The Best Eye Lightening Drops Review in 2021

The eye lightening drops are basically the one that can lighten the color of your eyes and is becoming a new trend or progression in beauty technology. 

This product helps several people get their desired color of eyes, which they want without any difficulties. 

These eye drops provide you with the best results so far by permanently removing the melanin in the eyes, which causes the eyes’ dark color. 

Your eye color will start to get lighten once the production of melanin in your eyes is stopped. 

It is also a great fact that the result of these eye lightening drops are permanent so that you don’t need to use this product for the rest of your life. 

You can stop using these drops when your eye color is lightened, according to you. 

These drops can’t change your eye color completely but can provide you with a lighter shade of eyes, which can still make a big difference. 

Many people think that these eye lightening drops can provide you with a lighter shade color of eyes, but in reality, they enhance your inner color of eyes, hidden under the dark tones of your eyes. 

Best Eye Lightening Drops Reviewed:Eye Lightening Drops

Many eye-lightening products are used by several people widely but can’t be trusted blindly.

The best and most trusted eye lighteners include

  • Eyebright Drops – Wisdom of The Ages
  • LUMIFY Eye Drops
  • iCloud Amber Color Changing Eye Balm
  • Collyer Bleu Eye Drops

4- Collyre Bleu Eye Drops

Collyre Bleu Eye Drops

Collyer bleu eye lightening drops are widely known for its great usage and its effective results. 

They provide your eyes with a very cool and fresh feeling so you won’t regret buying this product for sure.

These drops help reduce the accentuation of one’s eyes’ natural radiance to provide them with a bright/glow in their eyes. 

Collyer drops contain some special ingredients, namely Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Sweet Clover, ElderBerry, and Blueberry.

All of the ingredients present in these drops are  Phenoxyethanol and paraben-free, so they provide one’s eye with cooling or soothing effects. 

These drops also help in providing your eyes with rejuvenating and brightening colors.

Collyer bleu drops come in a bottle, which keeps them fresh for a long period of time. 

These drops do not only provide you with a bright iris, but they can brighten up your whole eye with ease.

It provides the whole of your eye with a great and bright appearance and is a way too useful product. 

They are pretty much easy to use drops and can not be a problem even if used on sensitive eyes.

These drops can provide your eyes with a great and bright look that enhances your eyes’ real color, which is hidden under your eyes. 

They can provide you with bright eyes within a short period of time, and they also provide your eyes in case of irritation.

3- iColour Amber Color Changing Eye Balm

iColour Amber Color Changing Eye Balm

iColour Amber Color Changing Eye balm is the same eye drop as others but provides you with a greater effect and is a great option to select to light your iris’ color. 

This balm can naturally lighten your eyes’ color with ease as they are made of such a great formula.

With this eye color changer, you will get the desired color of your eyes within a short amount of time. 

This eye balm reduces or stops the production of melanin in your eyes, which causes your eyes’ dark color so you can easily get the eye color you want with ease. 

With the help of this eye balm, the enzymes which produce melanin are completely blocked, so your eye color is lightened without any difficulty. 

This eye balm can be effective for all types of eyes and colors so that if they are used for a longer period of time, they can help your eyes from light sensitivity. 

You are not needed to use these drops for the rest of your life as once you have reached your desired shade of eyes, you can use it without any difficulty, and the color won’t change again back to normal. 

They are to be applied directly to your eyes so that it will affect more and faster so you will get your desired color of eyes within a short period of time. 

If you use them properly, you will surely feel the difference as it will start to affect your eyes within a few weeks, but the proper shade will be achieved after the usage of at least a month. 

Such eye balms are far too reliable and effective so that one can easily use it without any difficulty as they are delighted with the results. 

You can also track the changes in the color of your eyes within a short period of time. 

These particular eye balms provide you with amber color and can easily bring your out’s natural eye color without any difficulty. 

It is also important for one to follow the guidelines for applying it; otherwise, it will become a big problem.

2- LUMIFY Eye drops

LUMIFY Eye drops

LUMIFY eye drops are way too much easy to use drops but are not basically the normal color-changing drops, but they serve the purpose, which is the same as others. 

These drops relieve you from the redness and reduce it to reveal your eye’s natural color.

These drops can provide you with the results within minutes, and its effect lasts more than 8 hours, which is quite promising. 

Lumify contains brimonidine, which targets and reduces the redness of one’s eyes with ease, but you are needed to use this product according to the given directions. 

This product is completely free of dyes or bleaches and is completely safe to use as FDA has approved this product. 

Several top doctors recommend it as it brightens your eyes and provides you with the relief of redness in your eyes. 

1- Eyebright Drops

Eyebright Drops

Eyebright Drops are so far the best eye brightening drops and are listed as the top products. 

These drops provide you with the best formula that is not only able to provide you with bright eyes but is also able to provide your eyes with moisturizing and soothing effects. 

These drops include Organic Eyebright Extract & MSM mixed with the solution of purified sea salt. 

Such drops consist of many compounds that result in the reduction of redness of one’s eyes and brighten them to enhance the person’s eyes’ beauty. 

These drops provide one’s eyes a source of natural sulfur so that it lowers the irritation of one’s eyes within no time. 

A limited amount of Natural Grapefruit seed and Apple Cider vinegar are added to it to enhance this formula’s effects, which contains several natural benefits. 

As mentioned earlier, all of the ingredients come up to provide one with the best eye brightening results so far and provide you with a very different look than before.

How to Choose the Best Eye Lightening Drops?Best Eye Lightening Drops

Safety of Your Eyes:

As you are looking for the best eye lightening drops, you must check if these products are safe for your eyes or not.

Most of these products are very safe for individuals, but somehow some of these products may affect your eyes, so you should check them first.

These products are to be applied in a susceptible part of your body, so you should always first take safety measures. 

Color Effects:

If you want the best product, you should check the color effects as if the color starts to fade away within some time, not to be an original one.

As most of the products provide you with permanent light color of your eyes, and it won’t fade away or come back to its original color.

The product that is not offering you the permanent results will surely mention it first to be aware of what you are buying. 

FDA Approved:

One should always check that the FDA approves the product or not because it is a susceptible part of your body.

If the FDA does not approve of these products, there is a risk of getting your eyes infected.

As you know, some of these products contain dyes that can infect your eyes, so that is why the FDA’s approval is necessary.


You should check whether such products are compatible with all types of eyes or not.

Some of these products might affect sensitive eyes, which will not result in good soi you should always check it before.

The product will be considered as good if it is compatible with many eye types.

How Do Lightening Eye Drops Work?Lightening Eye Drops Work

Lightening drops are very easy to use and are very easy to use, so they will provide you with the results if used regularly. 

These drops can break down and flush the melanin out, including the pigmentation of the eyes, because your eye color is darkened. 

The eye lightening drops are greatly reliable as they use to lighten your eyes’ color with complete safety. 

They are also used to lower the production of Tyrosinase which is greatly responsible for your eyes’ darker color. 

Are Eye Lightening Drops Permanent?Lightening Drops Permanent

Yes, the results of these eye lightening drops are completely safe as your eye color won’t turn back to its normal state and will remain light. 

They are not like the contact lenses used to color your eyes for some time but are remarkably effective. 

These eye lightening drops are used to remove the pigmentation of eyes, and you will get your desired light color of eyes. 

Such products provide you with full control of what color of eyes you want to remain. 

They allow you to get your desired eye color so that you can stop using these products once you get your desired eye color. 

Once you stop using these products, your desired eye color, which you have got, will remain the same. 

Your eye color will stay the same for your whole life, and you won’t be able to get back your original eye color ever again.

Other Ways To Change Eye Color:

There are many options for changing the eye color of a person, but if you want to change the eye color of a person’s eye without using the drops, you can also do it. 

You can also use honey to change the color of your eyes without any difficulty. 

Honey is an easy to avail option as it is widely known for its great bleaching properties. 

It is also a belief that honey is a great option for changing the color of one’s eye. 

If you mix sterile water with honey, this solution can lighten the color of your iris naturally. 

This honey solution is not considered a safer choice as you are using it for your eyes because it contains microorganisms. 

However, the particular eye drops are considered a safer choice because they are particularly created to serve this purpose. 


In the end, I Would like to tell you that we have discussed all the products of eye lightening drops and the most common questions about them. 

If you want to know more about these products or the questions related to them so just read the full description. 

If you will read this article carefully then all of your doubts will be cleared for sure and everything will be cleared for sure.