Eyelash Perm vs Eyelash Lift: Complete Comparison 2024

Eyelash perm and eyelash lift both are cosmetic treatments of eyelashes. If you want to give your eyelashes a whole new look then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, all the small details about the eyelash perm and eyelash lift are given.

Because of the perming and lifting process, you do not need to use mascara to make your eyelashes thick and long.

Also, if you use an eyelash extension then the perming process is here to remove the lash extension from your daily makeup routine.

Want to know more?

Moreover, you do not need to carry an eyelash curler for your eyelashes. Because with the help of the perming process. This article gives you all the necessary information about eyelash perm vs eyelash lift.

So do not worry if you hear these words for the first time or do not know much about them. 

Without wasting time, let’s jump into eyelash perm introduction.

What is an Eyelash Perm?Eyelash Perm

Eyelash perm is a cosmetic procedure that straightens the eyelashes. There are two more names of eyelash perm such as permanent relaxer, and eyelash permanent wave. Only licensed cosmetologists are allowed to do this procedure using hair perming technology.

In this cosmetic procedure, hairs are wind around a rod. The shape of the rod is cylindrical. As a result, eyelashes have become curled for a long time.

Eyelash perm is recommended to those women who have long eyelashes. Because this process will reduce the length and gives a nice curl. Moreover, people with wide eyes should try this.

How It Is Done?

In this process, the perm solution is applied to eyelashes. After that, a neutralizer is used. A nourishing oil is the last step to strengthen and recondition your eyelashes depending upon the system you use. Each product is left for 10 to 15 minutes.

A soft rod of sponge shape placed at the base of the lashes in early times when lash perming was introduced. The lash base is the main place where the eyelashes took a new shape.

But now expert beautician has started using pads of silicone to place on your eyelid. Depending upon eyelash sizes there are different silicon pads available in the market. You can also select how much curl do you want on your eyelashes.

The perm solution gives a more natural curve to eyelashes than the original sponge rod. If you still use the original sponge rod then it gives a less natural curve look and lasts for a short time.

A special adhesive is used to coat the lashes and then a mini foam roller wrapped around it. Moreover, you can use equally heated clips to wrap around eyelashes. These rollers help to achieve the curl that you want on eyelashes.

A perming cream or solution with the help of a small brush apply on eyelashes when you tightly shut your eyes. Then the esthetician covers the roller in a plastic wrap so that the chemical concoction works properly.

Apply the neutralizing solution on eyelashes when the perming chemicals have done their job. You have to sit for a few more minutes when the more plastic wrap is applied.

The perming treatment lasts for eight weeks which is longer than the eyelash extension. As the expiration date pass, eyelash curls start to droop.

Eyelash Perming Process:

In the perming process, glue is used to stick your eyes with a sponge rod. Then a perming solution is applied to the eyelashes and left for 15 minutes so that the solution sets perfectly.

After the time is over, a neutralizer is applied on the lashes for almost 10 to 15 minutes.

The last step of this process is to apply a nourishing oil. It helps to remove the glue that is used to place the lashes on the sponge rod.

When the rod is removed, apply 2 to 3 drops of oil to clean your lashes to make sure there is no glue left. This procedure takes almost 30 to 45 minutes to give you natural curly eyelashes.

Eyelash perm not just makes your eyelashes curly but also produces a shine and makes them soft. Moreover, it makes your lashes thicker.

How Much It Costs?

The complete process of Eyelash perm takes almost 45 minutes and costs between a range of $25 to $70.

An Alternative of Eyelash Perm:Eyelash Perm

A plastic instrument like a lash curler can also be used to perform perm lashes. This is an easy process and takes a very short time. You place this instrument at the lash base.

Then pinches it in an upward direction and that’s it, the process is done. You get the curly eyelashes in just a few seconds.

What to Expect?

Here are the following things that you should expect from the eyelash perming process:

  1. On your upper eyelids, glue is applied with the help of a brush. The glue helps to place your lashes on the sponge rod and protect your skin from the perm solution.
  2. Against your lash line, a sponge rod is a place. This is the exact position between your lashes and upper lid so that the rod will not touch your skin.
  3. While the perm solution is applied to your lashes, you are asked to close your eyes. So that solution will not enter into your eyes and can be easily applied with the help of a brush to all hairs.
  4. For about 15 minutes, your eyelashes and roller are covered in a plastic wrap. So that solution can easily break down the disulfide bond in your lashes.
  5. Your lashes are brushed with a tiny comb around the rod to make sure that you get a beautiful curl after applying an activating solution. Your broken disulfide bonds are rebuild and locks in your curl with the help of this solution.
  6. When your eyes are covered in a plastic wrap you have to wait for another 15 minutes.
  7. When both the solutions complete their work remove them with oil or cold water.
  8. A conditioner is applied after your lashes are separated with a small comb.

Pros of an Eyelash Perm:

  • The process takes 30 to 45 minutes for completion.
  • The minimum cost of Eyelash perming is $30 that can increase to $75.
  • The result lasts up to 2 to 3 months
  • The whole process is done in a Spa by experts. Also, every product is from the original brand. Moreover, every member of a salon is licensed.
  • The eyelashes will remain soft, shiny, and curly from 4 weeks to at least 3 months.

Cons of an Eyelash Perm:

  • You need to protect your eyelashes from water to keep them dry. It means you can not put on mascara on your eyelashes
  • Use an eyelash conditioner to protect your lashes from becoming dry and hard
  • After the treatment, you can not use an eyelash curler
  • There are more chances that your eyelashes will fall out

What is an Eyelash Lift?Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lift is also a cosmetic process that is used to lift your lashes from the base. Only expert and licensed beauticians are allowed to do this treatment.

It uses the same chemical solution that is used in the perming process. Instead of a spongy rod eyelash lift use a more efficient device.

How It Is Done?

The process starts with bushing your lashes upon a curling rod. This curling rod is made up of silicon. There are different curling rods are available in the market that can match the length of your eyelashes. After brushing, apply a perming solution to the eyelash base.

Make sure that the solution is eye-safe and do not irritate the skin. This perming solution helps to break down the hair bond so that it can easily convert into a curl. To restructure a hair into its original place apply a setting solution on lashes.

The last step is to dye your eyelashes. Use a blue-black dye to give a natural look. Apply it with the help of a tiny brush from base to tips.

You have to lye down during the whole process with your eyes closed. A lash tape is used to keep your lower lashes down so that they will not get tangled with upper lashes. It saves from getting into big trouble.

Then to keep your lid up, a pad is used with a gentle adhesive. This pad is made up of silicon and works as a curling rod or a guard for your eyelashes. The length of your eyelashes decides which rod should your technician use.

Only three chemicals are used during the whole process. At the start of the process, a perm lotion is used to keep the bonds of your lashes soft. Then a setting lotion is applied to put lashes on the shape of the shield. This shield is also made up of silicone.

To end the process, a nourishing lotion conditions the lashes to make them soft and silky. Each lotion takes 10 to 15 minutes for marination. It does not sting.

Moreover, if some part of any lotion goes into your eyes it will not affect you. It just irritates for some time.

Pros of an Eyelash Lift:

  • You get a cool mascara look on your eyelashes without the fear of smearing, fallout, or smudging.
  • It makes your eyes open and makes eyelashes longer. Without the use of any eyelash extension, you get along and healthy eyelash.
  • It takes the same time of 45 minutes to complete the process as the perming process takes. But it lasts longer than eyelash perm.
  • You do not need to add mascara to your daily makeup routine. But to make your lashes healthier you can add a layer of mascara.

Cons of an Eyelash Lift:

  • The cost of a lash lift is $175 and a tint is $45. This makes this whole process more costly. 
  • You have to close your eyes during the complete process and it does not hurt. You just might feel uncomfortable sometimes because some people have sensitive eyes. This process is so relaxing that many people fall asleep. 
  • Keep them dry in the first 24 hours after the treatment. 
  • The treatment duration varies according to the type of skin. If you have oily skin then the process takes less time. But if you have dry skin then you need to use nourishing oils to keep your skin soft. 

What’s the Difference?Eyelash Perm vs Eyelash Lift

In a comparison of eyelash perm vs eyelash lift, both use the same chemical solutions.

But some things make them different.

1. Shape:

Lash lift performs double actions. One is to lift the lash and the other is to curl it. With the help of a silicon form, it gently lifts each of the lashes.

It makes eyelashes look more longer. The eyelash lift is available in different sizes. You should select the one according to the length of your lashes.

On the other hand, eyelash perm uses a rod to shape the lashes. The rod is cylindrical. It only gives natural curls to your lashes but does not lift them. Due to this reason, your lashes may look short in eyelash perm vs eyelash lift.

Lash lifting solution is only applicable to the lash roots so that lash health lasts long. It also helps to reduce lash damage.

While in the perming process, the solution is applied all over the lashes with the help of a tiny brush. It increases the chances of more processing that makes your lashes look dry and frizzy in a short time.

The nourishing oil is used at the end of the lash lifting process to add shine and moisture to the lashes.

2. Technique:

Eyelash perm uses a cylindrical rod to curl eyelashes. In this process, eyelashes are wind around a rod so that they become curly and gives a new appearance to the eyes.

On the other hand, the eyelash lift uses a silicone rod to lift the eyelashes from the base to give a natural look. It makes your lashes longer.

3. Lash Types:

For longer lashes, the perming process works best. Because the curling process shortens the lashes’ size and gives a natural look in eyelash perm vs eyelash lift.

While lifting is suitable for every type of lashes. Lash lift makes the eyelashes curly and also lift them. It makes eyelashes longer and gives a natural curl look. By using the lifting process, you do not have to use any eyelash extension.

Safety Factors:

Because chemical solutions are involved in both the processes so there is a little risk in both the eyelash perm vs eyelash lift process.

The first side effect is that chemicals can sting around the eyes and there are high chances that your eyelashes might get damaged. The US FDA approves every treatment for hairs. But not around the eyes yet.

There is a high risk that chemicals might affect your eyes by doing allergic reactions or irritates the skin. You can also get dermatitis.

It is the skin condition in which the skin becomes red and starts to swell. Moreover, it causes blisters when the eyelash lifting solution enters your eyes or fell in the near area.

To avoid all these issues look for an expert that can do these treatments without any mistake and also your skin not get affected in any way. It is a good idea to do a patch test if you are allergic to makeup products or have sensitive skin.

Like many other lash-enhancing treatments Eyelash perming and lifting are not approved by the FDA. If you do not use any makeup product around the eyes then do not go for lifting treatment too quickly.

Take out some time to think about it. We all know that the lips and eyes are the most sensitive areas of the face.

We have to be more careful about these before applying any product. Because every product contains chemicals and any chemical can react to the skin. The reaction can cause many harmful effects like irritation and redness on the skin.

If you do not want these harmful reactions then consult a certified and licensed technician.

Make sure that the technician knows all details about the eyelash perm vs eyelash lift process. So that they use an appropriate amount of products that do not react with your skin.


In a comparison of eyelash perm vs eyelash lift, both processes do an amazing job. Eyelash lift makes your lashes longer and shinier within 30 to 45 minutes. The result lasts longer than 3 months. Also, you need to take less care of lashes.

If you have a busy schedule and do not have time to do self-care then the lifting process is the best option for you. Moreover, you can make eyelashes curly to give your eyes a whole new look with the help of lifting.

With the help of perming, you can make your long lashes curly. It gives your eyes a natural curl look that lasts for 3 months. After the treatment, you do not need to use any curler. This process is affordable due to its price range between $30 to $70.

As both the treatments are risky so make sure that you select a good technician to do your eyelash extension. An eyelash perm vs eyelash lift both processes are is painless. During the treatment, you feel so relaxed that you can even sleep.

It is important to know the difference between eyelash perm vs eyelash lift so that you can select the one according to your requirement.