I like the most about this product is that it is formulated with fruits and plants that keep the skin hydrated.

Another noticeable thing about this foundation is that it does not only offers you full coverage but also is lightweight.

All in all, it works wondrously for the ladies with dry, un hydrated, and large pores on the skin.

The cherry on the top, this foundation is available in seventeen different shades. This means you have plenty of choices according to the skin tone.


  • Best for dry skin
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Lightweight


  • Slight scent

6. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

Revlon is one of the renowned brands in the world of cosmetics and never disappoints you.

Now just look at this liquid foundation this is suitable for the combination as well as oily skin.

They claim that this foundation from Revlon is “life proof”. That does not make sense although but left you thinking that they claim this.

If you are a working lady, then you must be aware of how hard it is to keep the foundation in place.

This foundation has the ability to stay with you for 24 years and this feature makes it the best.

Not only this but also, it is one of the best solutions if you are dealing with large pores.

If we talk about the formula of the product then it is lightweight feels so natural on wearing.

It is also easy to apply but for a flawless look, you need to apply layers. So it is a choice that how many layers you add to make your skin flawless.

You are going to get all these benefits at a very affordable price.


  • Matte Finishing
  • Last for 24 hours
  • Medium to full coverage


  • Not so hydrating

7. BareMinerals Barepro Performance Wear Powder Foundation

BareMinerals Barepro Performance Wear Powder Foundation

This one is just phenomenal if enlarged pores are bothering you. You can tackle this problem better by using powder foundation.

This foundation is formulated with lots of minerals and vitamins, gives you a unique and natural look when you apply.

If you want to enhance the clarity of your skin and minimize the appearance of large pores then go for this one.

The coverage of this one is quite good for normal skin but if you have got dark spots, then you need to apply some layers.

The quality is also so good you do not feel a burden on your skin while wearing it.

Another benefit of using this foundation is that it is oil-free and prevents your skin from sweat.

So if you want a smooth and sweat-free look then get your hands on this affordable product.


  • Even Matte Finish
  • Vegan products used
  • For all skin types


  • Not transfer-proof

8. Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation

This creamy formula foundation by Dermablend is the best multitasking foundation out in the market.

It offers you all-day hydration and a natural look. This the best foundation can offer you.

Well, if you are still looking for the reasons why you choose this one over others the let me tell you.

This foundation is approved by the dermatologist and also tested for allergy as well.

That means it contains nothing that is going to harm your skin. So do not need to worry if you have got sensitive skin.

You can apply this with the help of your fingers but if not then you can use the brush too.

If the smudge-free look is your choice then you have to use the setting problem along the foundation.

Otherwise, it is good to go with its own as well.


  • Smudge-free look
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable


  • Not so long-lasting

9. Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer

if you are tired of the large pores and do not really know what to do when investing in this one is also good.

It works wonderfully on any skin type without any difference in the results. It is also good if you have oily skin.

It does not make your skin shiny and also going to cover all the skin in the same way.

The benefit of using this one over others is that you do not need to apply this again and again on the same day.

As it is a matte foundation so you can create a mate natural look by using this one.

It gives you a fresh and natural look even after hours of applying it. And if we talk about the price then it is a very affordable mid-range.

No artificial fragrance is used while manufacturing so it is allergy-free.


  • Easy to apply
  • Matte finish
  • Best for oily skin


  • Not last longer

10. L’Oréal Paris True Match

L’Oréal Paris True Match

If you are in search of the best foundation to cover your large pores then trust me this one is recommended.

To make your skin flawless this compact foundation is absolutely the best option that is available out in the market.

Just a little bit of this foundation is enough for the best look.

If you are besieged with large pores then I am a hundred percent sure that you are going to love this one.

Applying it is not a big deal in fact it is a matter of seconds. Also, you can choose between 18 different shades.

This foundation is matte and not only so you do not need to worry about clogging of pores.


  • For all skin types
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable


  • Can fall off quickly

Best Foundation For Large Pores – A Buyer’s Guide:Best Foundation For Large Pores

You can not just go and buy the foundation just by only knowing that it is for large pores.

There are several aspects to look at before investing your money in the product.

After all, it is a matter of the skin and your face and you cannot compromise on it.

In this section, I am going to talk about the most important factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a foundation.


The first and foremost thing is to look at the ingredients. There are two types of foundations for large pores are available.

One that is made up of natural ingredients and the second that are created on chemicals.

The best one is those that contain as many natural products as probable.

Having a look at the ingredients is also important for the reason so that you can check that if there is any ingredient you are allergic to.

Some products are clinically approved and tested or verified by a dermatologist. If you find anything like this in the description then it is a piece of good news.

Side Effect:

do not forget to read the description and instructions of the product before buying it.

By doing this you will get to know about the potential side effects of the product you are going to purchase.

Some people seem to like that they will bring no harm to your skin but nothing goes as you think.

Every skin type has its own demand so the chances are maximum that the foundation has different effects on different skin types.

I will advise you not to take a risk and go for another foundation even you find anything about the foundation that will affect your skin.


This is also one of the key aspects to look at when you go shopping for foundation.

Every foundation offers a different kind of coverage. Some offer light, some offers are medium and some offer high.

If you are dealing with acne scars and black spots then you should go with the high coverage.

If you want a natural look then medium coverage works best for you.

And if you want to get I woke up like this look then light coverage foundation is recommended.

Determine The Skin Tone:

If you are missing this factor then to be very honest you are going to encounter real trouble.

If you want to make the foundation look good on your skin and minimize pores then you need to choose the foundation that is according to your shade.

If you pick the wrong shade then you will end up looking like a mess. The skin tone is of three types light, medium, and dark.

But when it comes to the cosmetic world than these three shades also broke down into many other shades.

Take a deep look while getting a foundation so that it easily blends with your natural skin type and does not look fake.

Price of Foundation:

When it comes to price then the foundations are available in different price ranges from high to low.

But you can buy a foundation just because of the price. It is nothing that a pricey will offers you the best.

You need to do your homework. Read reviews about the product you want to purchase on different pages.

Look at the above mention aspects and then decide whether the product worth the price or not.

As we use foundation on daily basis and our skin becomes used to its benefit then we have to stick to it for large periods.

So it is a long-term investment so it is important to get your hands on a product that is not only affordable but offers you maximum.

What Makes a Good Foundation?

Foundation is an essential and most important part of a girl’s daily life. It comes in lots of shades and finishes.

Several qualities make the foundation best and better than the rest.

If I say that it is one of the most difficult beauty products to opt for because when you go out you will find hundreds of brand offering it.

But if you know what you are looking for then it is easy for you to buy the product of your need.

So what basically makes a good foundation?

Well, if I say that the formula is the first factor to talk about in this section then it would be wrong.

When you look at the formula then there are oil-based, water-based silicone-based foundations are available.

You need to figure out what is your skin type. Not only this but also the coverage of the foundation, consistency of it, color, finish, buildability, and also price are the things that make a foundation good.

Overall, a good foundation is the one that does not only offers you a nice finish but also blends in a way that looks so natural.

You also need to apply the foundation in a manner that blends smoothly instead of just spreading it.


Our skin is a sensitive matter to look at that is why you need to pay special attention while choosing the products for it.

Large pores to the skin are also a nightmare to ladies. But, you can tackle this issue by using different products.

One of them is using the right foundation for the large pores. Here we reviewed the 10 best foundations for large pores.

Hope it will be helpful to you.