What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoos? – (Guide)

As eyebrow tattooing is gaining more and more popularity in the era of the new fashion and is already being worn by most of the celebrities for more fresh and amazing and astonishing looks, by gaining more attention on their broader and thicker brows.

But is all the pain and price worth it actually or not? How does this actually work?

Eyebrow tattooing or micro-blading has increased popularity among cosmetic procedures because of its more natural, realistic, and suitable looks.

With this procedure done on your face, you can achieve your personal chosen brows that might be broader, bolder, well-shaped.

And all of this is achievable by simple eyebrow tattooing, done by micro-blading while getting these fine strokes of pigment paste delivered on your skin via microneedles, which represent the look and texture most resembling your natural hair.

It is a semi-permanent technique to get you your desired brows, by creating hairlike strokes to fill up your thinner brows to get you a broader and bolder look,

Practicing eyebrow tattooing on your eyebrows might feel like a piece of cake an effortless procedure with no expense on purchasing brows pencils and gels but it is not as easy as it might look.

Eyebrow tattooing is an expensive procedure that gives you the desired look from your eyebrows you want. 

And it is a process done on your face, so it is most necessary to do your research on.

Here We Have The Most Important Things You Must Know Before Getting Your Eyebrows Tattooed On.

How Long Do the Eyebrow Tattoos Last?Eyebrow Tattoos Last

Cosmetic Tattooing, unlikely body art tattooing does not last forever. If you have this in your mind after one complete procedure you won’t have to go through it again.

Eyebrow tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure that does not stay forever

Unlikely it can last as long as 7 months to a total of 2 years or more depending on your skin and body immune system, after that the brows will become faded.

After the first treatment, a touch-up treatment is required alike after 4 to 7 weeks estimated.

Depending on your skin type you’ll have your results, as your immune system will digest the ink and push out the pigment paste thinking of it as a harmful chemical to your skin, over time making your eyebrows thinner and lighter.

Over a year you would have to get a new and refreshment patch-up of pigment on your skin to look as fresh as before.

But after having an eyebrow tattooing by micro-blading procedure, you can walk free out of the door without thinking and designing your eyebrows daily.

How Much Does The Eyebrow Tattoo Cost?Eyebrow Tattoo Cost

Depending on your artist and specialist micro-blading might roughly cost $700 to $1600 and more, having different skin types might cause different procedures, and depending on this how many visits it may take to get you your desired eyebrows,

AMY JEAN as a famous bro specialist charges around $1500 per client, as she’s internationally recognized and qualified in her profession.

Her charges may increase and decrease all depending on your skin type, Getting your eyebrows tattooed by an unprofessional artist might mess things up in your life and brows as it’s very pre-planned and very preserved art, we suggest you get it done by a professional with popularity in their name and neatness in their hands.

An estimated sum of $1500 dollars is a tremendous amount of money if you’re thinking to get your eyebrow tattooed, but it can make your brows more tremendous than ever if money is not an issue.

 Is It Painful?

It all depends on your pain limit that how much of it you can handle,

The sensation from the tweezers might terrify you as much of it getting dragged around your skin and might make you feel “ITCH”

You will hear a scratchy sound from the micro-blading pen as it would get dragged alongside your brows.

But the specialist would be using a numbing cream or an anesthetic that would numb the area where the procedure would be done, giving you all the comfort needed in the procedure, from little prickly hair getting to getting discomforting jabs.

Overall, it all depends on you and your threshold abilities, if you think you still can’t handle the process without any anesthetic have some pain killers an hour beforehand.

Numbing cream will be still there applied to your eyebrow before eyebrow tattooing for safety purposes.
With all this done, the effect of pain would be relatively less than imagined,

But the results would be definitely worth watching and handling the pain.

What to Expect During the Process?Expect During the Process

When you first get eyebrow tattooed, the colors would look in rich quality and may look a little more than desired making your brows extra broad and dark, which you didn’t desire,

But you don’t have to panic about this, after the freshly done process the brows look darker because they are in the process of healing, and will efficiently fade away over time.

It would take two to three days maximum to heal and for the results to the outcome.

The final look of your brows would be exactly as you desire, you just have to keep your trust in your specialist and in their work, The final looks would be realistic, natural, and suitable.

In the healing process, about 30 by 70 percent of the brows would fade away in the healing process, while giving you the naturalistic look, 

And after some weeks about 3 to 4 weeks, another retouch would be most important that even if you feel any error within the time, the artist can cover it all up in the retouching process.

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare:

Eyebrow tattooing aftercare is all depending on your skin type, If you’re having a dry skin type you may need to apply a protective and smothering balm recommended by your specialist.

To avoid the dry and itchy sensations.

Other than this, if you’re already having an oily skin condition, you don’t have to apply any smothering cream or gel on it.

The skin will “self-heal” with its natural oil present in the body and would not acquire any more nourishing ingredients.

It is at its best to avoid any smothering gel which is not recommended by your specialist, which may hurt your skin in repairing or infect the wound, 

We also recommend you to avoid straight sunlight that it may cause burn skin spots, avoiding creamy moisturizers, serums with highly active ingredients, and oils near your eyebrows may cause a reaction that is not suitable for you. 

Doing extra efficient care will cause it to disturb the healing procedure anything that is extra oily will “blur” the crisp lines created in the eyebrow tattooing procedure and might put in a mess.

Are There Any Risks?Are There Any Risks

The risks in the procedure totally depend on who is performing it. We recommend you first ensure that you have a skilled and well-performing specialist who’s about to work on your brows Ones with the most experienced are best in their work.

Or you may face the consequences of eyebrow tattooing gone wrong and left with no other happier options in your bucket left.

You may also get an allergic reaction depending on your skin if you do not do the working right with the specialist and you must follow the right procedure after the eyebrow tattooing is done in the aftercare process.

Be aware of local micro-blading specialists as they are not very expert in their work.

Because this a highly skilled profession that takes years to learn and practice, before becoming a professional Always ask the specialist that does they have their Infection and Hygiene Control Certificate.

And always remind them to open your disposables in front of your sight like micro-blading needles, etc.

Mist Brow vs Microblading:Mist Brow vs Microblading

There are 2 types of treatments done in the market done:


In this procedure, the specialist uses 15 to 16 microneedles on your brows to etch the fine pigments to give you broader fine-er, and bold eyebrows.

It’s semi-permanent and lasts for a period, providing you the desired finishing on your eyebrows.

Mist Brow:

On the other hand, mist brows procedures are like power brows, This is ideal for those who want it for shadowing their eyebrow purposes.

This process helps in the process with your micro-blading procedure gone wrong and if you’re not happy with it.

Other minor necessary things you must consider before getting your eyebrow tattooed are: 

  • It’s not permanent.
  • Some people require more session to get their ideal Eyebrows
  • Depending on skin type some keep ink retained some don’t 
  • Procedures can take up to hours while getting performed 
  • Everyone has slightly different eyebrow (NATURAL)
  • Procedures are sometimes painful 
  • Messed up brows can STILL BE FIXED


In the above topics, we have guided you about everything that must be known by anyone who’s interested in getting eye tattooed, regarding the procedure,

there are other things as well that getting your eye tattooed is an expensive art you must have all the knowledge about it before you book an appointment with your specialist.