How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow

If you're curious how to get longer, thicker eyelashes, you've come to the right place.

I've been obsessed with growing - and maintaining a lush fringe of lashes for the past few years and really, can you blame me?

Lashes are so underrated. But oh, so important. They are - without a doubt - one of the key beauty features on a woman's face. They seem like such little things, yet they make a massive difference in the way you look.

They instantly feminize your face, add a touch of sophistication, and make your eyes “pop” like nothing else can.

And it doesn't matter if you weren't born with a gorgeous set of lashes - thanks to the abundance of eyelash growth products (a few of which actually work), you can grow your own.

Here's a brief run-down of the top 3 eyelash growth products on the market right now. Keep in mind that although these products work, they can take their sweet time.

Eyelashes typically take around 45 days to grow, which is why it can take over a month for you to see results with eyelash growth products. Just be patient, apply daily and watch your lashes flourish.

The Best Eyelash Growth Products of 2016​


NutraLuxe Lash MD

Idol Lash



  • Clinically Proven
  • Clinically Proven



Can darken irises



$72 for 3.5mL

$40 for 3mL

As low as $24 for 5mL


Over 2 months

2 months

Over 3 months





As you know, there are about a bazillion eyelash growth products out there but the above are the best ones you can get, at least without a prescription. 

Here's a more detailed review on the top 3!

RevitaLash Review

This is our favorite non-prescription eyelash growth product for two reasons: it's not irritating and it actually works - expect your lashes to grow thicker, longer and a lot more plentiful in around two months.

It contains a proprietary Signature BioPeptin Complex™ to nourish and grow your lashes and as of now, it's the only eyelash conditioner that gives lash growth that's comparable to prostaglandin-containing serums (like prescription-only Latisse) in both length and thickness.​ 

And it does it all without the side effects that prescription-strength eyelash growth serums can cause, like darkening of the irises and skin around the lashes. ​

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NutraLuxe Lash MD Review​

NutraLuxe Lash MD's formula is super effective and it can boost your eyelash growth to extreme lengths and fullness.

That's because it combines lash-conditioning ingredients like peptides, vitamins A, C, B3, B5 and E, and botanical extracts with a super-strength eyelash growing ingredient.

But this is also the reason why this eyelash growth product is definitely not for everyone. You see, Nutraluxe Lash is one of the very few lash serums that contain Prostaglandin I.C., the ingredient that's directly responsible for causing significant eyelash growth.

Prostaglandin I.C. is incredibly effective - it'll bring your lashes back from the grave and make it grow to lengths you never knew were possible for your lashes. But at the same time, it can darken irises and eyelids. 

For this reason, we only recommend NutraLuxe for those of you with brown eyes - if you've got blue eyes and don't care to change the color, go for RevitaLash!

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Idol Lash

If you're looking for an affordable, side-effect-free serum for longer, fuller lashes - Idol Lash is the way to go. 

It's a very gentle formulation that contains kelp, honey extract, nettle, chamomile extract and alfalfa extract to condition and nourish your lashes. It's been shown to increase eyelash density by up to 82% and length by 25%.

The only downside is that Idol Lash does take awhile to work. Some see results in as little as 28 days but in our experience, it'll take around a month and a half before you begin to see visibly dramatic difference in your lashes. 

For those of you on a budget - Idol Lash is hands down ​the most affordable yet effective eyelash growth serum. They offer free shipping and if you go for the 5-pack deal, which will last you over a year, you get each bottle for just $24. 

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