How Do Eyelash Extensions Work: Tips You Need To Know Before Heading To The Salon

Who does not want big and luscious eyelashes? They are so damn attractive and enhance the look of your eyes very beautifully.

There was a time when women were curious to use the best mascara that will give a good volume to their eyes and maybe they still are!

But with the period of time and changes in everything, it’s so easy to get big lashes without mascara with the help of eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension or falsies is a very easy alternative to give the perfect look to your eyes within no time.

Women are now more into these as they are super easy to use and apply.

Here in this article, we will discuss all the important aspects of eyelash extensions in detail.

In this guide we have,

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

This is a common fear in every next woman who uses eyelashes extension whether it causes any damage or ruins your natural lashes?

Well, the answer is NO. Because if applied properly and accurately they are safe to use and keep your natural lashes healthy.

Make sure to apply it carefully not on each individual lash then they won’t disappoint you!

What do I need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions?

It is necessary to know a few things before applying them so that you don’t have to face an uncertain situation.

Better safe and sound! Here are a few things you should take into account before applying,

They are Customizable 

Yes, you heard it right! They can easily be customised according to your needs.

There are different lengths and curls with different diameters of an eyelash extension. This helps in getting different looks very easily.

The most popular of all is the cat-eye in which the longest length is at the outer corner. You can also try a round or open look in which the longest length is in the middle.

They are Temporary

You can either go to the salon for professional removal or you can let them fall off naturally when it comes to removing your eyelashes.

However, you should keep this in mind that you should never try to pull them off forcefully. One thing you can not do is to cut them out yourself because at the same time you’ll pull your real eyelashes.

Apply some cocoa oil to loosen the glue if you want to speed the removal process yourself. mAfter lashes are removed,

We like to treat them by rubbing a little beaver oil every night, helping them grow and restore themselves.

Maintaining them Is Very Easy

Maintaining them is not a big deal. You just have to fill them in every 2.5-3 weeks.

If you want them to last for a longer duration then avoid rubbing or touching your eyes frequently. Moreover, don’t forget to brush them a couple of times with the help of a spoolie brush.

Don’t Fear to Get them Wet

Girls who are water children don’t be afraid to do what you love with these falsies.

You just have to wait for the recommended time to set them so that you don’t get affected while swimming or while taking a shower. Mostly it is recommended to wait for about 12-24 hours before getting them wet.

You Can Apply Makeup

The best part of extensions is that you can claim your mascara and eyelash curler and cut back on your makeup routine.

Go ahead right and rock your look if you want a winged eyeliner for smokey eyes. Only ensure that you use something free of oil to extract it.

Go for the Natural Look at First

It is best practice to look natural for the first appearance if you don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian.

More drama can always be introduced later.

They Will Not Ruin Your Natural Lashes

As mentioned earlier that they will not ruin your natural eyelashes if applied properly. The main thing about eyelash extension is the application method!

If applied in a proper manner they won’t break or pull off your natural eyelashes. Make sure to apply it carefully not on each individual lash then they won’t disappoint you!

Make Sure to Arrive Before the Time Given to You

Here arises a question why? This will help you in getting the answers to your queries if you are applying them for the first time.

You can clear all your doubts from the concerned artist.

The First Attempt will be done within 90-120 Mins

First is always special and takes a longer duration than rest.

When it’s your first time with the eyelash extension than during the process your eyes will be closed until the end and the duration can last up to 90120 mins.

Enjoy your fist sitting with a quick midday nap!

Knowing The Risk:

There is always a chance that your skin reacts badly to products being used with any kind of beauty-related treatment.

The risk is significantly higher with eye extensions since your eyes are very susceptible. Therefore, you need to do your research and review your appointment before you book.

With regard to specific products, the lash artist uses formaldehyde, which is present in some lash glues, is often the reason for irritation.

This is not used in most American glues, however, so ask where the glue comes from when you book your appointment 

Don’t Forget to Research:

Hereby researching means that there are several salons near you and lash boutiques that are selling lash extensions so make sure that you don’t get fooled by any of them because culprits are everywhere.

How do You Shower with Eyelash Extensions?

We have said this earlier that you can make them wet if required like if you want to take a shower.

In addition to this, there are some people who avoid taking showers on the day they get their lashes done unless it is very necessary.

After the first few days, they get their lashes wet. Then after a few days, you can get them wet and take a shower without any worry.

Applying shampoo on them and washing them is a good choice. High water pressure can damage the glue very easily so be careful with this.

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

No, they don’t hurt you if applied safely. Each lash is put intricately on top of the natural lashes one at a time.

Thus, the application is ultimately flawless. If your eyelash extensions hurt, this might mean you get too long.

Why are these Extensions Getting Popular in Women?

There can be various reasons for this as they not just enhance the look of an eye but give the perfect look to every makeup look!

They want to speed up their makeup routine or when they are getting married they think about getting the luscious lashes.

Women are fond of big lashes not from now but from decades but the only difference is that first they go for fake lashes now they tend to get the lashes treatment which gives them a more natural look than falsies.

Now they avoid fake lashes and getting more involved in getting the eyelash extensions.

But another thing is that no matter how beautiful you look but the glue applied in this process can damage the eyelids very easily if it is there for a longer duration.

Moreover, it is very necessary to maintain the lashes if you want them to last long.

Many women maintain their lashes very well and on the other hand, many women face problems with respect to this because they have less knowledge about the treatment. 

Important Facts about the Eyelash Treatment:

There are a few things which you should be knowing about the eyelash treatment and that are good to know.

Below we have mentioned a few facts about eyelash treatment,

  • The treatment takes about one and a half hours or sometimes two depending upon the number of lashes.
  • For better results, we suggest you visit the salon 2-3times in a week to refill the eyelashes.
  • It’s good if you take some touch up sessions suggested by the salon experts. They are costly but worth it!
  • Eyelash extensions are made up of silk fibers that are glued on every individual natural lash. They are normally inserted with the aid of forceps on the upper eyelid.
  • The growth cycle of these extensions lasts for 4-6 weeks and after that, they also started to fall out along with natural lashes.
  • The best ones are synthetic mink as they are lightweight among all of them and the best part they do not break the natural lashes. Then there are real mink lashes which are also very popular but expensive too so most of the women go for synthetic ones.
  • Make sure that the glue you use for this purpose does not contain any formaldehyde chemical if you are allergic to this chemical because then it can easily cause your eyes redness and irritation by the side of eyelids. So make sure to ask this question before getting the adhesive.

Complications In the Eyelash Extensions:

Everything has its own consequences and so does eyelash extensions!

Below we have mentioned some of the potential complications that occur by eyelash extensions,

  • When these extensions are removed it can damage the hair follicles which are the connective tissues which surround the root a hair and which can either slow down or stop the growth of your lash hairs.
  •  Eyelid length is also not capable of imitating eyelids normally. The dry eyes are caused by the inability to shield the front eye surface. During the process, eyelid oil glands are destroyed.
  • Any tape, glue or solvent used in the process can cause hypersensitivity to the eyelids.
  • In case the salon is not hygienic from where you’re getting the eyelash extensions or the lashes are not cleaned then it can result in pink eyes. Moreover, it can also cause redness to the margin near eyelids. Not just that it can also cause severe pain in the eyes, swelling in the eyelids and blurry vision etc.

Common Types of Eyelash Extensions:

There are three common types of eyelash extensions which vary on the basis of size.

  • Silk
  • Mink
  • Synthetic

It is available in 6mm to 17mm which is applied with the help of specially formulated semi-permanent glue that will irritate your eyes or damage natural lashes.

But people with allergic issues are recommended to apply the glue that won’t cause any irritation to them as there are various glues depending upon the sensitivity.

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Duration to Applying for Eyelash Extensions:

It takes about two hours to cover the whole collection of lashes, and it is possible to wear them year-round with modification every three to four weeks.

A half set of lashes is an economical alternative to achieve an equally dramatic effect, used as a filler for thickening natural lashes or applied externally to a specialized look from the eye.

It depends upon the natural lashes and the type of lashes you want. Experts of the lash will only go for any length or thickness.

For starters, whether your normal lashes are on the shorter, smaller side, you can not have a wild, dramatic glance at Kim Kardashian, so it won’t last.

This is to ensure your own lashes are healthy. If you are not confident, or it’s your first time, it is best to start with a half set of 50 to 60 percent of your top lashes.

The addition of lashes is easier as compared to removing them. 

Can the Glue of Eyelash Extension Make You Blind?

This is a very common question that arises in every next woman.

As the eyes are shut during the whole procedure to avoid irritation to your eyes so it is necessary to check up on the glue before the application is used in the process.

That is safe enough for your eyes and does not contain any toxic chemical just like formaldehyde. 

Moreover, it is also necessary to understand the difference between the infection and an allergic reaction.

A licensed and experienced lash technician won’t allow an infection, but you’re still going to be allergic to glue if you are allergic that doesn’t mean that glue is harmful.

As for blindness, then it won’t happen if your technician is well trained and knows how to properly apply lashes.

The worse scenario in this could be that you have to run to an eye doctor for specific eye drops to treat any allergic reaction.


Having said that, the guide to eyelash extensions came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you of all the important aspects and bring the best alternatives to you.

For any query, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback!