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Category Archives for Fake Eyelashes

Eyelash Implants: Yay or Nay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Eyelashes have been in focus lately, and there are all kinds of options cropping up for women who would like longer, fuller, more luscious lashes, or even who’ve lost their lashes due to an accident or illness. An eyelash implant is just the latest option from a series of other solutions, including falsies, or extensions. […]

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What are the Best Lashes for Small Eyes?

The internet is full of people claiming that this or that particular product is best. But when it comes to eyes, there’s really no way to say that just one product is the best since we all have such different eye shapes and sizes. This is particularly challenging when you happen to be blessed with […]

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Best Fake Eyelashes: Top 7 False Eyelashes Reviews

Whether you’re looking to get a little extra oomph or after head-turning, eye-grabbing glamour, a pair of the best fake eyelashes can get you there. There’s a set of falsies for every look imaginable – from classic, delicate, natural looking lashes to dramatic, voluminous, mega fierce lashes that transform your eyes from amazing to immaculate. But […]

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A Guide to Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes and Fragile Lashes

A set of the best fake eyelashes can take your eyes from average to unforgettable. But it’s not all fluttery lashes and fuller-than-thou lash lines – wearing falsies comes with drawbacks. The main one? Glue. To get false lashes to stay, eyelash glue is a necessary evil. The crappiest eyelash glues dry in conspicuous clumps, […]

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How to Clean False Eyelashes So They Stay As Good As New

Even the best fake eyelashes aren’t that expensive as far as beauty must haves go but if you have to keep replacing them, it adds up. Fast. Which is why one of the most useful things you can learn is how to clean false lashes so they stay looking and feeling as good as new. This […]

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