Eyelash Growth Tips: 7 Ways to Help Your Lashes Grow

On the hunt for eyelash growth tips that actually work? Join the club. After all, lashes matter.

They say eyes are the windows to your soul – but what are windows without some gorgeous window dressing? Long, luscious eyelashes do more for your eyes than anything else ever will and the first step to growing these longer, thicker lashes is maintenance.

Sure, daily maintenance can be a tad boring, but the fact of the matter is that the way you treat your eyelashes on a daily basis plays a huge part in how healthy your lashes are and how thick and long you’ll be able to grow them.

So taking care of your gorgeous fringes are the first part of the puzzle in growing longer lashes: to help you do so, here are 7 simple, lash-saving tips to help you protect your lovely lashes and promote maximum eyelash growth!

Eyelash Growth Tips #1. Skip the Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara has its merits – but eyelash health is not one of them. Waterproof mascaras are known for their tendency to dry out lashes and they’re notorious for being difficult to remove.

I know every time I’ve worn waterproof mascara, I’ve had to rub my eyes more than I like to in order to get the stuff off my lashes. And every single time, I end up losing lashes in the process.

Ultimately, waterproof mascara just is not worth the damage and lash loss it causes. Skip this stuff – your lashes will thank you for it.

In fact, I’d go so far as to recommend that you drop your regular old mascara and spring for a lash-conditioning, lash growth mascara instead. After all, why would you settle for a mascara that only makes your lashes look amazing while you wear it?

Oh, and when you do remove your eye makeup – be sure to choose a gentle eye makeup remover that will get every last trace of mascara and liner off without the use of any harsh, abrasive ingredients that might damage your lash follicles.

My absolute favorite is Almay’s Eye Make-Up Remover – it’s the most gentle eye makeup remover I’ve found that’s also incredibly effective in getting even the most stubborn eye makeup off.

And of course, the fact that it’s already prepared pads make it supremely easy to get your eye makeup off even on your most exhausted days. Just leave it on your bedside table and you’ll never forget to remove your eye makeup again.

And of course – remember that mascara should be removed in a downward motion so your lashes don’t get damaged or break in the process!

Eyelash Growth Tips #2. Give Your Lashes Room to Breathe

We all need a break every once in awhile and your lashes are no exception. If you’re smothering your eyelashes with mascara every single day and then bombarding them with eyelash growth serum as soon as you remove your mascara – your eyelashes really need some fresh air.

Make sure you spend at least a few hours or everyday with bare, naked eyelashes. They can use the room to breathe.

And for those of us with a tendency to fall into bed, mascara and all (it happens) – a great little trick is to keep a stash of eye makeup remover pads on your bedside table.

Almay’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads are my favorite and do a fantastic job, but if you wear very stubborn eye makeup (like waterproof stuff), you might want to spring for Eye Q’s Remover Pads – they have a bit of safflower seed oil that moisturizes while doing a great job of removing even the most stubborn eye makeup.

Eyelash Growth Tips #3. Tug, Don’t Rub

You’ve just applied a beautiful layer of mascara to your lovely lashes when…your eye starts to itch. So what do you do?

Well, if you’re like me – you already know that little trick where instead of rubbing that itch out of your eyes, you simply tug one corner of your eye.

This is a great little trick to use at all times – whether or not you’re wearing mascara. Eyes will always get itchy from time-to-time but the last thing you want to do is to vigorously rub your eyes. Your lash roots are super delicate and can break quite easily and trust me when I say that lashes can take a long time to grow back, especially if they’ve been pulled out at the wrong time in their cycle.

So always, always tug – don’t rub.

Eyelash Growth Tips #4. Toss the Old Mascara

Okay, I admit I’m not always great with this. Recently I found a tube of mascara in my makeup bag that I’d bought almost 2 years ago! Yes, I know, gross and shame on me.

Anyway, mascara is not meant to grow to a ripe old age with you – this stuff actually has a pretty short lifespan, around three to six months.

Using it longer than this increases the risk of germs that can lead to infection and compromises your eyelash health (not to mention your eyes). So toss out that old mascara!

Eyelash Growth Tips #5. Brush Those Lashes

We all know brushing your hair is an important part of growing long, healthy hair…so why would it be any different with lashes?

Occasionally giving your lashes a light brush allows you to distribute natural oils along the length of your lashes while stimulating growth and promoting healthy lashes at the same time.

eyelash growth tips

I recommend using a disposable mascara wand – sans mascara, of course. You could always do this in conjunction with the next tip…

Eyelash Growth Tips #6. Use an Eyelash Conditioner

An eyelash conditioner is especially important if you wear a lot of mascara or have recently subjected your eyelashes to some mistreatment (a mishap with an eyelash curler, got yourself some eyelash extensions using harsh glue, etc.)

Just like you need to condition your hair, your eyelashes need some TLC as well. Especially if they’ve undergone something that might’ve caused lash damage.

You see, the typical eyelash lasts around three months before falling out and it can take two or more months for an eyelash to completely grow back.

Eyelash damage can result in the lash hair being more fragile, thinner, and short when it finally grows in. And if you damage the hair follicle enough, it will stop producing hair altogether. Yes, the result of bad care and follicle damage = no lashes or short and stubby eyelashes.

Make sure you keep your lashes in good condition by using an eyelash conditioner that strengthens and moisturizes your lashes. It’s a simple way to help stop lash breakage and protect your lashes from damage.

Check out my favorite eyelash enhancers or if you’re in the mood for some eyelash growth DIY, you can even make your own homemade eyelash growth serums!

Eyelash Growth Tips #7. Eat a Lash-Healthy Diet

There’s no doubt about it – what we eat influences our skin, our bodies, and even the strength and health of our eyelashes. Eating a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamins does more for promoting eyelash growth and health than anything else you can do.

Be sure to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy long eyelashes by stocking up on nutritious foods like lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt.

If you’re vegetarian (or vegan), get your protein from soy protein powder or hemp protein powder – both are great sources of protein and beneficial for stimulating eyelash growth.

And get yourself some Biotin – it’s hands down one of the most beneficial vitamins for eyelash growth.

Find out more about eating for longer lashes!