Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home? How to Do It Without Lash Loss

Removing eyelash extensions properly can be just as important as putting them on in the first place! Because the truth is, no matter how beautiful your lash extensions were at first they are not going to look that good for long. For those not interested in reading the whole article and just want to know how to remove your eyelash extensions. Pick up a bottle of Blink Gel Remover and you will have your extensions off in no time.

Blink Gel Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

The Best Eyelash Extension Remover

Because of COVID-19 more and more women are now having to remove their eyelash extensions at home. This quick and easy guide will show you all the steps an options you have to remove your eyelash extensions even while being quarantined. It is also important to note you don’t force your false lashes off as this can cause damage to your actual lash line. This will result in sparse lashes that make your natural lashes take a long time to grow back.

So let’s get to helping those last few persistent extensions ease gently off your lashes. Here’s how to remove eyelash extensions without damaging your natural eyelashes!

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

removing eyelash extensions

There are a number of tips and tricks to gently remove eyelash extensions. However, some can be costly and if done wrong can mess up your real eyelashes. I will walk you through all your options and let you decide which is best.

The following options are your best bet for removing eyelash extensions!

Option 1: Professional Eyelash Extension Removal

Eyelash extensions are bonded tight to your lashes using a surgical-grade adhesive that’s designed to withstand water, soap, and sweat. The result is that it won’t come off easily.

So the easiest option, of course, is to go back to your lash technician. Whereas you can remove eyelash extensions by yourself, it’s simplest to have your lash technician do it. The process is no fuss, no muss, you just lie back and relax.

But it’s also the priciest.

Most lash extension salons will only remove eyelash extensions free of charge if you’re about to have another set put in. Otherwise, they’ll charge you around $20 just to have them removed.

It might be worth it to you, though, if you want to absolutely avoid the risk of losing some of your natural lashes in the eyelash extension removal process.

Option 2: Eyelash Extension Gel Remover

If you got your lashes done in another city or your lash technician insists on charging exorbitant fees for lash removal. A super easy option to remove eyelash extensions at home is to simply order a bottle of eyelash extension remover. This will also help save your lash line and keep it looking healthy.

Blink Gel Remover is hands down the most effective for the job – it’ll easily take professional eyelash extensions off in a matter of minutes without damaging your natural lashes.

Not to mention, there will probably be a time when you find yourself in this very situation again. And when that happens, you’ll know exactly how to remove eyelash extensions at home and have the tools to do it.

Plus, the process of using a remover is super simple. Here’s what you’ll need:

That’s it. And now the process. Here’s how to remove eyelash extensions with a remover gel:

  • To use this eyelash extension remover, do one eye at a time so you can see what you’re doing
  • Squeeze the paper towel in between your top and lower lashes before you squeeze your eye tightly to prevent the product from getting in your eye.
  • Dab a little remover gel onto the disposable mascara brush or Q-tip and apply the gel to your lashes, trying to target where the extension glue is.
  • Leave the gel on for around 3 minutes.
  • Run another disposable mascara brush through your lashes or a fresh Q-tip over your lashes. The extensions should come right off.

Rinse the solution off your eyes with cold water before opening your eyes to avoid any burning or stinging.

Note: If your lash technician did a particularly sloppy glue job or used way too much glue, you might prefer to saturate a cotton pad with the remover and place it on your lashes with your eyes closed tight. Then, let it sit for a few minutes. Voila! Extensions removed!

Tips: Loosen the eyelash extension glue

removing eyelash extensions

If you simply have a few stragglers you want to take care of and don’t want to get the eyelash extension remover, you can manually remove eyelash extensions at home without solvents or removers.

Just keep in mind that the below instructions work best for straggling or near-mature lash extensions that are already at the end of their life cycle and just need that little extra push to let go.

For newly-installed lash extensions, the above two options are the best ways to remove eyelash extensions.

Okay, let’s get started removing the last few stragglers!

This step is all about coaxing and not pulling. The worst thing you can do to remove lash extensions is to try to pluck the lash out by its root. This is painful and you can end up waiting a long time for those lashes to grow back in. Do not do this!

Start by cleaning your face of makeup so you can see exactly where the lash extensions begin on your lashes. Next, you’ll want to loosen the lash extensions with steam.

All this requires is that you fill a bowl with steaming hot water and place your face over it. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel so the steam can’t escape and stay like that for around 15 minutes.

Another more pleasurable option is to take a hot bath or shower. The steam will naturally loosen the bonds of the eyelash extension glue so the extensions are easier to remove and you get the double perk of opening up your pores as well!

Remove eyelash extensions with coconut oil or olive oil

There’s a good reason why in order to make your lash extensions last, you want to avoid applying oil products around your lashes – oils weaken the glue that bonds lash extensions to your natural lashes.

The result? You can remove eyelash extensions at home simply using oils that you have at home. Not anything will do, of course, but any oil that you have that’s also good for lashes, like castor oil, coconut oil, or olive oil works great.

So how do you remove eyelash extensions with oil? Simply dip a cotton ball, cotton pad or Q-tip in the oil of your choice and start very gently swiping at your lash line (where the glue is). The oil will help loosen the glue, allowing the extensions to gradually fall off.

The only caveat is that the process can take awhile, it’s definitely not going to be as quick as using a professional-grade eyelash extension remover. So expect to make several gentle swipes to get all your straggling lash extensions off.

Rinse the oil off your lash line and you’re all done!

Eyelash Extension Removal Aftercare

eyelash growth diy serums

Congrats! Your eyelash extensions are off and your natural lashes are ready to start from a clean slate. But is the slate as good as it can be?

Your lashes have been through a lot – weeks of having glue attached to them plus the trauma of pinched and pulled lashes if you got a bad lash extension job. So why not show them some TLC after removing the eyelash extensions?

The easiest way to do it is with an eyelash conditioner that contains nutrients, amino acids, peptides, and extracts to nourish and moisturize as well as strengthen and fortify lashes against thinning and breakage.

You can choose from one of the best eyelash conditioners or simply make your own DIY lash serum! Either way, it’ll help repair your eyelashes so they thrive after eyelash extensions. They deserve it, after all.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated in 2020.