Does Latisse Work on Eyebrows?

You’ve probably heard of the magical properties of Latisse and how it can do great things for your lashes: it helps them grow longer, thicker, and fluffier, which is something most women are after.

But ever since Cara Delevigne brought big brows back, our sparse, overplucked eyebrows from the 90s have felt a bit inadequate.

If you’ve been looking for a growth solution for your eyebrows, you may have been wondering about Latisse – does it also work on eyebrows? And…are there any cheaper alternatives you don’t need a prescription for? We got you covered. Read on for deets. 

Does Latisse Work on Eyebrows?

First thing’s first – is Latisse a magical one-size-fits all solution that works for all hair, regardless of where it is? Well, yes and no. Latisse was not formulated for hair growth at all, but started out as a medicine for glaucoma – it’s known as a prostaglandin analogue.

However, since patients applied it to their affected eyes, they also noticed an interesting side effect: significant lash growth! It was eventually tweaked and marketed as a lash growth serum, and approved by the FDA.

Here’s the catch, though – doctors and formulators aren’t quite sure what about it generates growth and how it works. They know it works for eyelashes, and that it’s safe to use on them, but we don’t know much about its application for brows. 

People have taken to using it on their eyebrows as well, and some of them have seen results, just like on lashes, but others have not.

Even if we could recommend it for brows, which we cannot, because it’s not FDA-approved for that use, the problem with Latisse is that a) it’s expensive, b) it needs to be used over a long period of time, and c) it requires a prescription.

But don’t despair – there’s hope for your eyebrows yet, even though the savior is not Latisse. There are some work-arounds that you may be interested in. 

A Few Other Notes About Latisse

There are also some side-effects you may want to be aware of if you’re planning on using Latisse, even if it’s on your eyebrows. 

  • You are likely to see hair growth on any skin where Latisse is applied regularly. That means that you have to be very careful about the perimeter where you apply the solution. Miss by a few millimeters and you may end up being hairy in unintended ways. Make sure to stick to your brows and not veer outside the designated line. 

  • Latisse can stain the skin. People who’ve used it on their eyes have noticed eyelid discoloration, at times. These stains may be prone to fading, or they may not. Keep that in mind when using the product anywhere on your skin.

What Are the Alternatives to Latisse for Eyebrows?

If Latisse is out of your price range, or ineffective on your brows, you will be happy to hear that there are several alternatives you can use to promote hair growth in your eyebrows that won’t break the bank. Here’s a roundup of your best bets!

Generic version of Latisse

If the only thing that’s standing between you and Latisse is the hefty price tag, perhaps we can help you out with an insider tip: Latisse has a generic version, called Bimatoprost.

It’s essentially the same product and works in the same way, but it’s sold by a different company and isn’t branded; that’s it! And because it’s called differently, you can purchase it at a much more affordable price. 

Lash serums containing prostaglandin analogues

And speaking of generics, there are other similar hair growth serums on the market that are much less expensive and that do not require a prescription. Aka, a helluva lot easier to get your hands lashes on.

They’re still from the prostaglandin analogue family, which means they work in pretty much the same way as Latisse. Aka, you can expect to see crazy lash growth and volume in a couple weeks time. So which are the best ones? Here are our top picks…

GrandeBrow Eyebrow Enhancer

how to grow eyebrows

GrandeBrow Brow Enhancing Serum

GrandeBrow Eyebrow Enhancer is probably your best bet, and one of the closest formulations to Latisse.

In one tube, you get the benefits of the hair growth properties, as well as strengthening and nourishing properties. In addition, you can just order it off Amazon, so no need for a prescription. 

NutraLuxe MD Eyebrow Enhancer

Latisse on eyebrows

Nutraluxe MD

NutraLuxe MD Eyebrow Enhancer is similar, with one difference – it’s even more affordable. The price is right, and the tube is generous, so you can keep your brows dense and luscious for the next several months.

Like Latisse, this can darken your skin, because it has the same active ingredients, so consider that before you make a purchase. 

RevitaBrow Advanced

does latisse work on eyebrows

Revitabrow Advanced

RevitaBrow Advanced is your ideal pick if you are trying to avoid the staining that comes with these kinds of products. At over a hundred bucks, however, that bonus comes at a price.

No prostaglandins in this one’s formulation, but you do get peptides that aid hair growth, which is why you’re paying Latisse prices. 

Rogaine and other hair growth products

With sparse brows, it’s better to treat them in the same way you treat a thinning scalp – with especially formulated hair growth products, such as Rogaine.

latisse alternatives for eyebrows

Rogaine Extra Strength

A number of people have had impressive results with this kind of treatment, and were able to grow fluffier brows. Like all treatments, it will take a few weeks to see results, but it’s worth it in the long-run.

So, if you’re dissatisfied with your natural brow game, put the Dip Brow down and pick up a hair growth product for results in just a few weeks!

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