The 10 Best Water Based Primers in 2021 

If you’re looking forward to making your skin a center of attraction wherever you go and want to stand out from the other ladies at the party or a get-together, then opting for the right type of primer can do wonders for you.  

A primer proves its worth to the user when it comes to smoothify your skin, fill in the pores and provide you with fine lines to maintain your makeup look all day long.

Making your skin look airbrushed and simply flawless, it won’t be wrong if we called primer is a key to a red-carpet look!  

Since these primers have created quite a fandom of their own among the modern ladies, many brands have started producing the best models of their own.

Each comes with its specifications and functionality, which can make it difficult for the user to pick up the best primer on their own.  

Hence a list of the best water-based primers is being provided below, which comes in handy with optimum specifications, and will surely prove to be a viable source to upgrade your beauty level. 

Here’s the list of the Best Water Based Primers:

Best Water Based Primers Review:

1. Maybelline Master Prime

Maybelline Master Prime

Are you looking for the best water-based primer overall and lack the time to go through the whole list? Then, let us suggest the best of all. 

When it comes to being the absolute best, this product is your go-to.

This product is a great choice for you if you are looking to level out and blur out any kind of imperfections and also smoothes fine lines. 

This water-based primer works efficiently as it primes the skins of its users further allowing them to be able to apply makeup.

Moreover, the product quality of this water-based primer is so good that when it is applied to the skin, it almost feels weightless. 

All facts considered, this is the best product as it fulfills the criteria set by the buyer’s guide section.


  • Coming with a non-oily formula, this water-based primer feels great on the skin. 
  • The variation this water-based primer comes with is; color-correcting, smoothing, and many more.
  • Eradicate the imperfections on your skin
  • Known best to create a luminous effect.  


  • Doesn’t come with extraordinary oils for your skin.  

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go

Rimmel Stay Matte Fix & Go

If you are in search of a water based primer that sports a look that is rather attractive, then this is the product for you.

This product comes with a stylish bottle which makes it a great addition to your beauty bag. 

With this product, the users can complete their look. This water-based primer is one of the versatile options and can be used to serve multiple uses.

Talking about the design of the packaging, the packaging bottle comes as a 2-in-1. 

This water-based primer has a 2-in-1 option which means it can be used as a spray too.

Talking about the materials that go into the making of this product, this product features components that are so reliable that they can make the makeup stay in place for a long time.


  • Comes in an affordable price range. 
  • Is compatible to operate as a primer and setting spray. 
  • Provide users with a shine-free finish
  • Comes in handy with quick-drying and weightless formula. 


  • This water-based primer only comes in one scent.  

3. NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Me Up

NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Me Up

When it comes to looking for products that offer the glam and the glow, then this is the product that you should be getting.

This water-based primer is golden in color which makes this specific water-based primer appear rather beautiful. 

This primer is a good option that is used by a lot of beauty professionalists. This makeup neutralizes the redness and hydrates the skin.

For hydration of the skin, this water-based primer consists of hyaluronic acid. The gold flecks included also account for allowing the users to create a luminous look. 

Apart from being a great option for makeup, this product is also a very good choice as it offers added health benefits! This water-based primer also addresses skin concerns such as redness, hydration, and aging! 


  • Comes Enriched with tons of ingredients that prove to be great for your skin. 
  • Proves to be beneficial for those who have dry skin. 
  • Eradicates the redness from your skin, and hydrates it. 
  • Doesn’t come with any weight, which makes it good to go. 


  • Users find this water-based primer more costly than other brands. 

4. Milani Make It Last

Milani Make It Last

If your buying point revolves around the product being a reliable one and offering longer times, then you should get this water based primer. 

Since there are a lot of options on the market, the manufacturer decided to do something unique that will separate this product from the other ones.

The manufacturer made this Water-based primer from such rigid and durable materials that make the makeup stay in a place for prolonged hours such as 16 hours! 

When it comes to working, this water-based primer will prep your face, ready for the users to apply makeup on. The water-based primer further works to dampen out any imperfection that may affect your make up. 

Among so many great features, one of the best things about this water-based primer is the fact that its manufacturing doesn’t depend on animal cruelty.


  • Keep your make up locked in for around 16 hours. 
  • This water-based primer corrects your make up.
  • Can be applied easily with the help of a spray nozzle mounted at the top. 
  • Lightweight and quick-drying


  • Need to be careful with a nozzle to prevent spraying too much product on the face

5. Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer

Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer

If you are looking for something that comes with added health benefits for your skin, then this is the product that you should be getting.

This water based primer has been infused with Vitamin E. This makes this lightweight primer rather efficient and effective. 

When used, this product will work at its best and will be a great choice for leveling out any part of your face before you proceed with the thought of applying makeup.

Using this water-based primer, the users will be able to apply foundation and powder to make them look beautiful. 

One of the best thighs about this product is the fact that this product is a vegan water-based primer.

What this means is that this product steer clears of anything that requires a person or a brand to use animal leather. 


  • Comes enriched with vitamin E which helps to repair damaged skins. 
  • Features pearl pigments in the package that adds premium glow. 
  • Doesn’t come with any weight that makes this water-based primer good to go. 
  • Even a little quantity of this primer can go a long way. 


  • When applied too much, users find this primer extra-ordinarily shiny. 

6. NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Oil Primer

NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Oil Primer

Searching for products is not something that comes easy, especially when you are looking for products that evolve around you taking care of your skin. Having that said, this is one of the best options on this list. 

This water-based primer treats your skin with soothing hydration. If you have dry skin, then this product is a good choice for you as it will moisturize your skin.

This water-based primer is infused with items such as rice and jojoba oils. 

If you are looking for something that is ideal for maintaining a drew and hydrated complexion, then this is the product that you should be considering.  


  • Features rice and jojoba oil within its package. 
  • Comes with a fine formula that can treat acne and other dry skin conditions.
  • Enable users to experience a radiant and dewy finish
  • Doesn’t comes with any weight that makes this water-based primer good to go


  • This water-based primer doesn’t work quickly. 

7. Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus Coconut

Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Coconut

There are a lot of products on this list that have been appraised for them offering good quality service, but this one is one of the most premium options.

This water based primer is well-known amongst its customers for offering them hydrated skin upon use of this water-based primer. 

When this water-based primer is used, it makes your skin give off a dewy and shiny look.

This can allow you to look fresh for hours. This water-based primer is a good product for health as it includes necessary vitamins and minerals.

This results in the creation of a smooth flawless canvas for the application of makeup and gives your skin a boost of freshness. 

This is one of the best products as it comes with a lot of added health benefits.


  • Comes in handy with multiple scents. 
  • This primer is light in weight, which makes it easier for the user to carry it for a prolonged time. 
  • Hydrates the skin, and keeps the makeup of the user up to date. 


  • Users find their packaging quite fragile.  

8. Too Faced Hangover

Too Faced Hangover

If you are looking for a product that allows you to get on with the makeup process instantly, then this product should be your go-to. 

This product has been specially designed for those people that work for prolonged periods and have no pit stops in the middle of their day.

This product works instantly to give you a nourished and hydrated look. 

This water-based primer comes with included materials such as coconut water, probiotics, and skin revivers.

These components make these water-based primers work efficiently and they are able to give its users moisturized and nourished skin. 

With this product, not only you’ll be able to make your face ready for makeup but will also be increasing your health.


  • Comes with the ability to enhance the skin tone of the user. 
  • Provides a dewy finish and detail to the skin. 
  • Comes infused with premium ingredients. 


  • The applicator doesn’t come within the package.  

9. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

Don’t consider this product any inferior just because it ranks low on the list. This is one of the best options when a user is looking to buy a water based primer.

What makes this water-based primer a good one is a fact that this water-based primer adds radiance to the skin. 

Moreover. This product does a fairly good job of moisturizing the skin and prepping it for makeup.

The product also works efficiently and this water-based primer is absorbed into the skin right after it is applied to the user’s face. 

If you are looking for a product that works quickly and has an easy application, this is the right choice. 


  • Proves to be a great tool to deal with dry skins. 
  • Comes with an easy application method. 
  • Light in weight, that makes it easier for the user to carry it for prolonged hours. 


  • Doesn’t come with premium ingredients. 

10. Revlon Photoready Rose Glow

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow

Last but not the least, this is one of the best options on this list.

This water-based primer has been infused with materials such as pearlescent, quartz, and hydrating oil beads that are all you need to gain additional health benefits and a moisturized skin. 

The formula of this water-based primer is so efficient that it works effectively to absorb itself into the skin and also starts working as soon as it is applied.

The formula of this water-based primer is an effective one as it actively preps your skin for the application of makeup. 

Once this product is used by someone, they feel as if their skin has been moisturized purely for the next 24 hours. 


  • Comes with the ability to moisturize and hydrate skin for up to 24 hours. 
  • Provides extra shine to the skin. 
  • Comes infused with premium ingredients. 
  • Light in weight, that makes it easier for the user to carry it for prolonged hours. 


  • Users find difficulty while popping the oil beads in this primer. 

Water vs Silicone-Based Primer:Water vs SiliconeBased Primer

While going through the market to pick your best primer out, you surely come across the most famous types of primers that are said to be water-based primers and silicone-based primers.

Many users find it difficult to differentiate between these two types. 

The simplest and easiest way to determine the difference between these two types is to go through the ingredient list.

As water counts to be the basic and most important ingredient of the water-based primers, hence it will be listed on the top of the ingredients table.  

Moreover, while looking for the water-based primer you need to make sure that the ingredient table shouldn’t consist of the words like -siloxane or -methicone, as these are the ingredients that are found in silicone-based primers. 

Benefits of Water-Based Primer:

Image result for Best Water Based Primer

One of the major reasons why these water-based primer has created quite a fandom of its own this that these primers tend to be light in weight than the rest of the types of average primers. 

As this primer prioritizes nourishing and hydrating the skin of the user, this primer proves to be a viable pick for the user with dry skin conditions.  

On top of this, this primer tends to be less oily and greasy than the other types, hence after applying it, the user won’t find this primer disturbing while having it on for prolonged hours.

Keeping in mind the fact that these primers mainly come with water, it ensures the users that it will never clog the pores of the skin and is compatible to be used with sensitive skins. 

Moreover, these primers perform a great job when it comes to blurring out the imperfections of your skins.

Having said that, being typically less mattifying, by using this primer you will surely receive the glow that you have always desired! 

Other Types of Primers:

As stated above, apart from Water-based primers and silicone-based primers, a wide types of primers do exist that can prove to be your viable pick as well.

All of these types offer users a wide range of properties and hence make them a good option for people to choose them for different skin situations and problems. Let’s talk about the other types of primers! 

Moisturizing Primers:

If you’re looking forward to a primer that acts more just than an average skincare product, then this type of primer can serve you the best.

Coming with the capability to be spread out on their own, these primers provide users with the dewy finish on their skin. If you’ve dry or mature skin, these moisturizing primers can be your viable pick. 

Primer Sprays:

This type of Primers is best known in the market due to its easy application. By getting your hands on one of these sprays, you don’t need to worry anymore about overapplying your primer.

This product is textured such uniquely that it makes sure to lay out a thin layer of its own on the skin of the user. 

What counts as the best feature of this primer is that it comes with a classy tacky texture that helps users to hold and maintain their makeup for a prolonged period.  

Pore Filling Primers:

Generally, this type comes in handy with the ingredients of silicone-based primer and is best known to fill the pores and fine lines on the user’s skins.

having said that, you can also find this feature in water-based primers which is usually applied to the T-Zone. 

Mattifying Primers:

This premium type of Primers suits best the users that have oily or normal skin.

Mattifying primers come in handy with the ability to tone down the natural shininess of the user’s skin and tend to reduce the oil production of the skin efficiently. 

Being enriched with premium ingredients, this primer ensures ladies that their makeup is going to stick around for a prolonged period, especially in humid and hot environments.

Having said that, if you have dry skin, that this won’t be a viable choice for you.  

Illuminating and Dewy Primers:

If you have ever desired radiant glowing skin, then choosing Illuminating and Dewy primers won’t be a bad choice.

While applied under the makeup, these primers come in handy with the ability to provide a supernatural look to your face and make you stand out of the crowd. 

Having said that, the only drawback of this type is that if the user applied too much of this primer, the skin of the user will start to glow extra-ordinarily that can look weird to the viewers. 

Color Correcting Primers:

If you have ever come across primers, you may have witnessed that all of these primers are translucent colors. However, this type of primer is tinted with a variety of colors.

Moreover, this type of user uses color theory to balance out uneven skin tones and eradicate unwanted discoloration from the user’s skin.

How to Choose the Best Water Based Primer:

If you have ever tried a primer before, you may be aware of the fact that getting up your desired flawless finish with your makeup can consume a couple of hours and requires extremely hard work and dedication of the user.  

Whereas, while opting for a water-based primer to get an effective make-up effect on your skin, you will save a lot of your time.  

Having said that, finding the premium water-based primer for yourself can prove to be a hurdle as a wide range of formulas and products are easily available in the market. 

What common mistake people make is that they think that any kind of primer will suit best with their skin, and this is where things go wrong.

Each primer is crafted carefully with different ingredients and formulas to fit best with a particular type of skin. If you have a drier skin type, then water-based primers can be your viable pick.  

Well, there are numerous factors to consider while picking up your best water-based primer, but three of the most important ones are mentioned below.   


Just like every makeup product or skin remedy, one of the most important factors for the user to consider beforehand is to read the ingredient section on the box of the product to know which type of formula your product comes in handy with. 

Talking specifically about water-based primers, it’s suggested to look for water as a primary consideration, and a list of essential oils and extracts as a secondary one.

The list of the ingredients should comprise of the ingredients such as sweet almond oil or original honey, which would help to treat dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis effectively. 

Having a good understanding of the ingredients of the products will also help you to pick out the ones that suit best with your skin.

A good primer comes in handy with essential functionality and hence can be used more than just to smoothen up your makeup.

It nourishes and hydrates your skin, and simultaneously provides you with an instant bright glow.  


A basic feature for which this primer is used globally is that it provides users with an optimum and attractive texture and detailing on their skin.

If you want something that comes in handy with ultimate ingredients and provides you with an airbrushed top-notch finish, then it’s advised to go for a water-based primer that doesn’t carry any weight.  

Having said that, a weightless primer will help your makeup keep up to date for a prolonged period, and would take less of a toll on your skin.

Moreover, it’s preferred to go for a formula that doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind it. 

Noteworthy Features:

As the competition has increased in the industry of primers, every manufacturer is trying to make his primer stand out and look more appealing than the other primers.

Having said that, every water-based primer comes with unique features, that are worth paying extra attention to. 

Some of the primers come in handy with hydrating ingredients that help especially the users with dry skin to nourish properly.

Whereas the other types may consist of color correcting properties that can help the users to conceal and overcome uneven skin tones or minor discolorations. 

Hence it’s suggested to go for the water-based primer that suits best with your skin, and provides you with a profound experience! 


Getting your hands on the best water-based primer can create a significant difference in your day-to-day routine.

With having the best water-based primer by your side, you’ll witness that you won’t be reapplying your makeup again and again, and will have your flawless look maintained throughout the day. 

Say goodbye to Photoshop! You’ll have natural airbrushed skin without editing your clicks. Are you worried about hiding your dark circles and uneven skin tones?

Aren’t familiar with a way to make your make-up stand out and be more appealing to anyone who sees it? Apply a little water-based primer, and witness an exceptional and attractive glow instantly. 

Good luck!