Eyelash Glue in Eye! Here’s What to Do & How to Avoid It Next Time

There’s nothing quite like eyelash glue in eye pain. And the worst part is that most of us are utterly unprepared for the situation.

Let’s be honest. There are things you never think to ask about, like what do you do if you get eyelash glue in eyes? But then it happens, and you panic a bit – what do you do now? How bad is it? And how can you avoid it in the future?

Here’s the lowdown on eyelash glues and eyes – and how to make sure they never get too intimate.

How To Avoid Getting Eyelash Glue In Eyes

First things first – before we discuss what to do when it happens, let’s talk about how to avoid it in the first place.

Here’s how to avoid this unhappy situation in every eyelash scenario…

When you’re putting on falsies…

Most eyelash glue snafus probably happen during false eyelash application, because let’s face it – it’s not the easiest process in the world, especially for a beginner.

You can easily make a false move and glue your eye shut. We’ve all been there. 

Here’s how to avoid that:

Don’t apply too much glue on the lash

It’s very true that a false lash needs a sufficient amount of glue in order to stick properly and stay on all night – especially those pesky corners!

But it’s also true that when there’s too much of a good thing, it doesn’t turn out well. If you put on too much, you increase the possibility of some of it getting in your eye or you messing it around your lashes. 

A thin line will do ya. Anymore is just going to seep sideways and sneak right into your peepers.

Wait for it to get tacky

The other mistake that women often make is that they don’t wait the sufficient amount of time for the glue to get properly tacky.

That means that if you put the lash on while the glue is still wet, there’s a bigger chance for the lash to move around and the glue to end up where it really doesn’t belong. 

Be careful how you apply the lashes

When you’re putting on lashes, you want your application to be as precise as possible.

eyelash glue in eye

Use an eyelash applicator tool or a pair of tweezers to pick up the lash and place it exactly where you want it, with minimal wiggling and tweaking, because that’s when the glue moves around.

When you’re getting extensions…

Eyelash glue can also end up in your eyes when you’re getting extensions done at the salon. Here’s how to make sure that never happens:

Don’t open your eyes during the procedure

The first tip may seem like common sense, but whatever you do, don’t open your eyes during the procedure.

We know it can take a long time and it’s not fun lying there with your eyes closed for an hour or two, but opening your eyes does not only interfere with the process, but it can also be dangerous.

Always follow your technician’s advice

After you get your lashes done, you will receive some indications surrounding the caretaking process. Make sure to always respect this advice to make sure the lashes don’t come off or the glue doesn’t get in your eyes.

Note: A helpful tip is to have at home essentials ready for removing eyelash extensions just in case things go awry and you need an exit plan. Asap.

Help! I Already Have Eyelash Glue In Eye!

Okay, let’s say you’ve managed to get eyelash glue in your eyes; what do you do, besides panic? Well, first, you need to read the instructions on the glue packet – it will always say what you should do in case it gets in your eyes.

Usually, you need to wipe away as much as you can and just wash the area with plenty of water. You want to clear away as much glue as possible. 

Try to open your eyes and blink from time to time to see if you feel better and if you can see properly. If it still doesn’t feel right, apply more water to the area. After a while, you should be able to open the eye normally. 

What you should avoid doing in this case is rubbing your eye, having someone blow in it, or applying any sort of creams or eye drops. That will only make things worse.

Stick to water, and if you still don’t feel better, your eye stings, is getting read, or you are experiencing an allergic reaction, please seek medical attention.

Note: If you’re about to get lash extensions or simply don’t trust yourself with your first application of falsies and you really want to avoid the pain of having eyelash glue in your eyes, a smart precaution is to go ahead and get yourself a good eyelash glue remover.

That way, in the off chance that something goes awry and you get eyelash glue in your eyes, you can get rid of it straight away.

What’s a Safe Eyelash Glue?

Nothing makes you realize that lash glues can be quite harsh like falling prey to the eyelash glue in eye problem. It’s especially the super hardcore super strength ones that can be harsh on your precious peepers so it’s important to be aware of what constitutes an eye safe lash glue.

Adhesives, in general, can be quite harsh and all of them seem to contain an allergen or irritant. While some options are huge no-nos, other formulations are milder on the eyes. 

DUO Brush-on Lash Adhesive

Best Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

A much better alternative to the cult-favorite DUO lash glue, this one won’t irritate your eyes with undesirable ingredients like formaldehyde or latex. Plus, it’s brush-on, so it’s much easier to use and way harder to over-apply.

KISS Strip Lash Adhesive

best eyelash glue

The KISS lash adhesive isn’t anything to complain about, either. It offers a strong hold without the latex, and it doesn’t have that awful lash glue smell that makes everyone gag.

Like the DUO one, the little brush makes it super easy to apply.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

eyelash glue for sensitive eyes

Revlon is stepping up their game and offering great lash glue to go with their quality falsies.

They even sell a good eyelash glue remover, too. It dries clear, so you can’t notice it, and it also doesn’t contain latex.

All in all, while getting glue in your eyes is certainly unpleasant and it can ruin a perfectly good makeup day, it’s certainly a mistake that can be rectified.

For your peace of mind, opt for an eye safe lash glue and make sure to avoid incorrect application as much as possible, so you can avoid this situation altogether!