Eyelash Extension Size Guide Chart: Guidelines for Curl, Diameter & Length

This in-detail eyelash extension size guide is here in front of you.

Here we have managed to cover every single topic that is linked and attached to eyelash extensive size chart, curl, length, and also diameter.

Furthermore, you are going to get this extensive information regarding which is the best and suitable size for eyelash extensions.

Moreover, which is the longest length in this category of lash extension?

One needs to keep in mind that there is a different and enormous variety of eyelash extension curls as well as sizes.

If you prefer to put on these extensions, then it is important for you to get an understanding of these concepts.

We have attached and shared with you this eyelash extension curl chart too.

Eyelash Extension Curls

It is for our readers that first of all, we are going to discuss different kinds and unique variety of eyelash extension curls.

You must have heard about J curl lashes and B curl lashes. There associated some other varieties and variations at the same time.

J Curl Lashes

We are going to start off our discussion with these J curl lashes. These eyelash extension curls are not commonly and often used by the girls.

But their power is immense and massive. The minute you will out on these J curl lashes, you will feel out of this world.

This curl is made for that kind of audience who has stuck and also straight lashes.

If your lashes are pointing in a downward direction, then do wear these J curls.

Make sure that whenever you further curl these lash extensions, then you have to be very careful.

Curl them in a natural manner and get a natural lash look.

B Curl Lashes

Moving on, we have these B curl lashes. If your natural lashes are somewhat downward, then these curls are going to give a lifting look to your natural lash line.

This is a great option to be tried out by you. It is comparatively curlier as compared to J curl lashes.

If you think that your lashes are tricky enough and you cannot manage them in an attractive style and manner, then try out using these eyelash extensions packed with B curls.

L+ Curl Lashes

How about trying these L + curl lashes! This is the next best amazing option. This curl act and function like we have a C curl lash or D curl lash.

Furthermore, this lash extension curl comes with a flat base. It is all because of this flat basis that an ultimate and impressive lifting look will come on your lashes.

In addition, these lashes manage to adhere and stick onto your lashes in a trouble-free style.

This one is a visually rewarding option. It makes your eyes magical and tempting looking.

C and D Lash Curls

Lastly, we have these C and D lash curls. These eyelash extension curls are the most popular of all.

It is often and regularly used by a large number of girls. These lash curls are always in high demand.

Talking about C curl, if your natural lashes are somewhat slightly curly, then you can use these extensions for the sake of giving an eye opening and appealing touch to your eyes.

These extensions come in the category of popular and famous curls worldwide.

If you have downward angled lashes, then we are sure that this kind of lash extension will give your lashes a satisfying and impressive lift.

On the other hand, if any of your clients do have and packed with close-to-horizontal kind of angle lashes, then recommend them this lash extension and enjoy them having a doll eye effect.

On the other hand, for D curl lashes, their purpose of using is to bring a dramatic look onto your face.

They make your lashes naturally curlier. Besides, these curl extensions manage to brighten up your whole makeup look!

Your eyes look bigger and wider and you tend to see visible and clear-cut effect onto your eye makeup look.

One needs to know that these D curl lashes, they are similar in a way likewise we have these C curl lash extensions.

If you have downward-angled lashes, then this extension type will be suitable and effective for you.

You will for sure get a show-stopper look. Most probably, this lash extension curl is ideal for those girls who have upward-angle natural lashes.

You can still go on using this extension curl if you have heavily hooded eyelids.

Hence, this curl type has got and immersed with the curlier curls. They need and demand careful application procedures.

More Types of Eyelash Extension Curls

Better-Bonding Curls- EZ Curls

We have these better bonding curls. These lash extension curls are also known as EZ curls.

As you can see that the base curl section of EZ Lash, it is somewhat straighter as compared to the normal extension lashes.

It offers you more of the sticking an adhesive area. Moreover, this lash curl provides you with an easier extension experience.

If you are one of the beginner lash artists, then first get hands-on experience on this curl type.

As its adhesive area is wide and big enough, that is why it is loved by girls.

In addition, these lash curls give you a better amount of retention. They look flattering and magical.

M Curl Lashes

These lash curls have a small surface. But all in all, they curl up in a dramatic style and manner.

They give an upward and lifting look to your natural lashes. It is solely and only designed to improve the appearance of your lashes.

If you have got a downward-angled kind of natural lashes, then such a lash curl will be suitable for you.

It gives you immense and natural lash lifting look. You get a wide-eye effect.

If you have hooded eyelids or if you know that you have upward angled sort of natural lashes, then try out this lash curl type.

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U Curl Lashes

No doubt, they are one of the curliest eyelash extensions. They are at times known as DD curls.

These extensions are appropriate for those girls who have downward-angled lashes.

If you desire to get a dramatic doll-like look, then put on these eyelashes. 

Most noteworthy, it is claimed by these lash extension curls that you will get a noticeable and curled effect. 

Besides, if you have heavily hooded eyelids, then do pick this U curl.

I Curl Extensions

They are straight eyelashes. The best part about them is that they can be used and applied by the male audience community.

How amazing it is! These curl extensions are used for the sake of increasing the thickness of your natural lash.

Facts on Lash Curls

You will be surprised to know that these eyelash curls are invented by BL Lashes. Yes, this magical invention is accomplished by this person.

You can give and pay your big thanks to him. BL Lashes is the one who makes your eyes so magical and all go dramatic looking.

This person manages to bring the broadest as well as an immense variety of lash curls.

Only remember that he did not invent these J curl lashes and C curl lashes. Rest all of the curl lashes, they are invented and devised by BL Lashes.

There is this common and basic rule about curl and retention. It is that the curlier the eyelash, the shorter will be its retention and longevity rate.

Keep in mind that not all eyelash extension curls offer the same longevity and retention rate.

So, before you buy an eyelash extension for yourself, do consider this fact how much curly it is and for how much time it will remain there on your natural lashes.

You can even mix up and amalgamate the appropriate lash curls in accordance to the angle zone of your natural lashes so that extensions retain there on your lash line in a perfect manner.


We are 100% confident that now you have come to know that one and single eyelash extension design does not fit all.

As there are different lash curls, lengths, and diameters. So, choose accordingly! You need to map out the correct and proper lash design of yours.

The above-mentioned guide has clearly explained and illustrated you about the eyelash extension curls and thickness as well as length ranges and how do they function in their own unique manner.

If you want to elevate and boost your makeup artistry skills, then knowing all concepts of lash extensions is important for you.

The demand for using these eyelash extensions, it is now going on the seventh cloud, and girls are going mad after them.

The best and catchy part about them is that you can customize them in any way you want to!

These extensions enhance and amplify your facial features, what else you want from them.

Have you ever used these lash extensions, share your feedback, and keep tuned with us.

If you have questions on this eyelash extension chart regarding curls, and lengths, then ask from us.

It is time to enjoy endless opportunities and unleash and discover your lash creativity.