Eyelash Stuck in Eye: How to Safely Remove and Other Tips

What to do if eyelash of yours gets stuck in the eye! Here we have mentioned and penned down a few of the useful tips for you.

You can have a look at them. This guide will tell you as to how to safely and securely remove your eyelash that is stuck there in your eye.

Furthermore, we have collected some other tips for your convenience. As all know that eyelashes, they are the kind of short hairs that.

They usually grow right at the end section of your eyelid. The purpose of eyelashes is to fully and completely protect your eyes from all kind of debris and dust.

Moreover, there are glands that are present and located at the base part of your lashes.

Their function is to give complete lubrication to your eyes. You may have come across this experience when a lash stuck or fall into your eyes.

What you need to in this situation then? In between this situation, you feel an immense irritation in your eyes.

Even more, you fail to blink and fail to open your eyes properly. You experience and feel itching under the zone of your eyelid part.

Some people start to rub their eyes when eyelashes fall into their eyes. In this situation, you just have to stay all calm and patient.

You need to follow the instructions and guidelines that we have below-mentioned for you:

How do you Know That an Eyelash Stuck in Your Eyes?

It is true that eyelashes that got stuck in your eyes, they turn out to be fluttery and gritty. They give you a stinging and sharp feeling.

In addition, they may fall out on their own from your eyes if you will rub your eyes.

If you want to see whether eyelash is stuck in your eyes, then see this in front of the mirror.

Stand yourself in front of the mirror and look keenly and closely into your eyes. You need to keep your eye all open and move it from side to side.

By doing so, stuck eyelash may visible to you and you might be in a position to suspect it.

How do You Get a Stuck Eyelash Out of Your Eye?

So, to get a stuck and caught eyelash out of your eye, you need to follow all of these below-written steps.

We guarantee you that you will then safely take out that jammed eyelash:

Firstly, you have to wash your hands properly and thoroughly. Do that with soap and water.

After that, dry them. Avoid taking out your eyelash with wet hands. This will make your job messy.

If you have worn contact lenses, then do remove them as well. Your hands have to be sanitized.

There should be no lenses on your eyes. In this way, there will be no chance that any bacteria growth is going to be introduced into your eyes.

By cleaning your hands and eyes before this removal job, you are going to feel less irritation.

In the second step, you have to stand in front of the mirror. It has to a clean mirror that can give a clear view of your eyes.

Moreover, place that mirror in some high light mode. Now, you can start raising your brow bone skin and also the skin that lies and resides below your eye part.

You have to look keenly, closely and carefully right into your targeted eye. You have to accurately and precisely locate the eyelash.

It is through this careful examination and observation that you can well see where the stuck eyelash is floating right there in your affected eye.

As soon as your spot and find out a floating eyelash, then do not rub your eye at that moment!

You need to take a very deep breath first of all. Besides, you can blink your eye for a couple of numbers of times.

By doing so, there might be a chance that eyelash falls off on its own. Constant blinking action is going to bring natural tears into your eyes.

And there is a heavy probability and a maximum number of chances that jammed eyelash will be safely removed from your targeted eye.

If the stuck eyelash is present right behind the upper section of your eyelid, then you what you need to do is to gently and slowly pull up your upper eyelid in a forward manner.

And then bring it towards the lower section of your lid. After that, you have to look upward.

Look to your left side, look to your right side and then finally you have to look down.

This process is going to bring your jammed lash in the center section of your eye.

You need to repeat this process again and again until and unless you get accomplished in taking out the stuck eyelash.

If your eyelash fails to come in the center part of your eye then there is another tip that you can try out.

Take a wet cotton swab and you need to rub it on your stuck eyelash. Do this rubbing in a very gentle and smooth manner.

You can follow this tip only if your eyelash is present on the white section of your eye.

More Tips On Taking Out a Stuck Eyelash From Your Eye

Some people prefer to flush out their stuck eyelash. You can follow this remedy too. In this tip, you can make use of artificial tears.

Or you can take the help of a saline solution. With this remedy, the trapped eyelash will be completely flushed away from your eyes.

If you think that none of the above-mentioned remedies are going to work for you, then there is another effective strategy for you.

Get hold of a small juice cup. You need to fill it up with some lukewarm water. It has to be filtered water.

After that, you have to lower down your affected eye and bring it towards the cup that you have filled with lukewarm water.

This step will rinse your affected eye and there is a chance that trapped eyelash will be gone from your eye.

During this situation, you can sleep. It is during the sleep mode that all dirt and other kinds of substances and even stuck eyelash will be cleaned and removed from your eyes.

When you wake up, you will see that your eye is no more stuck and jammed with a lash.

The last tip that you can try out, is by taking and going for a shower. We are sure that this tip will be helpful for you.

You need to take a shower of steam warm water. And sprinkle that water again and again into your eyes.

Hence, by doing so, trapped eyelash will be all gone and removed from your eye.

What Happens if an Eyelash Stays in Your Eye?

If an eyelash stays there in your eyes for hours and hours, then there is a risk that you may get an eye infection.

These repeated attempts of following home remedies may irritate and itch your eyes on high notes.

This continuous scratching and irritation may hurt the cornea part of your eye.

Once eyelash falls into your eye, they are not going fall right behind your eyeball. They will remain there on your affected eye.

In addition, that stuck lash is going to keep on moving and floating all around the eyeball surface of yours.

You will see that eyelash moves and floats in a way likewise an ice cube usually and generally floats on a tile floor.

Upon bringing out natural tears or by blinking, you can easily and naturally remove this stuck eyelash.

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extra tears and blinking are the suggested remedies as they push out all debris and dust and also stuck lashes from your eyes.

It is generally observed that trapping of eyelash in your eye, it is going to bring temporary inconvenience into your eyes.

If you do not remove and take away that eyelash from the eye, then there is a chance that it may scratch and hurt your eyelid.

Moreover, it may hurt your whole and entire eye. This issue may injure your eyelid on high notes. There may occur a risk and danger of conjunctivitis.

This is basically a pink eye infection that you may have heard about. Or you might be affected by keratitis. This is an eyelid cellulitis infection.

How Long Can Something Stay Stuck in Your Eye?

It is noticed and seen that if anything is stuck and jammed in your eye, then it will remain to stay in your eye for a time frame of day or two.

During this time period, you are going to experience a lot of irritation and discomfort.

Besides, you will experience and feel an irritating sensation in your eyes. There comes a minor discomfort associated and linked with this situation.

As eye surface cells manage to restore fast and quick notes, for the reason that this irritation will only last for a day or two.

Most importantly, these Corneal abrasions that are commonly caused because of the trapping of a foreign object into your eyes, they heal in a time frame of one to three days.

Do Eyelashes Dissolve in Your Eye?

It is observed that eyelashes do dissolve into your eyes. If they are stuck, then they do not go and move in the back section of your head.

Instead, they either keep on floating on your eyeball or they are dissolved on their own.

It is this layer of muscle as well as eye tissue of yours that blocks this stuck eyelash not to move to the back head zone of yours.

Simply do the blinking and bring natural tears and get rid of this stuck eyelash right away.

How to Take a Stuck Eyelash From Children’s Eyes?

While removing a stuck and jammed eyelash from your kid eye, there is a different kind of process and strategy that you have to follow.

Here you can check out the guide about that! Avoid using fingernails while taking out an eyelash from your kid’s eye.

This may hurt and damage your kid’s eye. Moreover, do not use any of the sharp objects while taking out the stuck and jammed lash.

You have to very careful in this process.

You need to give proper instructions to your child. Ask him to move his eye right, left, up, and down.

Furthermore, you can ask him to rinse and wash off his eyes with some kind of saline solution.

You can give your kid an artificial tear eye drop solution. Hopefully, these remedies will work for your child.

If you fail to get these solutions and mixtures for your child, then you can make use of a gentle and stream warm water.

It can also be cool water or lukewarm water. It is recommended to apply wet cotton swab on your kid eye, this will reduce his irritation and itching problem too.

Lastly, if more time gets passed and you fail to take out stuck lash from your kid eye, then do consult some medical professional as soon as possible.

It is not easy for kids to tolerate such a high amount of itchiness and irritation. In this situation, take your child to a medical professional.

If you will keep on making repeated attempts on your own, then there is a chance that your kid’s eye may get infected.

Approaches to Avoid While Removing a Stuck Eyelash

There is plenty of a number of approaches that you have to avoid while securely removing a stuck eyelash from your eye.

Below you can see those needed and required details. If you see and spot that lash is floating on your eye, then you do not have to get panic.

Simple stay calm as much as you can and you do not have to become crazy enough!

Staying patient is one of the best tips and strategies that you can opt for:

Most noteworthy, you should not remove and take out a trapped eyelash if there are contact lenses still present on your eyes.

It is always suggested to first take off your lenses. And then do this job.

Your jammed eyelash removal job will become messy and full of hassle if there are lenses on your eyes.

Avoid touching your eyes if your hands are not cleaned properly. Firstly, wash your hands. Clean and sanitize them properly.

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If your hands are already filled with dust and debris and you are on your job to take out stuck lash, then you will get zero results.

And more irritation feel will be given to you.

Furthermore, you should not use tweezers for this job. Do not bring any kind of sharp object near to your eye.

It is just a single and lightweight lash hair. For the reason that there is no need to take help from a sharp object and tweezers.

Follow the above-written guidelines and we are sure that you are going to be successful.

Avoid operating your eyes with any of the sensitive equipment. This will come out to be a failed attempt on your side.

As we have already told you, follow home-remedies. Eyes are the sensitive part of your body so do not harm or damage them by using any sensitive equipment and sharp objects.

You should not ever and ever ignore the presence of stuck eyelash. If it is there on your eyes, then do every single effort and make all possible attempts to get rid of it.

It will not go on its own, so follow the remedies to take it out from your eye in less time.


So, what’s the bottom line? All of these are easy ways that help you in taking out and removing stuck eyelash from your eyes.

You can follow any of these remedies. If you follow some other method while removing a caught eyelash, then share that with us.

No doubt, it is a common condition and situation when lashes stuck there in your eyes.

Though it is a painful condition it is pretty much common as well. You can deal with this situation by sitting at your home.

And if the situation gets out of control, then you can see a doctor. In addition, before you touch your eyes for whatsoever job, you have to wash your hands.

And do not take out a stuck eyelash by using a sharp object as we have already mentioned to you, this includes tweezers.

For the worst scenarios, you can get in touch with an expert and professional ophthalmologist.

Or you can even get a solid and effective piece of advice from a professional optometrist.

It is by seeking their professional service that eyelash stuck into your eyes will be safely and securely removed.

Or if you find your eyes often irritated and immersed in a lot of pain, then go for a regular checkup and keep on taking suggestions from an expert eye specialist.

Do follow the above suggestions and take out this stray eyelash right from your eye that is making you extremely uncomfortable as well as giving you a painful experience.