Bottom Lash Extensions 101: The Lowdown on Lower Lashes

Bottom lash extensions are one of the most underrated beauty treatments there are. I’m sure you’ve heard about lash extensions, and maybe you even want to get them done. They’re long, fluttery, and beautiful, and they can make you look glam instantly.

But if your lashes are sparse and light-colored, getting upper lash extensions can look top-heavy and a bit overwhelming for your face.

Feeling like your lower lashes are inadequate? Have you ever considered bottom lash extensions? Yes, they exist and here is all you need to know about them.

What Are Bottom Lash Extensions?

Exactly like it sounds, lower lash extensions are lash extensions you get for your lower lashes. You’re probably sitting there thinking “Wow, I didn’t even know they did those!”. That’s ok, most people don’t know, either! 

They are essentially the exact same service you get for your upper lashes, but it’s for your lower ones.

So, you can expect the application process to be the same – lashes that are added on top of your natural ones and are bonded together with a special glue, meant to last around 2 weeks. Yes, the time decreases, because they are shorter, and because there are fewer lashes. 

After 1 to 2 weeks, not only will you have lost some due to everyday wear & tear, but your lashes will have completed their growth cycle and will have fallen to make room for the new ones.

At this point, it’s time to go back to get them filled in, if you wish to continue to wear extensions. 

Where Can You Get Bottom Lash Extensions?

You can get bottom lash extensions at the same salons that do upper lash ones. The technician should be trained to do both upper and lower lashes. However, you may need to search for a salon that offers the service in your area, as not all salons do lower lashes. 

That’s partly because there is a lower demand for them and partly because it’s a fairly new service (compared to top lashes, anyway) and not a lot of women are aware that they can even get them. 

The other thing to be aware of is that learning to apply lower lash extensions is an advanced technique, so not all technicians will be able to do them or will be proficient.

We recommend asking in your regular salon (if you get extensions) and see if a technician will do them for you or recommend someone else who can do them. Take the time to look through their portfolio (or their Instagram page!) to see if they’ve done them before and what they look like. 

How Much Do Lower Lash Extensions Cost?

Like upper lashes, lower lash extensions will vary in cost, depending on a few different factors: location, the skill level of the technician, and the style or number of lashes you want. The longer it takes, the more expensive it is. 

You’ll see adverts online for $30, and you’ll also be quoted $100, or $300.

Exercise common sense and try to go for a middle ground price that doesn’t sound sketchy, but won’t break the bank, either. If you get a full set of extensions (upper and lower), you might even get a discount. Check your local salon’s price list.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Bottom Lash Extensions?

Because the area is smaller and there are fewer lashes involved, the process isn’t as labor-intensive and it’s usually no longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

Typically, only around 10 to 15 lower lashes are added, but that’s enough to achieve a fairly dramatic effect that can completely change your look!

Not only will it balance out your top lashes and beautifully frame your eyes, but they will also look surprisingly natural, and not a lot of people will catch on that they are extensions, because after all, so few people are aware that is even a thing. 

Who Can Get Lower Lash Extensions?

Ideally, we would answer this question with “everyone!”, but that is not unfortunately the case. Because of the way extensions are applied (glued on top of your natural lashes), the state of your natural lower lashes does count.

If they are too sparse and too thin, you may not be able to get extensions because the natural lash is not robust enough to sustain the extension, as well. It’s important to discuss this with the technician beforehand so they can assess your lashes.

What Should You Be Looking For In Bottom Lash Extensions?

Most women would like their extensions to look natural (especially the lower ones), so you’ll probably want to respect a few basic aspects: don’t apply too many, make sure they’re not too long, and don’t make them too dark.

Because we don’t naturally have a lot of lashes in this area, the balance is very delicate, and the look can quickly go overboard.

You want them to gently balance your upper lashes and make your eyes look bigger and more open, without veering into spider-leg territory. 

Are Bottom Lash Extensions Uncomfortable?

No one has bushy lower lashes, so having denser, longer, more visible ones may seem weird. But are they uncomfortable? Do they poke your undereye area? Are they itchy? What about wearing makeup, like concealer or eyeshadow? Will this mean you can’t wash your face?

The lashes should not poke you, tickle you, or be uncomfortable in any way. If they do, the size is wrong.

If you are unsure about the size, placement, or density, follow the advice of your technician or start out with the smallest size and number of lashes. You can always go for a fuller look next time! 

How Do I Maintain Lower Lash Extensions?

Lower lashes are really not that different from upper lashes, when it comes to maintenance. Click here for must know tips on maintaining lash extensions last forever! The same standard advice still applies:

  • Try to avoid rubbing your undereye area and lower lash line in order to preserve the lashes for as long as possible. 

  • Try to avoid getting the lashes wet in order to preserve the lashes for as long as possible. 

  • Brush the lashes every day in order to avoid tangles and to rearrange them the way they’re supposed to sit. 

  • If you do wear makeup in your undereye area, please be careful when applying it (no pulling, no aggressive brush or finger movements, etc.) and especially when removing it (no rubbing, no scrubbing, etc.).

Can I Wear Makeup on Bottom Lash Extensions?

Ideally, you wouldn’t wear makeup with lash extensions (top or bottom), simply because the application and removal process can be quite hard on them. If you do need to wear it, make sure you apply it lightly and with care, and that the products you wear are not waterproof. 

Mascara is one of the biggest culprits for extension damage, so it’s best to avoid it, or apply it very, very lightly. It should be a thin, non-clumpy formula that is easily washable and has a soft, natural bristle brush. 

When it comes to taking the makeup off, stay away from oils, and do not tug, rub, scrub, or pull at your skin or lashes in any way. Instead, soak a cotton bud in micellar water and pat your lashes and undereye area gently to remove the product. Make sure to brush your lashes, once they’re clean.

Do You Need Bottom Lash Extensions?

You may be sitting there thinking that this all sounds a bit bougie – after all, who needs lower lash extensions? Well, no one needs them, and if you don’t go for a dramatic look for your top lashes, lower lashes are completely unnecessary.

It’s very much an optional service, and most women will probably not get them. 

However, if you do want some oomph on your lower lashes to match your upper lashes, lower lash extensions can be a great way to achieve that look.

Remember to research any new service you think about getting, such as this one, and learn as much as you can about lower lashes, to determine if they are right for you before you get them.

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