Boostlash Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Bootlash is a product used to make your eyelash grow bigger, and it claims that it will provide your eyelashes with a bigger length so far. 

The bootlash company claims that using this product twice a day for 30 days will make them grow bigger and thinner, so you won’t regret buying it. 

It is also claimed by bootlash that it won’t cause irritation or even redness because it is made up of plant-based ingredients. 

Does It Really Work? Side Effects, Benefits, Risks:Boostlash

Boostlash Side Effects:

Eye Irritation:

Eye irritation is a common side effect that happens to many people who do not take any precautions while applying them on their lashes. 

As these serums are needed to apply in the lower lashes probably twice a day, there is an increased chance of getting it in your eyes. 

You should be very careful and protect your eyes from these serums getting into your eyes, which will irritate your eyes. 

Swelling of Eyes:

The swelling of the eyes is also one of the most common side effects that happen to the consumer’s as one should also be aware of that. 

These side effects can cause you that you will surely not want as it will not be good for you. 

Some of the consumers got swollen eyes after using this product, so if it starts happening to you, you will be needed to see a doctor immediately. 

Burning Sensation:

This is a side effect that is also faced by some of the consumers after the usage of these products because they weren’t using any precautions before using it. 

One will be facing a burning sensation in the eyes in their eyes and even in their eyelids too after applying them. 

It might be possible that this side effect can cause permanent damage in the eyes, so one must take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

If you ever feel something like it, you are needed to stop using it immediately and see your doctor, which will help you recover from it. 

Eyelashes May Fall Out:

It is also one of the most common side effects that people are facing nowadays as those people faced terrifying results after the implementation of these. 

They faced the problem of falling off their eyelashes so far that is the worst-case scenario and one might not want to have such side effects for sure. 

One is needed to get all the necessary precautions that might come in handy to protect one from getting such side effects for sure. 

It mostly happens from the prolonged use of this serum on your lashes that causes extreme dryness of your eyelashes so far. 

If it starts happening to you then you should probably consider getting proper meditation to protect yourself from getting extended side effects for sure. 

What You Need to Know About Boostlash:Boostlash1

The Cost of Boostlash – Is It Too High?

The price of a 5ml tube of bootlash costs 47.95$, which seems pretty reasonable, so one should use it as it is a bit lower than the other products. 

The major difference between bootlash and the other products is that bootlash should be used two times a day, but the other products instruct the consumer to use it once a day. 

Bootlash provides the consumers with a discount; otherwise, its original price is 59.95$, so some customers will find it a bit high, and they will jump on to the other brands.

Buyer Reviews – Does It Really Even Work?Boostlash2

According to many consumers, this product wasn’t even worth it, and they just wasted their money buying it for sure. 

They claimed that it wasn’t even working a bit for them, and they just spent their 59.95$ on a product that is the same as water, which means NOTHING

This was also a claim that some of the customers used it for months, hoping that it would be a bit helpful, but it wasn’t as it didn’t change a bit, so no result was detected.

The Clinical Tests – Untrue?

The company claimed that it is clinically tested, and this product will not provide one with any side effects, but it is not true at all. 

They said it would neither change one’s iris color nor cause any irritation to the consumers, but the results showed something else. 

It caused people burning sensations, irritation, and swollen eyes, which didn’t even change after discontinuing this product. 

Boostlash Pros and Cons


  • The pros of this product are that they come up with a relatively inexpensive product present in the market right now. 
  • It uses natural ingredients, which is quite perfect, and it comes up with a rate of 47.95$ for the tube of 6ml. 
  • It is basically on sale right now as its regular price is comparatively a bit higher than the present one as it is up for sale. 


  • The only cons it has is that this product is only available online, and one will not be able to try it before buying, and its price is 59.95$
  • One will be needed to apply it twice a day as it will be increasing the growth of the products so far. 
  • There could be some side effects too, which you are needed to take care of properly.  

What’s Better Than Boostlash?What’s Better Than Boostlash

According to most consumers, the best alternative to the bootlash is bioluma until it is trendy among them. 

Bioluma is a greater alternative as it comes up with the best ingredients so far, and it even offers you 60 days of money-back guarantee so far. 

It is a greater choice for the consumers, and it is becoming very famous among all the other brands in the present market of eyelash growth world so far. 

Bioluma has become the editors’ choice because most people are getting-used-to using it, and it is making its way to become the most popular name in the market. 


In the end, we would like to tell you that we have gathered every piece of information about bootlash to clear all the questions in the head. 

If you still have any confusion regarding bootlash, you need to comment below as we would love to respond to your comments.