Fun Eyelash Facts: 15 Things You Should Know About Your Eyelashes

Nobody reads about eyelash facts as a hobby. So if you’re here, we’re pretty sure that you have a deep, abiding interest in your lashes.

Mainly, growing and pampering them. And whenever you want to accomplish something – like getting amazing eyelashes – the first thing you want to do is learn a little more about it. It’s like G.I. Joe so wisely said:  “Knowing is half the battle.”

That saying applies even when it comes to the question of how to get your eyelashes to grow. You want to know a thing or two about your eyelashes first so that you can know what will most benefit your lashes.

Here are 15 quirky eyelash facts to get you acquainted with your lovely lashes!

Eyelash Facts #1. Only Mammals Have Lashes

You’ve got lovely lashes. Giraffes have ’em. And of course, the expression “Bambi eyes” stems from the gorgeous fringe of lash that deer have. Even my cat has some lashes.

But not all creatures are so fortunate. Only mammals have lashes.

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Eyelash Facts #2. Eyelashes Protect

Isn’t it lovely that every single thing on our face serves some sort of purpose? Eyelashes, of course, are no exception. That fringe of beautiful lash around your eyes aren’t just pretty to look – they serve the all-important function of keeping dust and other micro-organisms out of your eyes!

Another great reason to be good to your lashes – they have a super important job 🙂

Eyelash Facts #3. How Many Have You Got?

Eyelashes are living proof of the power of numbers. I mean, an eyelash is just one hair. One teeny, tiny hair. A few die in the line of duty every day and we hardly ever notice…but as a whole collection of eyelashes, they form a beautiful line of emphasis and protection around your peepers.

So how many eyelashes have gathered together to line your beautiful eyes? Your upper lid has around 200 lashes and your lower lid has around 100! That’s a lot of lashes…

Eyelash Fact #4. Embryos Have Lashes, Too

To be honest with you, it sort of creeps me out to imagine little embryos with thick eyelashes, but hey – ’tis nature.

The human embryo actually begins developing eyelashes between the 7th to 8th week of pregnancy!

Eyelash Facts #5. Eyelashes Last Longer Than Hair

The average life cycle for an eyelash can be up to 200 days! That might not seem like an awful long time until you remember that the typical hair on your scalp only averages around 135 days.

Eyelash Facts #6. Eyelashes Die and Rise Again

Turns out our eyelashes are a lot like the phoenix, that mythical bird of regeneration. The eyelash growth cycle consists of a few phases, during which they grow, fall out, and then grow back again.

It typically takes an eyelash around 45 days to grow, which is why it typically takes over a month for you to see results with eyelash growth products. Once the lashes are done growing, they tend to stick around for around 120 more days and then they fall out and the whole process begins again.

Note: It normally takes around 8 weeks to replace an eyelash that was pulled out!

Eyelash Facts #7. You Have Mites on Your Lashes

There lives a little mite by the unenviable name of demodex folliculorum. Where does it live? Right at the root of your eyelashes, of course!

These little buggers bury themselves beside the hair shaft and into the follicle, but don’t worry – they typically don’t do any harm…as long as you don’t have too many of them.

Once they pile up in numbers, they can increase the likelihood of your eyelashes falling out! Yet another good reason to make sure you remove your eye makeup every night…

Of course, you can also make your own homemade eyelash growth serum that has antifungal and antibiotic benefits!

Eyelash Facts #8. Eyelashes Have Glands

Weird, but true – eyelashes have their very own glands. They’re called Moll and Zeis and they release substances that keep your eyes from drying up and even help to prevent bacterial growth!

Plus, they have some pretty cool names.

Eyelash Facts #9. The Eyelash Craze Has Its Roots in Ancient History

We’re lucky these days. If you want longer, thicker lashes – you have so many options! There are eyelash growth products, eyelash extensions, and of course, good ole’ mascara…but beautiful, long, thick lashes are something women have hungered after for centuries.

A long fringe of eyelashes has always been equated with softness, beauty, and femininity and it turns out that women living in ancient times were just as eager to get some!

But back then, they didn’t have it as easy as we do.

There are records dating back to 4,000 BC that refer to kohl being used to darken and lengthen eyelashes. To keep the kohl from running, it was mixed with the likes of charcoal, soot, honey, water, and even crocodile stool!

How lucky do you feel about not having to wear crocodile poo on your eyes?

Eyelash Facts #10. The First Commercial Mascara…

Women have been making homemade mascara since ancient Egypt. Rumor has it that women in the Victorian era took to experimenting with making their own mascara by mixing ashes with elderberry over hot fires!

But it wasn’t until 1917 that Eugene Rimmel, the founder of Maybelline Cosmetics, created the very first commercially-sold mascara: a simple blend of petroleum and black coal dust.

And now, we even have mascara that makes your eyelashes grow. We’re truly blessed.

Eyelash Facts #11. The Longest Eyelash in History

You probably want to know how to make your lashes longer…but how would you feel about lashes that grow a few inches?

The longest recorded eyelash ever was 6.4 centimeters, or 2.52 inches long. That is actually pretty freakishly long…I love long, thick, luscious lashes, but I don’t think I’d like a fringe of lashes that are all over 2 inches long.

I mean, how would you even see? And wouldn’t your eyelids be heavy? OMG – and can you imagine the snow that would pile on top of it??

Eyelash Facts #12. An Eyelash Myth De-Bunked

Cutting your eyelashes does not help you grow longer lashes. All it does is give you shorter lashes…until those cut lashes finally fall out and re-grow into new ones.

This is one of the silliest and most misguided eyelash myths.

So don’t cut your eyelashes – you’ll just end up with a stubby fringe until they complete their growth cycle, fall off and new lashes grow back.

Eyelash Facts #13. Eyelashes Like Food, Too

There’s no doubt about it – what you eat matters, even for your eyelashes!

Vitamins and nutrients can contribute toward hair, and eyelash, health and growth.Want to know which foods are the most beneficial for your eyelashes?

Eyelash Fact #14. Eyelashes Can Get Damaged

You already know that if you abuse your hair too much, it can get damaged. But did you know that the same is true for your lashes?

If you damage your eyelash hair follicle by smothering it with makeup and mascara (and not removing these properly) and harsh glue from fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions, it will make the eyelash hair more fragile, thinner and shorter when it grows in.

And if you damage that follicle enough…it will stop producing hair altogether.

You obviously don’t want that – here are some eyelash growth tips to abide by to prevent this from ever happening to your lashes!

Eyelash Facts #15. Eyelashes Have a Limit

Unlike the hair on our head – which can grow seemingly endlessly – eyelashes have a set limit that differs from person to person.

The only way to extend the length and expand the fullness of your eyelashes is to use eyelash growth products that work. Check out the best ones here!

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