The Best Makeup Brush Cleaners Review In 2024

Let us check out the best and top experts recommended Makeup Brush Cleaner suggestions.

If you love doing makeup, then it is important for you to thoroughly clean your brushes as well.

Using a dirty makeup brush on your face brings lots of skin issues.

Furthermore, look for the Makeup Brush Cleaner option that is dermatologist tested and also hypoallergenic.

The below-mentioned cleaners and cleansing shampoos made for your makeup brushes are free of parabens as well as phthalates.

Moreover, they are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and show high-quality nature in them.

Hence, take out your dirty makeup brushes and give a complete cleaning job to them.

Below penned-down reviews are going to give you further clarity:

10- EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleansing ShampooEcoTools Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleansing Shampoo

You might be wondering why to buy this EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleansing Shampoo; here we can give you lots of reasons.

This cleaner is available in the form of a cleansing shampoo. Most importantly, it gives a gentle cleaning job to the brushes that you use while doing makeup.

This cleaner is dermatologist tested. Most noteworthy, it is free from the presence of petroleum-based ingredients.

You can have this makeup brush cleaning shampoo for yourself as it is environmentally-friendly and increase the useful life of your brushes.

What We Like:

  • It is safe to use.
  • It is dermatologist tested.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly product

9- RICRIS Makeup Brush CleanerRICRIS Makeup Brush Cleaner

Want to know the best part of this reviewed product, here you can do that!

We have selected this RICRIS Makeup Brush Cleaner for you as it performs wonderfully. In addition, it ensures to give precision and also safety to your makeup brushes.

This is an electric brush cleaner and gives a cleansing job to your cosmetic brushes in 99.9% notes.

Besides, it can clean and dry your brushes in so much less time. All of its operations are automatic and guarantee to work fast.

As this recommendation is accompanied by 8 collars, that is why this cleaner can well adjust all kinds of brushes in it.

What We Like:

  • It is made by using premium materials.
  • It gives long-lasting service.
  • It delivers easy intuitive operations.

8- Ranphykix Silicone Makeup Brush CleanerRanphykix Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner

Then we have another suggestion for you, this brush cleaner is manufactured by Ranphykix.

You can get your hands on this Ranphykix Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner because it works on versatile terms.

There are 7 types of screw-thread design embedded and injected in it. Most probably, you will find this cleaner convenient to be used by you.

It has an imported design and is marked as an environmentally-friendly product. Beyond, it is made of non-toxic and odorless materials.

The best part of this Makeup Brush Cleaner that it will remain to stay gentle on your cosmetic brushes.

No harsh operations are performed by it and your brushes are going to retain their original shape and texture.

What We Like:

  • It comprises a screw thread design.
  • It thoroughly performs the cleaning job.
  • You can fold it.

7- Senbowe Upgraded Professional Makeup Brush CleanerSenbowe Upgraded Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

Next, we have this Senbowe Upgraded Professional Cleaner made to clean your makeup brushes. This recommendation carries the newest and highly upgraded design in it.

Furthermore, this Makeup Brush Cleaner can clean your brushes in less than the time frame of 10 seconds.

No matter what makeup brush size you have got, simply buy this cleaner and give an extensive cleaning to all brushes that are flooded with cosmetic dirt and sebum.

As soon as you are going to grab this cleaner, you will simply love this cleaning job and it is no longer becomes tiring and messy for you.

What We Like:

  • It can clean all kinds of makeup brushes.
  • It carries the newest and upgraded design.
  • It instantly removes all dirt.

6- Luxe Makeup Brush CleanerLuxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you are looking for the right kind of makeup brush cleaning option, then try out this Luxe brand.

Their brush cleaner makes this job easy and quick for you. Now, there is no need to spend hours and hours while cleaning your makeup brushes as Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner is here in front of you.

It let you clean as well as dry your brushes in a blink of an eye. Dirty makeup brushes always bring acne and skin breakout problems.

So, to tackle these situations, you can try this product. It claims to protect and fully secure your expensive brushes.

This is a perfect tool for you if you count yourself as a professional makeup artist.

No matter you have a huge makeup brush collection, taking care of them, and maintaining their quality is also your duty!

This job is now possible and easy to do by buying and shopping such as cleaners and shampoos for your makeup brushes.

What We Like:

  • It protects and secures your makeup brushes.
  • It gives 100% satisfaction.
  • It offers an easy cleaning job.

5- Hangsun Upgraded Makeup Brush CleanerHangsun Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you often notice that your makeup brushes get dirty frequently, then it is high time and a warning sign for you to use a brush cleaner.

We have reviewed this Hangsun Makeup Brush Cleaner for you and it fully promises to give a 360-degree cleaning job to your high-end and expensive makeup brushes.

Upon cleaning your makeup brushes, all cosmetic residue and dirt are going to be removed from them.

Furthermore, 8 collars are included in it and it can well accommodate makeup brushes of all sizes. Moreover, this cleaner is easy to use and asks you to follow only three steps.

You can read the instructions provided along with the package to make the correct use of this cleaner.

Still, if you have queries about using this Makeup Brush Cleaner, you can ask from us. We are waiting for your reviews now once you decide to try this subject product.

What We Like:

  • There are 8 collars included in it.
  • It is easy to use,
  • It has an eco-friendly design.

4- Hizek Makeup Brush CleanerHizek Makeup Brush Cleaner

For the sake of a fast cleaning job for your brushes, you can try out and order this recommendation. Most importantly, it is packed with a powerful motor.

In addition, it claims to clean a single cosmetic brush in just the time of 10 seconds, how best and amazing it is!

If you have planned to use this Hizek Makeup Brush Cleaner, then this is a great decision.

It allows USB charging and works in a better way as compared to using other makeup brush cleaners.

What We Like:

  • It allows USB charging produces less noise.
  • It quickly cleans and dries your brushes.
  • It has 8 customized rubber collars.

3- DOTSOG Upgraded Electric Makeup Brush CleanerDOTSOG Upgraded Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Then we have this version for our readers manufactured by the DOTSOG brand. Most noteworthy, this is an ultra-reliable cleaner that can well clean your makeup brushes.

It is infused with 8 different and varied rubber collars. To ensure long-term use, it is recommended to have this DOTSOG Upgraded Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.

All environmentally-friendly products are used in the making of this cleaner. It guarantees to simplify and ease your brush cleaning job.

Lastly, to power this cleaner, you need and require 2 AAA batteries. These batteries are not included in the package and you have to buy them separately.

What We Like:

  • It offers long-term use.
  • It is simple and convenient to use.
  • It can clean brushes of all sizes.

2- Urban Butterfly Electric Makeup Brush CleanerUrban Butterfly Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

The next recommendation is this Urban Butterfly Makeup Brush Cleaner. To give 995 cleanliness to your cosmetic brushes, it is better to grab this exclusive recommendation.

Most certainly, this product prevents all kinds of dirt on your cosmetic brushes. It keeps your brushes high-end, soft, and fluffy.

This product performs dual-functions. In other words, it not only cleans your makeup brushes but also dries them.

Moreover, this is a professionally designed cleaner and made of using waterproof materials.

If you plan to buy it, then remember that you are going to get a lifetime warranty and friendly service.

What We Like:

  • It comes in the form of spinner.
  • The package is included with a plastic bowl.
  • Customers get friendly service.

1- Mymahdi Makeup Brush CleanerMymahdi Makeup Brush Cleaner

Mymahdi Makeup Brush Cleaning option is a budget-friendly recommendation for you. If you want to save both of your time and money regarding this brush cleaning job, then have this Makeup Brush Cleaner.

It is time to take yourself out from traditional brush cleaning methods and get enter into the advanced zone!

As this product is infused with 8 collars sizes, that is why you can clean your eye shadow brush, highlighting brush, and also lip liner brush.

Brushes of all sizes and kinds can be cleaned by trying this suggestion.

So, give a try to this cleaner and make sure to give your reviews about it.

What We Like:

  • It gives a deep cleaning job to your makeup brushes.
  • It has a unique design.
  • You can use it easily by just following 3 steps.

Best Makeup Brush Cleaners – Buyer’s Guide:Makeup Brush Cleaners

Here we have this buyer’s guide for you that can well explain how to buy and shop for the best Makeup Brush Cleaner.

This is an elaborated guide and we are sure that after understanding it, you will end up getting the right product for yourself:

Special Texture Design:

Whenever you plan to buy the Makeup Brush Cleaner, you need to make sure whether it is composed of special texture design on it. Your chosen cleaner should have suction cups present on it.

This way, you can thoroughly clean your expensive brushes. This kind of design makes this job comfortable and easy for you.

Multi-Functional to Use:

Furthermore, you can have such a makeup brush cleaning product that has a multifunctional design embedded in it.

In other words, you can purchase a Makeup Brush Cleaner that is induced with a screw-thread design.

These kinds of cleaners ensure an extensive cleaning job of all kinds of eye and facial makeup brushes.

Easy to Use:

It is of utmost critical for you to shop for the Makeup Brush Cleaner that is easy to use. Like, if you are going for an electrical version then it needs to have an ergonomic switch,

Electrical brush cleaners are installed with operating dual modes. One mode is used for cleaning and the other mode is used for drying.

Extensive Warranty and Support:

Prefer buying that cleansing shampoo or cleaner for your makeup brushes that deliver extensive warranty and support to the customers.

If you are not happy with the purchased product, then avail 100% money-back full refund.

High-end brands that make such brushes, they offer 1 year replacement warranty time as well as lifetime technical support.

Low-Vibration Design:

It will be great if you shop for such a cleaner for your cosmetic brushes that consists and comprises of a low-vibration design.

However, your chosen model should show a high power range and runs on automatic operations, but it needs to be packed with low-vibration design too.

Deeply Clean Your Makeup Brushes:

You should only give your thumbs up and positive support to that respective kind of Makeup Brush Cleaner that claims to deeply clean your makeup brushes.

This deep cleaning job prolongs the useful life of your brushes. So, whenever you shop for a brush cleaner linked to the makeup category, keep in mind this factor.


We are now waiting for your feedback once you use any of these above-mentioned Makeup Brush Cleaner options!

If you got extensive brush collection and you frequently use them, then cleaning them is your primary duty.

Simply utilize these cleaners that are high-quality, budget-friendly. Moreover, they are 100% cruelty-free and remain to stay PETA certified.

They are available in tree-free packaging and transform your brush cleaning job quick and simple.

If you are using some other Makeup Brush Cleaner, then you can share with us your review and experience about it.