10 Best Waterproof Mascara Of 2024 – (A Complete Review)

Eyes are the most efficacious way to build up your character, to reflect your personality, and post a firm revelation with your looks.

Attractive eyes boost up your confidence to a high level. You get more power to your personality when you have beautiful eyes.

If your eyes are naturally beautiful that is a plus point, but to enhance their beauty, you need makeup to do so. In makeup, for eyes, the most special things are eyeliner and mascaras.

Mascara is likely a daily beauty staple. In mascaras, we can acquire the best waterproof mascaras but we should be clear to our pick. We will talk about the best waterproof mascaras here.

Why waterproof mascara?

Waterproof mascara can be a remarkable pick if you want your makeup to last throughout a sweaty workout, or through such a season to dress up watery, sweaty eyes or conceal a scarlet, sneezing nose.

You might think that going or staying without makeup is cherish, but sometimes you need to wear some kind of makeup on some special occasions, ceremonies, weddings, or parties.

Waterproof mascara helps you to make your eyelashes stuck at a place, but when it comes to getting rid of this makeup, this can be a little bit tricky to remove it.

That does not mean that you stop wearing waterproof mascara, you should just keep in mind that you are using the right formula for your occasion and eyes and also this mascara is easily removable.

Why would you love using a waterproof formula?

While the long-lasting wear-ability of mascara is crucial, the nourishing benefit of your product is just as important as your look.

Because if you have health, you can do makeup, but if you do not have good health, what will you do with your makeup?

Our list of the best waterproof mascaras boasts quality formulas that not only lengthen eyelashes, but also promote continued growth, softness, and reduced clumping.

These products are also better for your health, these are non-toxic. A major sign of quality mascara—waterproof or otherwise—is its ability to leave your lashes just as luscious when the makeup comes off after a day of slaying.

We are going to review some of the best waterproof mascaras and trust us; these 10 picks will certainly fit the bill.

10- Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof MascaraCovergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara

One of the best waterproof mascaras is by COVERGIRL which is designed to max out every lash, it can create ten times more volume instantly.

This waterproof mascara gives fullness and length to your lashes instantly. In this waterproof mascara, you choose yourself how bold you want to go because it offers four different colors, light to dark.

One of the best waterproof mascara offers you no clumping or flaking and coats each lash. Cruelty-free mascara.

Create your perfect look with the same brand’s perfect point plus Eyeliner. Give a finishing touch to your look with Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara.

It stays all the daylong and gives you volume and fullness, it also resists water and smudging. It keeps your lashes curl and makes them look good throughout the long day.

This waterproof mascara doesn’t clump and really defines your eyelashes and makes them look longer. You can wash it off using a mild, scent-free liquid facial cleanser. Moreover, it is water-based best waterproof mascara.


  • It is waterproof.
  • Dermatologists approved this product.
  • Works better for sensitive eyes.
  • Water-based mascara.


  • It may not be fit for oily or greasy skin.
  • It is not hypoallergenic.

9- Pure Silk Fiber Lash MascaraPure Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

By a very renowned company Mia Adore. Features of this mascara are thickening, volumizing, and hypoallergenic, nourishing, lengthening fiber mascara with minimal flaking.

It is waterproof. Green tea microfibers are present in it that work like tiny extensions to boost length, volume, and intensify the natural lashes of your eyelashes.

In the pack of this waterproof mascara you get 1 tube of SLS-free, sulfates free, paraben-free, non-toxic wet magnifying gel & 1 tube of tiny dry, green tea micro lash extensions.

Instead of damaging your eyelashes, this clumping free, non-toxic formula will help you to condition them. You can wear this fiber mascara with contact lenses.

This product works fantastic for adding length and volume to short lashes. Pure Silk Fiber Lash Mascara is also your wallet-friendly.

If you want silk fibers rather than rayon or nylon fibers, this should be your pick. It is approved by dermatologists to be non-toxic for skin.


  • Waterproof.
  • Approved by dermatologists.
  • Have silk fibers.
  • Hypoallergenic formula.
  • Wallet-friendly.


  • People with sensitive eyes should stay away from this.
  • It can get a bit messy when applying but cleanup is easy with a cotton swab

8- Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof MascaraMaybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

This is one of the best waterproof mascaras. It stays on all day and requires a make-up remover to get it off at night.

This one holds up better than the higher priced brands. It is available in more different colors. The brush which is a Lash-building brush makes it easy for you to get a bold full-lash look.

Accessible in super-saturated shades ranging from very black to brownish-black. It does not make smears and also doesn’t clump.

The main benefit that you will get from this mascara is that it has a conditioning formula, which is not harmful to your eyelashes.

The hypoallergenic formula of this waterproof mascara is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers.

This can be removed by Maybelline Expert Eyes 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, to take it all off with no rubbing, scrubbing, or tugging.

The lash-doubling formula of this mascara drifts on smoothly to build bold-looking lashes. It works pretty well for sensitive eyes.


  • Oil-free.
  • Waterproof formula.
  • Not clumpy.
  • Tested by ophthalmologists.
  • Good for sensitive eyes.
  • Hypoallergenic formula.


You cannot remove this waterproof mascara with simple soap and water, you must need makeup remover.

7- LORAC PRO Plus Fiber MascaraLORAC PRO Plus Fiber Mascara

LORAC Pro Plus Fiber Mascara is the arable, volumizing, and lengthening formula with nylon fibers that clutch to your lashes.

The waterproof mascara helps lashes to curl up, look noticeably longer, bolder, and instantly fuller look is achievable.

It lengthens, separates, and delivers the volume needed. The brush is big on one end, but if you are pretty dexterous with your mascara skills that’s not a big problem.

This product got the perfect applicator for big eyes. It usually doesn’t wash away by rubbing your eyes but easily washes after staying all day long. It doesn’t clump.

Do not cause raccoon eyes either. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and gluten-free. Stearic acid and natural oils tend to nourish your eyelashes. So it is health-friendly.

This also doesn’t flake during the day, staying power is there… It also falls very light on your wallet.

The simple formula of this product comes in non-waterproof, but this PRO version has a waterproof formula.

If you are sensitive or your eyes are allergic, you must refrain from this fiber mascara. For that, you can check non-sensitive products from our list.


  • Waterproof.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Nourish your eyelashes.
  • Wallet-friendly.


  • Not suitable for sensitive eyes.

6- Clinique High Impact Waterproof MascaraClinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is made without all harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, SLS, mineral oil, gluten, alcohol, and fragrance. This is proved better for sensitive eyes.

It bears the heat and humidity. If your long eyelashes which need extra curling so it one of the best waterproof mascaras proves perfect to make curls.

It is tested and approved by ophthalmologists, it is safer for people with sensitive eyes and also for contact lens wearers and wipes off easily with eye makeup remover.

Clinique high impact mascara gives you a clean everyday look but definitely not dramatic. Proved optimum for your oily eyelashes. 

From pool lap swimming to recreational lake and ocean swimming this mascara will never leave you with any smudges or raccoon eyes.

The brush gives a natural yet rich look to my lashes. Not too thick and stays nice. It is easy to remove it at night. Easy to apply, buildable, super dark black pigmentation, and long-lasting and never get clumpy.

It is one of the best waterproof mascaras that do not give any kind of irritation to your eyes.


  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • No smudges.


  • Only removable with makeup remover.
  • Waterproof formula makes your eyelashes stiff.

5- SIAMHOO 4D Mascara Silk Fiber Eyelash Waterproof MascaraSIAMHOO 4D Mascara Silk Fiber Eyelash Waterproof Mascara

It has a new and gentle formula that glides in a smooth manner and without effort and helps you to achieve fuller and intense multi-directional eyelashes that look stunning, bold, and natural.

With the help of just a single application, this mascara dramatically enhances length, thickness, and separates and curls each lash to extreme perfection. This waterproof buildable formula will not dry, flake, smudge, or clump.

It is your perfect waterproof partner through rain, water sports, tears, and sweat. It doesn’t smear under the eyes and offers great, long, thick lashes, not smudge at all.

Fiber-type mascara does have an extension effect, you can apply a few layers, but it is not very heavy on your lashes, it can maintain more than a dozen effects in a day, and still keep curling.

You can remove this waterproof mascara with makeup remover. After application, the eyelashes are naturally slender and upward, with clear roots.

You don’t need falsies if you have this waterproof mascara. It is several times tested and cruelty-free. The non-toxic formula makes it able to make your pick-up this product. It is also hypoallergenic.


  • Smooth Application.
  • Waterproof.
  • No Clumping.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Maximum Thickness.
  • Easy to Use and Simple Removal.
  • Long-Lasting.


  • This might not be helpful for Sensitive eyes.

4- Tom Ford Emotionproof MascaraTom Ford Emotionproof Mascara

All-day, waterproof mascara that lengthens and volumizes lashes. It would be nice not to see your mascara running down all over your faces in the event of rain.

There should be no hesitation in spending a little more than usual for any waterproof mascara that assures you not only serious staying power but incredibly beautiful length to your every lash.

A mixture of lash filling powder and deep black carbon work to transform eyelashes for flawless glamour. It lifts and gives such a beautiful finish. It doesn’t smear nor transfers anywhere.

Give them volume without clumping them all together like waterproof mascaras usually do. This succulent, deep black mascara creates extreme lashes in a creamy, non-toxic, and waterproof formula that lasts till night.

An amalgam of black carbon and lash filling powder work to give your eyelashes a unique and elegant look.

Microcrystalline Wax present in this one of the best waterproof mascaras is used as an adhesive agent in this mascara.


  • Stay all day long.
  • Waterproof.
  • Nontoxic.
  • Tested by dermatologists.


  • Expensive.
  • Maybe not better for sensitive eyelashes.

3- Splash Party Waterproof MascaraSplash Party Waterproof Mascara

Splash Party Waterproof Mascara proves its adroitness with a non-drying formula that fan-out your eyelashes with non-compromising volume that would not flake for delay when things get little damp.

It provides all-day volume, with no-mess wear. The curved wand fans lash for full coverage giving you a smudge-free look.

This is must-have mascara for photoshoots and weddings and is just as perfect for your big day or a day out in the pool.

It doesn’t clump and dries quickly, and it makes your lashes look much thicker without the need to build up the layers – and thankfully it doesn’t make them look false.

It is a very intense black that doesn’t smudge and lasts all day as advertised. Easy to apply it without clumping and easy to remove at night.

It delivers on its promise of lasting all day and being flexible. The brush is flexible so if you are looking for a rigid brush does choose another product from our reviewed list.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Nontoxic formula.
  • Longwear and waterproof.
  • Smudge-free look.
  • Good weight.
  • Easy-to-use applicator.
  • Easy on pocket.


  • Not good for sensitive eyelashes.
  • Flexible brush.

2- Dior Diorshow Iconic WaterproofDior Diorshow Iconic Waterproof

Great to use in hot weather cause it does not melt off, and comes off with soap and water! Never get raccoon eyes with this powerful waterproof mascara! Also can swim with it on, and do come off until you use soap.

This one of the best waterproof mascaras will lift, curl, and separate every lash. Moreover, it stays on all day and doesn’t smudge.

The brush of this Iconic waterproof mascara has an oblique cut brush that gives you an extra lash-curling effect.

A very attractive feature of this mascara lies in its brush that allows you to coat each lash one-by-one perfectly, which creates long and separated fanned-out lashes that normally takes the skill of a makeup artist.

If you are allergic you should pick this product among our reviewed best waterproof mascaras.

The formula of this mascara gives you a 24-hour curl without any smudges. Feel free to plunge in and play all day.


  • Come off with soap and water.
  • Waterproof.
  • Smudge-free.
  • Proved better for oily eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Better to use for allergic people.
  • Cons:
  • Bit expensive.
  • The brush is a little difficult to use.


  • You might have to run narrow.

1- Eyeko Yoga Waterproof MascaraEyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara

The applicator uses a straight tip to pick and extend your shorter lashes, while the densely packed bristles of the brush increase volume for a full, hyper finish.

Some ingredients like Matcha Green Tea and fruit extracts including blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry work to infuse lashes with antioxidants for long-lasting softness and strength. Paraben and cruelty-free mascara.

Waterproof tubing formula, zero-waste squeezing tube, no smudging, running, crumbling, or flaking, and also Vegan. Who has enough time to curl lashes every single day before applying mascara?

Definitely you might not. A unique dowel of this mascara does this job for you.

Its straight tip is specially designed to pick and give length to your shorter lashes, while the fatter bristles on the bottom are for creating unreal curl and volume, making your lashes look more curled and lifted.

Make our conditioning, and the waterproof formula with flexible hold part of your daily mascara. Natural ingredients make this product one of the best waterproof mascaras of the market.


  • Unique brush.
  • Waterproof.
  • Non-toxic.
  • No effect on your eyes.


  • Maybe a little heavy on your pocket.
  • Not removable simply by water.

How Waterproof Products are Produced?Waterproof Mascara

Dimethicone copolyol is used in the cosmetic industry to make the products waterproof.

Researchers say that dimethicone is a secure ingredient in cosmetics, although sometimes a person may find it irritating to their skin.

In some cases, it may cause or augment acne by occluding the pores of the skin.

How Waterproof Mascara Differs from Regular Mascara?

Waterproof mascara is ideal for summer months or when you know you’re going to be sweaty, but using it every day is not advisable.

As a waterproof formula cannot be easily removed, so the continuous plucking at the lashes can cause them to become weaker and eventually cause them to fall out.

Waterproof mascara literally adheres to lashes while maintaining its smoothness and soft touch.

Yes, it’s OK to use waterproof mascara for some special occasions, like if you’re going for an underwater photoshoot or you know you may cry at some occasion, — but as the excess of everything is — using it every day can lead to dry, brittle eyelashes that are more prone to falling out.

Moreover, waterproof mascara is not easily removable, it needs a multistep procedure to be removed. Oil is usually needed to remove this waterproof mascara.


So, it depends absolutely on your needs. If you find that lightweight, regular mascaras smudge off your lashes, you might prefer the long-lasting, thicker, and waterproof mascara.

Just be cognizant of a fact that since waterproof mascaras are thicker than the normal ones, they tend to ostracize moisture from your eyelashes.

So it might seem that it is an advantage of waterproof mascara during sweaty, humid months, but it is ordinarily too drying for everyday wear.

We have reviewed some of the best waterproof mascaras for you. Now it is unto you which features you require in any desired product.