Latisse vs Lilash: An In-Depth Comparison

Eyelashes are an important part of any woman’s face. With the right mascara and lash curler, any woman can slay a look. And the addition of false lashes works like magic.

But not everyone prefers false lashes or afford to buy a pair now and then. Also, the struggle to put them on is a real one that only a few can ace.

Want to know more?

So what is the ultimate alternative that saves time and won’t cause a hassle? Yes, that is right, the FDA approves treatments to boost the thickness and length of your lashes.

Though there are several options available that promise lasting results. These treatments are for all those who have short, sparse eyelashes.

Currently, the most popular lash treatments are Latisse, Lilash, Lash Boost, neuLash, etc. Each of these promises prominent results in minimal time.

Below we have jotted down a brief comparison of Latisse vs Lilash. Both of these are the hot-sellers in the market and are known to prompt lash growth. So from the ease of use to safety and cost, we covered it all for you.

Today we will take a detailed look at Latisse vs Lilash

So let’s get started!

The Role of the Eyelashes:Eyelashes

 It is the eyelashes that are super sensitive and warn us against any danger. You may notice how vigorously weblink if something is close to our eyes. 

The sole purpose of lashes is not to only enhance beauty. But also they protect our eyes from getting hurt by tiny particles. 

Women love to play around with new looks and experiment with makeup. Eyelashes being the prominent feature of the face play a vital role in their lives.

But not every woman is lucky or blessed with those luscious, thick, fuller lashes. Some of us have pretty small, weak lashes that keep falling off.

Even mascara or lash curlers can’t do any good if the lashes are thin in the first place. So we need a reliable option that helps to improve the growth rate.

What is Latisse?Latisse

The only FDA approved treatment out there is Latisse. It works to grow thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes. The active ingredient bimatoprost is what works like a wonder.

Backed up by various studies that confirm its benefits. This active ingredient has real, measurable results in lash growth. Due to Bimatoprost, the eyelashes tend to stay in the growth/anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.

This Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution has done wonders for many women. The core ingredient was first used for treating glaucoma but brought a side effect. Yes, you heard it right! The active ingredient boosted the growth of eyelashes.

So with the proper use, you will witness thicker and darker lashes and too naturally. Instead of spending money on lash lifts or buying false lashes. Getting Latisse is a far more reliable option with tested and proven results.

What is Lilash?Lilash

Lilash Purified Stimulator is also the creation of LiBrow’s makers. This is a tested eye-lash boosting product that helps your lash grow and appear fuller.

The packing comes in a tube and you use it pretty much like a liquid eyeliner. It dries within a minute or two and is clear in color. In this Latisse vs Lilash comparison, the latter has conditioning agents.

The ingredients include botanical extracts like Lupinus Albus and Prunus Amygdalus. These work to enhance the growth of lashes and strengthen them.

The Lupinus Albus is a white Lupine that controls the hair cycle of the eyelashes. It balances the hormones and reactivates microcirculation. Also, it stimulates the metabolism of cells so the hair cycle is under control.

As for Prunus Amygdalus, taken from the sweet almost, it is a glycopeptide. It helps with restructuring the hair fibers naturally. Along with this, it also conditions the eyelashes.

What You Should Know About Latisse?

The reason why Latisse is so popular is that it boosts the growth.

Unlike various other products and growth serums, it is a real medication. It has been under several tests and scientific studies.

  • According to researchers in clinical trials, it was found that 79% of users got results. These people experience prominent eyelash growth measures by the GEA scale. And that too after using it for 20 weeks.
  • Back in 2010, a scientific study was held by researchers treated participants. They used 2 solutions; one with saline and another with Bimatoprost. The latter resulted in an average of 2mm growth and saline only boosted 1.1 mm.

Is It Easy to Use?

If you think the use of Latisse involves any hard and fast rules, that’s not the case. Instead, this medication comes with s sealed pack of sterile applicators.

The application is quite simple, you need to apply 1 drop of Latisse on the brush. Next, apply the medication to your upper eyelid first and dispose of the applicator.

For the other eyelid, you must use a new applicator and repeat the process. Once you are all done, keep it in a safe place or medicine cabinet.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can’t just go and buy Latisse, it requires a prescription first. It means that you must talk to your doctor and only then you can but it.

As for the packing, it comes in 2 different sizes. Either you can buy the small 3ml bottle that would last a month. Or you can opt for the larger 5ml bottle that lasts 10 weeks.

The small bottle would cost you $110 whereas the larger one comes for $159. These bottles come along with a set of sterile applicators that would last as long as the bottle. So you won’t have to go around purchasing extra applicators.

Is It Safe?

The main concern we all have is whether Latisse is a safe option or not. But you let down your guards and trust this medication as it is safe. And don’t forget Latisse is the only FDA approved treatment.

Also, this medication went under several testing and experiments. Though it may have some side effects like usual medications. Yet these are rare to occur and are uncommon ones. These side effects only affect a small percentage of users.

What You Should Know About Lilash?Lilash

These are some of the important things that you should know about Lilash.

It is something that can help you in remarkable ways while choosing the right item for yourself. 

Is It Easy to Use?

To achieve the best, desirable results, you need to use it for at least 5-10 weeks. Apply it once a day and it promises to bring out the desirable results.

It guarantees results in only 8 weeks with consistent use. Even some users claimed to have seen results in only 3-4 weeks. Once you get the required length, you can still use it 2-3 times a day. This will help to maintain the results for a longer span.

How Much Does it Cost?

Unlike Latisse, this one does not require any sort of prescription. So you can simply place an order online and get it within days. The product would cost you around $139.97 along with a money-back guarantee. Yippee!

Is It Safe?

Due to the presence of the botanical extracts, it is a safe option. These work to nourish the eyelashes enhances growth without any delays. Lilash is the only eyelash regrowth solution free from salt. So the chances of damage or even irritation are far lesser.

Which is Better?

If you want to achieve fast results then opt for Lilash because Latisse takes more time. But the latter is far more affordable compared to the former.

Then another important factor is the ingredients. Latisse doesn’t have any botanical extracts like Lilash. This makes Lilash a reliable option with minimal chances of side effects.

Lilash can be easily bought off online but Latisse requires a prescription beforehand. Both of these solutions are clinically tested and went under various studies.

If we take a look at the side effects then both have a few ones. Even though the side effects are uncommon but they exist.

In the case of Latisse, itching, redness, and change of eye color are possible. Whereas with Lilash, people with chlorphenesin may suffer from dizziness/drowsiness.

These are safer, reliable, and effective options in the market. Though there are many other serums, products, solutions available. Yet these are true to the claims they made.

But Latisse seems to be the winner here with the major points in its favor. From price to being FDA approved, it is the best choice one can make. Though the packing may not last as long as Lilash yet it surely works like magic.

Wapping It All Up!!!

Latisse vs Lilash battle can go on for longer. But the deal is to determine which a better one is. Now, this completely depends on the users and their requirements.

Though we have tried to cover all the major aspects relevant to the topic. In case, you have further queries about the Latisse vs Lilash comparison. Feel free to contact us and get your doubts cleared up.


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