What’s the Best Eyebrow Gel? Top 4 Brow Gels for 2024

If you’re searching for the best eyebrow gel, you already know that gels are one of the easiest ways to get perfect brows. Quick.

Sure, there’s brushing, filling, tinting, tattooing, microblading…the list of things you can do to improve your brows is seemingly endless. But, eyebrow gels deserve a place at the forefront of that list. The right gel really is the ultimate finishing product in your brow arsenal.

But what exactly is eyebrow gel and how do you go about finding the best eyebrow gel out there? Look no further.

We’ll tell you all about what it is, how to use it, and your best options for this extremely handy, efficient, and affordable brow definer.

What Is Brow Gel (And Why Do You Need It)?

Brow gel comes both clear or tinted, typically in mini mascara-like tubes. As hairspray is to your hair, eyebrow gel is to your brows. That is, it’s primarily used as a final step in taming your brows and for providing hold.

Which is great, but the true beauty of brow gel is found in its tinted versions, which do a whole lot for adding definition, shape, and the appearance of thickness to any set of brows.

Clear eyebrow gel adds a youthful shine to any eyebrow. If you already have thick, full brows, you can use gel to tame and lock hairs in place.

Alternatively, brow gel can be used over any brow that’s been filled with a pencil, powder, or liner. It will set all that hard work, make it last, and give your arches all the extra emphasis they need.

Tinted eyebrow gel does everything that clear gel does, and then some. A better option for those of us with sparse eyebrow hair, in need of a little darkening, or struggling to cover grey hairs, tinted brow gel contains pigment that adds to the appearance of your brows while keeping them in place.

Fine brows and light brows tend to benefit from a tinted gel as well, and they’re available in a variety of shades so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect match.

What’s the Best Brow Gel? 

Choose from our top 4 best brow gel picks, explained in more detail below.

Queen of the Fill

Queen of the Fill has developed their very own film-forming polymer technology for 360-degree, hair-like texture and coverage that makes your brows appear fuller in an instant.

Queen of the Fill

Available in five shades, ranging from blonde to black with everything in between, these gels are sweat and water resistant and capable of covering grey areas large and small.

Recognizing that how your brows ultimately look is dependent as much on the brush as it is the product, Queen of the Fill application brushes have been tapered for quicker, more versatile application and the perfect amount of product every time.

Queen of the Fill

And for all of our earth-conscious consumers out there, all Elizabeth Mott items are registered in PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Mommy Makeup

Paraben, talc, and cruelty-free, made in the USA, and allergy tested for sensitivities, there’s no clean beauty box this eyebrow gel doesn’t check. On the performance side, Mommy Makeup’s eyebrow gel doesn’t disappoint, either.

Mommy Makeup

The patented formula contains clump-free microfibers that effortlessly attach to, and blend with, your natural hair follicle for a shaped, defined, and groomed brow that lasts all day.

All you have to do is gently brush the tinted gel through your brow and use the buildable color to achieve your desired depth and drama.

Available in blonde, light to medium brunette, auburn, and dark brunette, the formula is also non-greasy and easily removed with a makeup remover.


If you’re prone to sweating, heavy duty activities, or getting caught in harsh weather conditions that cause your eyebrows to smudge, fade, or run, then you need Blinc’s water-resistant eyebrow mousse formula.

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

This unique mousse comes tinted in nine different shades including grey (so you’re sure to find the color that works best for you) and adds a natural touch without looking “too much”.

As an added bonus, it’s packed with anti-aging and skin beneficial ingredients such as hexapeptide-14, an anti-aging peptide that helps moisturize the skin. It’s easy to use, blendable, and safe for all skin types.


Ready to give eyebrow gel a go but not ready to make the investment in the best of the best? NYC offers this budget option in five, highly pigmented shades that cover dark to light hair colors.

NYX Eyebrow Gel Espresso

With pretty much the same benefits as our other top picks but at a fraction of the cost, NYC gives you a chance to fill and shape your brows on a dime.

Amazingly for its price point, the formula is also smudge-free and waterproof, so your brows will stay in place all-day, no matter what you’re doing.

Tips for Using Eyebrow Gel

If all your brows need is a little taming, then you can probably get away with simply combing over them with a clear brow gel.

But if you’re looking for more definition and enhancement, then you’ll need to invest a bit more time in applying your brow gel.

Draw the brows first

For the best definition, it’s always smart to draw in your brows with a powder, wax, or pencil first. Then, you can add your brow gel by brushing the front of your brows up and the tails of the arches up and out.

Mix and match wisely

One important note about building with eyebrow gel is that, while it can go over most pencil and eyebrow products, it can’t be used in tandem with all of them. For example, don’t use a tinted gel with a clear one.

Similarly, you shouldn’t be using a gel over a cream or pomade-based product. Gels tend to remove creams and pomades when you’re applying them to your hair follicles.

Shade matters (a lot)

Last but certainly not least, choosing the right shade will make the difference between natural-looking brows and brows that look like they’ve been painted on. Naturally thick brows can opt for clear gel, so shade doesn’t matter.

Sparse brows that require a bit of tint should opt for something a shade or two lighter than your natural color. And if you can’t choose between two shades, as a general rule, you should almost always go with the lighter option.

Lush, beautiful brows and those that need some extra oomph alike can benefit from eyebrow gel. The clear option tames and holds your hair follicle or all of your hard makeup work, but tinted gels allow you to define and shape your brow line without the permanence of an eyebrow tint.

Available in all shades and price points, this eyebrow enhancing tool is one item you’ll want in any makeup bag.