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Eyelash growth: Focused on showing you how to get longer eyelashes, naturally and as quickly as possible.

best eyelash primer
Eyelash Growth

What Are the Best Eyelash Primers?

On the hunt for the best eyelash primer? Join the club. Since the makeup market exploded a few years ago, we’ve been seeing some new steps and new products being added to regular routines. One of the products that make the biggest difference is primer. They make primers for everything, now: face, eyelids, lips – […]

paraben free mascara
Eyelash Growth

What’s the Best Paraben Free Mascara? Our Top 3 Picks

On the hunt for the best paraben free mascara? Join the club. In recent years, we’ve thankfully become much more aware of what’s in our beauty products. While we don’t have to worry about getting lead poisoning or radiation from our makeup anymore, it doesn’t mean our favorites are completely free of risks, either. One

Eyelash Growth

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut?

Life with lashes can be tough. Maybe you had a mishap with an eyelash curler. Or perhaps you had the not so brilliant idea to cut your eyelashes to promote growth. Either way, many of us wind up in the unfortunate position of wondering…”Do eyelashes grow back if cut?” Or maybe you’re a smartypants and

latisse while pregnant
Eyelash Growth

Can You Use Latisse While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

If you’re a lash lover like us, one of the first questions you have upon finding out you’re pregnant is going to be along the lines of…”Will I still be able to use Latisse while pregnant?” It doesn’t even have to be Latisse – the real question here is whether it’s safe to use a

best foods for longer lashes
Eyelash Growth

9 Best Foods for Longer Lashes (And Healthier Hair)

Eyelashes no doubt fall under the category of underrated facial features that greatly affect the overall look of a person. To some people, they may seem like an afterthought, but to those in the know, even the most subtle of changes in your eyelashes can either make you look dramatic, bold, romantic, natural looking, fierce,

how to get rid of eyelash dandruff
Eyelash Growth

How to Get Rid of Eyelash Dandruff: 10 Most Effective Solutions

A head full of flaky, itchy misery isn’t exactly terribly fun and can lead to serious irritation and redness. Thing is, though, you can get dandruff in other places too. Pretty much anywhere hair grows, to be specific, and that includes your lash line. Eyelash dandruff leads to itchy, crusty, red, and flaky eyelashes and

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