10 Best Microblading Kits to Buy in 2021 (Complete Review)

Micro-blading is a trend that is becoming quickly popular in the era of this beauty industry. 

Later in the past few years, this was just an unknown trend, done by very fewer specialists in the grooming industry.

But compared to this adapting fashion industry, it’s getting more and more popular and is now known as one of the most common eyebrow grooming techniques.

Telling apart, it’s really hard to tell the difference between which brows are natural and which are micro-bladed because they look so realistic, providing the most satisfactory results for those wanting the permanent solution for their flawless brows.

Anyhow, the neatness of the micro-blading depends on the hands of the brows specialist, and in their work, that they follow the perfect procedure in the way, and much more depends on the specialist micro-blading kit.

Having all the essential high-quality micro-blading kits provides comfort to the customer from, specialists’ hands and work providing the best experience and results.

And saves you from unnecessary procedures and fake artists.

There are many convenient micro-blading kits available in the market, and here we are to help you choose the best for yourself.  With our list of top 10 best micro-blading kits.

But before this,

What Should A Microblading Kit Include?Microblading Kit

The micro-blading procedure involves an incision from the eyebrow in the area that has the growth of tiny hair, then, later on, filled up with dye that stays permanent, to stop the hair from growing.  

In this way, it enhances the shape of your eyebrow as you want it to look. A simple procedure may take up to 18 months and more, to offer the best look and result in creating a natural look. 

But to have the best result, you must have the right tools in your kit.

Here are some most necessary tools that you must contain in your micro-blading kit.


Having rich-quality blades help to minimize the risk of irritation for the client, and as it shows the quality and devotion of the specialist to their work, the most popular sizes of blades are #14 #12, and #7.

Numbing Cream:

Strokes from the blade are painful, and feeling it continuously on your skin might terrify you, having this done on your skin repeatedly is surely uncomfortable to feel.

But with numbing creams the case is different they are helpful in reducing pain and desensitizing and pain relief.


It is necessary to have all the different shades of the pigments that later might allow you to mix and match with others to make the perfect combination that suits your customer’s natural shades and makes it look realistic and natural.

Micro Blading Pen:

You can perform any micro-blading procedure with a micro-blading pen.

The Good quality pen is a must that holds the blade firm and tight, to make sure it fits comfortably, and nice. And give your hand a firm and easy to use grip.


Stencils are the different shaped brows that help you choose your desired ones and helps the specialist’s hands to move faster and efficiently.

Pigment Rings:

Pigment rings have their place on your finger. It helps you to hold the pigment while you’re performing any micro-blading procedure.

It helps you in a way you don’t have to reach for the pigment from far away, for the brows.

Measurement Tool:

Measurement tools as the name say it all, strikers that help in finding the perfect ratio and spacing to ensure that the brows look as natural as they can and realistic.


A pencil is a necessary part of a micro-blading kit, as it helps in drawing the shape of the client’s desired brows and to satisfy the client with the later on the coming result.


A good quality facemask is a must in the micro-blading procedure because it requires the safety of the face as it would be in contact if highly effective chemical dyes, As the facemask provides a sort of face-first security.

Healing Balm:

A healing balm is necessary because after the micro-blading is done we apply it to make sure your skin does not swell and prevent discoloration and heals properly 

Now as you know, what are the necessary items that a micro-blading kit must include, you must take a look at our best micro-blading-kits that include everything you must look for the best outcome, results, and ease.

Getting Started With:

1- QMYBrow Microblading Kit

QMYBrow Microblading Kit

We can consider this kit as the perfect professional, best starter pack kit available in the market, for those wanting to have the best micro-blading equipment.

The set is completely and carefully handled and packed to ensure the safety of everything inside, including each of its blades sterile wrapped separately,

The total number of needles packed inside this kit is 40 having different sizes, depending on your needs.

In this micro-blading kit total item includes an enriched quality micro-blading pen, a deep micro-blading pigment paste (coffee), 2 eyebrow practice skins, 2 sticky eyebrow rulers,40 blades, 50 pigment rings, and 50 finger gloves.

The blades included in this kit have flexible covers for you to control the strokes and ensure you all the perfect procedure that is required by the client.

And the micro-blading pen is built with stainless steel, to ensure its durability and all sterile, the plus point of this pen is that it has a pin-lock system that firmly holds the blade and an auto-clave safe tool.

including practice skins, pre-shaped outlines, to learn and practices so you don’t have to waste your inks while practicing, saving your material and money.

Furthermore, it helps a lot for a beginner to practice on while this kit offers a large space to practice on till you’re all comfortable doing the procedure. And for having it done on your skin, this kit has it all.

2- Premium Starter Microblading Kit

Premium Starter Microblading Kit

The PMU Micro-blading Kit includes everything from the best-selling makeup pens to foremost starter sheets, this kit allows you to master your micro-blading skills.

We consider this kit as the best professional kit for those who want to polish their micro-blading skills.

With the use of these high-quality tools, you can master the procedure of micro-blading all by yourself, for getting used to doing as a professional does. 

All including tools are made for the professionals from the professionals.

And if you’re not one, you will be with the help of this micro-blading kit.

Everything in this tool kit helps you with the ensurity of stress-free and mess-free work.

Overall, this Micro-blading Kit includes 3 different micro-blading pens for practice use and for professional use, rather than that we have 2 shading pens, 3 skins to practice on with a cosmo skin for practicing strokes, with an extra blank sheet of practice shaping, black pigment paste and 50 pigment cups to hold the paste.

The blades are individually packed and sterilized. This brand offers everything you might need for practicing a professional Micro-blading transition.

From imperfect brows to completely perfect brows.

Using this micro-blading kit will give your clients a satisfaction no other gives.

3- Biomaser Microblading Kit

Biomaser Microblading Kit

In this kit by Biomaser, they have it all basically a kit combined for both beginners, to begin with, and professionals to suit with. In this kit, they have all the best equipment required for micro-blading procedures.

In this kit, they have included 40 micro-blading needles that may suit different needs,  made with 351L medical grade stainless steel.

Align with all the international cosmetology and required medical clarity. Overall, we suggest this micro-blading kit as one of the safest ones available.

The pen used in this micro-blading kit is made with stainless steel and is sterilized, with a lock-pin system adapted, this pen also has 3 different tips to hold the needle or blade, the pen also has a feature to hold and adapt different shapes of needles like round needles, single stitch needles, and general needles and many more,

And with the latex sheet present in the package you can practice and learn everything including strokes to shading, you can use your micro-blading pen on it to practice with.

The pigment used in this kit is made of raw materials and is has strong stability in water, it prevents from decolorizing easily and is insoluble, and as made from the raw materials it is more efficient for long-lasting and is completely safe to use,

We recommend this professional-grade kit as “A”

With this kit put together by the Biomaser, you can not go down under any circumstances.

4- Eyebrow Microblading Kit

Eyebrow Microblading Kit

This micro-blading kit can be considered as a practice to the professional kit, provided with every tool that is a necessity in micro-blading procedures, 

From perfecting your skills to moving on your customers,

In this kit, the included tools include, a micro-blading pen, a micro-blading pencil, 2 eyebrow tattoo practicing skin, and a pigment (dark coffee) with furthermore 5 pigment cups, and five packs of 14 blades and an eyebrow ruler for easy judgment for brows spacing and shaping.

The Micro-blading pen is made with stainless steel for durability. She has an anti-skid design which allows it stability and lesser vibrations for continuous use, with its cross-mouth design that gives the perfect blade grip for long time use.

All the needles in this package are sterilized with medical grade stainless steel and are individually packed, and are disposable after 1-time usage,

This kit also includes practice skins and an eyebrow ruler to polish your skill.

The practice skin is made from enrich-quality material and is eco friendly.

With flexibility so realistic to the human skin. With enough thickness to be used from both sides.

This kit is no less than any other micro-blading kit at an expensive price,

5- Anself 15Pc Eyebrow Tattoo Set

Anself 15Pc Eyebrow Tattoo Set

This is one of the most simple micro-blading kits, but it has all the needed equipment for the micro-blading process rather than that this kit does not have any unnecessary items that you may never use in the process.

The pen with the kit is durable and made with stainless steel and can be easily sterilized to get started with while performing the micro-blading procedure.

We can consider this pen for both beginners and professionals as it’s this durable in its field.

Furthermore, this kit includes an eyebrow pen. The tattoo practice pigment (dark coffee) an eyebrow ruler, pigment holding rings, 14 necessary needles, and an eyebrow practice leather.

The built quality of its practice material is so similar to real human skin that it helps in practicing strokes, shading, and incision before the client.

It is also an eco-friendly pigment and is safe to use, and it offers a long-lasting effect and does not decolorize easily.                                                                                                                                                                             
You can start your micro-blading journey with this kit as it is pocket friendly as well.

6- PFT Eyebrow Microblading Kit

With the PFT Eyebrow Micro-blading kit you get all the essential tools for the procedure of micro-blading, it has all the possible tools required.

With this kit from PFT, you can even draw 3-dimensional shorts, like medium, and long strokes, for perfect resemblance to your natural eyebrows.

This Kit in total includes 2 micro-blade pens one of the silver handle and the other of gold,
with 50 blades of different sizes including 12, 14, 16, and more 2 pigments paste each of brown and light brown, a make-up practice sheet with one side as blank, and the other has pre-drawn brows.

Furthermore, this kit also includes 3D brows, synthetic skin, and a black pen.

Practicing micro-blading with this kit is as easiest as it could be because everything provided in this kit serves a purpose.

From beginners to professionalism this Kit would not let you down at any position.

7- Professional Tools of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Kit

Professional Tools of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Kit

With this kit, you can cover all the basics, and whereas when it comes to micro-blading procedures this kit won’t let you down,

The equipment provided in this kit includes a micro-blading exercise head, A pen that’s telescopic and works manually, eyebrow pencils, pigment, pigment rings, and blades. 

With the exercise head while practicing, it feels so realistic and allows you to practice micro-blading long sides like facial texture.

The pen included in this kit is made from a stainless steel material with is both durable and safe, for yourself and your customer as well, and ensures them trust in your work and workplace. 

This kit is suitable for both beginners and professionals because it has the functionality of practicing and work on the go. 



We can consider this complete kit as a professional level equipment set because this kit provides everything a specialist must-have for a micro-blading procedure, or else their outcome result will not be as efficient as demanded by the client.

This kit is specially designed for threaded ultrasound purposes, with other wide features, let’s talk about what’s included in this micro-blading kit.

It comes with a variety of blades that are securely packed and stabled. Made with high-quality stainless steel material, ergonomically designed feather touch purple brow pen, 

Including micro-blading pigment,  brow pencils, liquid liner, practicing eyebrow sheets, and 5 different sample shades, 



Kit provided by Anghie can be considered as a beginner to professionalism level kit because it has all the equipments required for the micro-blading procedure, which includes as,

A micro-blading pen built with non-slip design and “A” Grade stainless steel and has a cross mouth design to hold the blades firmly with low vibrations while working with, 1 micro-blading pencil, 2 eyebrow practicing skins made with high-quality material, pigment paste (dark brown), 5pigment rings and 5 finger gloves, 1 piece of 3-point eyebrow ruler, and 5pieces of plastic ruler overall with 5pieces of 14 blades of different size and functionalities.

The practice skin is made of high-quality silicone that gives a resemblance feeling to working on human skin, and the blades are sterilized well and are for 1-time use only, which makes them more secure like any other blades.

We Recommend this Micro-blading kit to anyone who has an interest in making further opportunities in the micro-blading profession.



This kit has everything that is required for micro-blading procedure as it is one of the most selling ones in the market at a very reasonable price,

The material that is used in this kit is made from en-rich material, which includes a micro-blading pen made from stainless steel for minimum vibration and maximum durability other than this the kit includes pigment paste (dark brown), 5 eyebrow ruler for best judgment of brows and their placement, 40 pieces of micro-blading blades that are made from 316 Grade stainless steel and are sterilized which means best for your safety, 50 pieces of pigment finger ring to hold the pigment and 50 pieces of finger gloves.

Overall, this kit is no less than any other professional level kits available in the market.

We Recommend this kit for both beginners as well as professional as its durable and pocket friendly.


With all the best micro-blading kits available in the market, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best Micro-Blading Kits for you.

Whether you are starting your career within this profession or you’re wanting to purchase a new kit professionally.

The above micro-blading kits will contain everything you must have and the most necessary equipment required for micro-blading procedures. 

You can give yourself and your clients the best satisfaction by using any of the top Kits available on the list.

With the best natural, astonishing, amazing, and long-lasting results,

with our list, you don’t have to waste your money and time on purchasing separate pieces of equipment from the market.
Instead, choose a kit, and get all the best equipment already selected for you.