10 Best Magnetic Lashes in 2023! (Complete Review)

There are times when you do not get satisfaction from mascara alone, you want to get a more dramatic look. Now, you want a dramatic look but you do not want any hassle.

Well, to your fortune, we have a perfect product for you, you can use magnetic lashes to have that desired look, they are easy to use, elegant, and makes your appearance versatile. 

You might be wondering, how is a lash attached with a magnetic strip is safe? Well, here is the best part! Magnetic eyelashes are much safer than those traditional fake eyelashes.

Sometimes, the eye exposes to the glue used to attach fake eyelashes and that is a painful situation. On the other hand, magnetic eyelashes are all safe to use.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the best magnetic lashes reviews in 2023. So, you can learn about the new brands and choose the best one for you.

10- Earller Magnetic LashesEarller Magnetic Lashes

These magnetic eyelashes are top-rated lashes because of their comfort, variety, and quality. This is the best option for people who like to wear magnetic lashes for long hours.

It is considered as the favorite product on Amazon, having 10 different styles to choose from.

Earller magnetic lashes have 5 different spread outs on each strip, where you can apply waterproof magnetic liner, which you get 2 tubes from Earller.

9- Moxie lash Sassy lashMoxie lash Sassy lash

We know you want a magnetic eyelash that you can wear a few times before you throw it away. Well, in that regard this magnetic lash is your option to go on with.

They focus merely on reusability, you can wear this almost 30 times after the first purchase.

There are also a number of sellers providing you reusable magnetic lashes, but this is one of the best sellers in particular.

8- LAMIX magnetic lashesLAMIX magnetic lashes

In order to attach these eyelashes, you need to get a magnetic eyeliner, which is not delivered with the lashes and you have to buy them separately.

We know it is a drawback, but wait it gets better, most of the reviewers on amazon agreed on the fact that these are lightweight lashes and provide comfort in wearing them.

They also submitted that these lashes provide a natural and dramatic appearance. 

7- REAZEAL lashes, one of the Best magnetic lashesREAZEAL lashes, one of the Best magnetic lashes

If you are purchasing magnetic lashes for the first time, this should be your call to go for. Reazeal makes sure to provide its customers with a variety that no other can compete with.

They strongly emphasize on customer satisfaction, their lashes have more spread outs than most of the other brands, which makes them quite easy to wear even for the beginners.

There are a ton of positive comments on amazon that forced us to add these magnetic lashes in our best magnetic lashes list.

6- Arishine magnetic lashesArishine magnetic lashes

When best magnetic lashes are concerned, how can we not include Arishine magnetic lashes? These are reviewed more than 3000 times on Amazon and persist with an average rating of 4.4.

The review section of these top-notch lashes is filled with loads of positive reviews, and why should not be?

Arishine provides its customers with the best quality and reusability. Many people are amazed by their provided comfort and quality.

5- Aromas silk magnetic eyeliner and lashesAromas silk magnetic eyeliner and lashes

These are one of the best magnetic lashes out there in the market. These lashes have a unique structure that provides them a firm grip on the user.

The lashes are equipped with 5 magnetic spread outs and eyeliner contains micro magnetic particles that allow the lashes to stay on your for a longer duration.

These unique qualities of these magnetic eyelashes are the reason to place it among our 10 best magnetic lashes list of 2021.

4- Vafee, Best magnetic lashesVafee, Best magnetic lashes

You might be looking for an eyelash kit with multiple styles to wear on, right? Well, this is your call to go for.

This brand provides 5 different styles of lashes to wear on multiple events. Vafee primarily focuses on the diversity it can provide to its customers.

Reviewers on Amazon have given loads of positive reviews for this particular product, they even claim that these magnetic lashes are better than eyelash extensions, these properties encouraged us to place this product in our best magnetic lashes list for 2021.

3- AsaVea Magnetic Eyelashes with Magnetic EyelinerAsaVea Magnetic Eyelashes with Magnetic Eyeliner

You like to travel, right? You might be willing to take your eyelash kit along with you, by choosing this product you can do so.

This kit comes with 2 pairs of magnetic lashes, a compact mirror, an eyeliner, and a small tool to place your lashes, these properties make this kit a travel-friendly option and one the best magnetic lashes in 2021.

2- Kiss magnetic eyelashesKiss magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic lashes are abundantly found in the market, but you would not be able to find such a product easily. This magnetic lash is unique in its category.

Some people are not a fan of “sandwich” magnetic lashes if you are one of them this product is for you.

Apply eyeliner on your natural line and wait for a few minutes, as the eyeliner is dried place the magnetic eyelashes on top. Here is the best part, eyeliner contains iron oxides, which hold the magnetic lashes.

1- Ardell magnetic lashesArdell magnetic lashes

Most of the consumers, beauty artists, and makeup artists, admire Ardell magnetic lashes. These lashes have 8 magnetic spread outs designed specifically to keep a firm hold on the natural eyelash.

These magnetic lashes are natural-looking, elegant, and easily available at a low price, which makes this product in our list of best magnetic lashes of 2021.


Still here? It means you have gone through our whole list of best magnetic lashes in 2023, these products are enlisted by observing some salient features of each product and user reviews.

These features can help you choose a particular product that suits you and you can use the maximum benefit of these top-rated magnetic eyelashes.