Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes? Yes, Here’s How

A pair of good falsies can cost you anywhere from $10 to $20, which leads to the question: can you reuse fake eyelashes? And if so, how many times?

There’s no doubt that fake eyelashes are the ultimate way to complete a dramatic look, but they’re also a great way to enhance the lashes you were (or, more likely, were not), born with. But false lashes aren’t easy on your wallet – and that’s true for lash extensions and single-use strip lashes alike. 

If you can’t do without a little help in the lash department, then you should know whether or not you can reuse fake eyelashes. We’ll tell you what types of fake lashes are reusable, how to make them last, and how long you can push the limits with a few tips and tricks.

Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

There’s no easy answer to that question. The simplest explanation is: it depends on the type of fake lashes, what they’re made of, and how well you take care of them.

Here’s the breakdown…

Lash Extensions

The one type of fake lash that you absolutely cannot reuse are lash extensions. These are the kinds of fake lashes you have individually applied at a salon, and which last up to two weeks.

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These types of lashes are designed to shed with your natural lash shedding cycle, and you won’t be able to save them as they fall out.

Individual False Eyelashes

You might be savvy enough to apply your own individual lashes, flares, or clusters at home. While individual lashes will fall out with your natural lashes – much like lash extensions – you might be able to salvage flares and clusters.

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Provided they don’t fall out on their own, you use a good glue, purchase a high quality lash, and keep them clean, there’s a chance you can reuse these types of fake lashes.

Strip Eyelashes

Last but not least, there’s the traditional strip lash. In terms of reducing, reusing, and recycling your falsies, these are your best bet.

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Of course, not all strip lashes are created equal, and how many wears you get out of these types of fake lashes depends on the material of the lash (animal versus synthetic), the band (thick versus thin), and how well you take care of them. 

We’ve got you covered on the last part – read on for tips on how to keep your false lashes in tip top shape.

How to Reuse Fake Lashes 

Knowing how to reuse fake lashes is mostly about knowing how to keep them clean and how to store them properly. First things first: make sure you’re washing your lashes after every use. But before you do so, there’s a few key steps you won’t want to miss.

Remove Gently

You should be removing your lashes with gentle care. That means removing them from your lid both smoothly and slowly.

To assist with that, consider soaking a cotton swab with makeup remover and running that along the band of the lashes prior to removal. The makeup remover will loosen the glue, making it easier to pull the strip lashes off without stretching or warping the band. 

Pro tip: swap your oil-based makeup remover for a water-based option. The former will warp the lashes and effect your next makeup application.

Clean the Lashes

Once you’ve removed the lashes from your lid, you’ll have to clean the band of any excess glue. You can pull the glue off with a tweezer, ensuring the strip has enough makeup remover on it for a smooth removal.

To clean the lashes themselves, you can soak two cotton balls with makeup remover and sandwich the lashes between both. Hold them there for 1 or 2 minutes and then gently comb through the lashes using a clean mascara wand.

Note: Speaking of mascara, don’t apply any to the lashes. This creates buildup that’s difficult to clean and it will wear on your lashes quickly.

Store Wisely

The second most important part of cleaning and caring for your lashes is how you store them. When you purchase fake lashes, they come in a small plastic container. DO NOT throw that container out!

They’re the best place for storing your lashes after you’ve cleaned them. Make sure to bend the lashes around the half-moon shapes in the tray and place the lid back on. 

There, your lashes can dry into their natural shape and stay protected from dirt and dust.

Tip: Once all that is done, think about misting your good-as-new falsies with 96-99% alcohol to kill any bacteria, but only do so after they’ve fully dried. 

How Many Times Can You Reuse Lashes?

Although they’re often referred to as single-use lashes, strip lashes, as a general rule, can be used more than once, at the very least. But, of course, how many more uses you get from them will depend on their quality, material, and how well you care for them.

Employing the above techniques, you can wear your lashes anywhere from 5 to 12 times – making that $10 to $20 per pair seem far less draining on your bank account. 

Keep in mind that natural animal hairs will last a whole lot longer than a pair of synthetic lashes. In fact, animal lashes made out of natural hairs like mink will last as much as 20 wears if you care for them correctly – yet another reason to spring for the good stuff.

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On the flip side, lashes made from synthetic fibers are a fraction of the cost and don’t use any animal products in their production. Weigh your options and decide which is appropriate for you, your budget, and your values.

The band on your lashes is also going to impact how many wears you get. You don’t have to be physics major to understand why a thicker band is more durable than a thinner band, but that also makes them a little harder to maneuver. 

Strip lashes are the most convenient and affordable way to add some pop to your lids. But if you rely on them to extend your lash line more often than not, the costs add up.

Knowing how to care for them, clean them, and store them means you’ll get more bang for your buck!