Eyelash Extensions Near Me: The Best Lash Extension Salons Near You

You just asked Google for “eyelash extensions near me” so you can get an idea of just how many salons near you offer this service. But you don’t just want any old salon.

Nope, you want lash extension salons that have a track record of positive – even glowing – reviews. And of course, you want to compare prices as well.

It doesn’t stop there. Searching for “lash extensions near me” gets you the instant scoop on the closest salons as well as their opening hours and exactly what sort of lash extensions they offer. You can even contact them straight away which is a huge perk since lash extensions are very much in vogue and many salons are reserved for days.

Some eyelash extension salons in big cities – especially the ones that cater to specific clientele – may not even be accepting new clients so it’s useful to find out information like this straight away.

Last but not least, depending on the lash extension salon, you may be able to get a host of your beauty needs met with just one salon visit.

What Services Do Lash Extension Salons Offer?

Many eyelash extension salons specialize in eyelashes and eyelashes only. But there are plenty of salons that branch out to offer related services such as:

  • Eyebrow extensions
  • Lash lifts
  • Waxing
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
  • Semi-permanent makeup like micro-blading and micro-needling

There are even lash studios that offer a host of facials, massages and beauty treatments. Depending on which lash extension salon you choose, you could get all your beauty needs met with just one visit.

What Should I Bring for My First Session?

Absolutely nothing, apart from yourself.

That’s one of the best things about getting eyelash extensions – the fact that you, the client, don’t have to do anything. And you certainly don’t have to bring anything apart from yourself and a method of payment.

The process is straight-forward and relaxing. You simply lie down and close your eyes and the eyelash technician does the rest. You’re offered a blanket in case you get cold and in the snug coziness, you may find yourself drifting off into a cat nap.

It is a good idea, though, to remove eye makeup before you head to the salon for eyelash extensions.

How Much are Eyelash Extensions Near Me?

Instead of asking “how much are eyelash extensions?,” the better question to ask is “how much are eyelash extensions near me?”

And that’s because geography factors in so much when we’re talking about the cost of eyelash extensions.

For example, a lash studio operating on a busy street in the middle of Manhattan is going to have much higher overhead costs than a lash salon on the empty streets of Freeport City, Kansas.

As unfair as it may be, those overhead costs get factored into your total lash bill. So as a general rule, expect to pay more if you live in a more expensive, more populated city.

To illustrate what we mean, here’s a breakdown of eyelash extension prices in various areas around the world.

United States

Since most of us are from the U.S., this is the perfect place to start. We’ve researched and tracked down some of the most popular salons in every region to see exactly what they charge as of 2020. Here’s what you can expect per city.

Eyelash Extensions Atlanta

At Blink ATL, prices start at $95 for a Full Classic Set and go up to $145 for the Mega Volume Set.

Luxe Lashes, on the other hand, starts at $275 for a Full Set of Faux Mink Extensions and go up to $450 for a Volume Full Set of Faux Mink Extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Boston

The cheapest set offered at MaxiLash Boston is $108 for the Classic Fill done by a Top Master (the same set is $138 if done by an Expert). The most expensive is the Mega Full Set, which is $338 if done by an expert.

At the aptly-named Eyestarr, prices start at $125 for just half of a full set. The Full Set ranges from $250.00 to $350.00 and includes a complimentary one week touch-up.

Eyelash Extensions Boise

At Boise Lash Lounge, a Classic Full Set is $165, a Hybrid Full Set is $175, a Volume Full Set if $190 and the Xtreme Volume Full Set is $210.

Eyelash Extensions Boulder

At Center of Attention, prices vary depending on whether you choose to get your extensions from a Lash Stylist or a Lash Apprentice. Lash extensions from a Lash Stylist range from $250 to $300. The price range for extensions from a Lash Apprentice is from $175 to $225.

The Lash Lounge offers 3 types of lash extensions, with the Classic Lash Extensions starting at $250, the Hybrid Lash Extensions starting at $300 and the Volume Lash Extensions starting at $325.

Eyelash Extensions Chicago

The Lashe Spot offers an extensive menu for lash extensions, with the cheapest service starting at $125 for the Cat Eye, which focuses on attaching extensions on the outer corners of the eyes. From there, prices go up to $200 for a light Feather Look, $250 for a Natural Look and all the way up to $515 for the Volume Look, which uses mink lashes to create a 2D-6D effect on each individual lash.

The Lash Lounge is pricier, with the most natural Classic Lash Extensions starting at $275 and Extreme Volume Lash Extensions going up to $400. They do, however, offer a new client special of Classic Natural Lashes for just $99.

Eyelash Extensions Baltimore

The Loft offers lash extensions and a whole host of lash/brow as well as skin services. Their lash extensions start at $175 for a set of Natural Set Classic Lash Extensions, which consist of applying a synthetic lash extension to every other existing natural lash. Their Full Set Classic Lash Extension is $250 and this doubles the amount of lash extensions applied, with a synthetic lash applied to every natural lash.

Lash Majick is more affordable, offering a half set of Classic Lash Extensions for just $100. Prices go up from there, with the most expensive service being a full set of Mega Volume Lashes for $350.

Eyelash Extensions Cincinnati

At Lavish Cincinnati, a full set of Classic Extensions start at $150, a full set of Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are $185 and a full set of Volume Eyelash Extensions are $225.

Gloss Lash Studio is similarly priced but they only offer one type of lash extensions, a full set of lash extensions for $175.

Eyelash Extensions Denver

Lashology offers 3 options for lash extensions, with the Light & Very Natural starting at $120, the Naturally Full at $162 and Dramatic at $243.

At Live Love Lash, Xtreme lashes is their forte and their prices are a bit higher, with a half set starting at $225, a Full Xtreme Set at $300 and the Volumation Set at $375.

Eyelash Extensions Dallas

At Flirty Girl Lash Studio, prices start at $89 for a Classic Full Set and go up to $185 for Luxury Siberian Mink.

The Lash Bar offers a Full Set Classic Lash Special for new clients at just $75 but prices can go up to $350.00 for the Mega Volume Lashes set.

Eyelash Extensions DC

The Art of Lash offers 3 options for lash extensions, with a full set of Classic Eyelash Extensions costing $280, the Volume Eyelash Extensions at $350, as well as Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, the price for which is not disclosed.

At Elle Lash Bar, there’s a bevy of lash options. Their “Glam” Extensions cost $250 for 85 lashes per eye, the “Diva” Extensions cost $275 for 105 lashes per eye, the “Vixen” Extensions cost $300 for 125 lashes per eye.

Eyelash Extensions Des Moines

At J. Michaels Salon, you get 3 options for lash extensions, with the Classic Lash Extensions costing $219, the Volume Lash Extensions costing $249, the Hybrid Lash Extensions at $249.

Lash Love Beauty Bar offers the Classic Full Set for $150, the Hybrid Full Set for $180, the Volume Full Set for $200, and the Mega Volume Set for $250.

The Lash Lounge is pricier but its still more affordable than its Chicago branch, with the most natural Classic Lash Extensions starting at $200 and Extreme Volume Lash Extensions going up to $325. They do, however, offer a new client special of Classic Natural Lashes for just $99.

Eyelash Extensions Fort Worth

The Amazing Lash Studio offers membership discounts, with the Full Set priced at $89.99 compared to $139.99 for non-members. They also offer a range of upgrades like the 3D Hybrid option, which is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions.

At the Glam Lash Studio, prices start at $180 for the Classic Lash Full Set, $280 for the Volume Lash Full Set, and $230 for the Hybrid Lash Full Set.

Eyelash Extensions Honolulu

You get 3 options for lash extensions at Honolulu Eyelash Extension, with prices starting at $200 for the Classic Set, $225 for the Hybrid Set and $250 for the Volume Set.

Lash Love Hawaii offers a couple more options, with Classic Lashes (Individual Lashes 1-on-1) starting at $125, Signature Lashes (2-3 Lashes on-1) starting at $175, Hybrid Lashes (combining Classic + Volume lashes) at $175, Volume Lashes (4-5 Lashes on-1) at $200, and Megavolume Lashes (10 Lashes on-1) at $300.

Eyelash Extensions Indianapolis

Lash Therapy offers a good mix of several types of eyelash extensions, with a full set of synthetic mink lashes priced at $175, a full set of silk lashes priced at $195 and a full set of 100% mink lashes priced at $250.

The Amazing Lash Studio offers membership discounts, although prices are a little higher than they are at their Fort Worth branch. The Full Set is priced at $99.99 compared to $149.99 for non-members. They also offer a range of upgrades like the 3D Hybrid option, which is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

The Vegas Lash Lounge offers several types of lash extensions, all titled in true Vegas fashion. The cheapest, most natural option is the GoGo Girl at $120 and from there it goes up to $150 for the Cabaret Girl, $200 for the Showgirl and the Mega Showgirl for $250.

LivBay Lash is similarly priced, with a full set of Classic Lashes priced at $110, a Mixed Full Set priced at $150, the Volume Set at $195 and the Mega Volume Set at $230.

Eyelash Extensions New York City

The Lash Loft in New York City offers eyelash extension services that range from $165.00 for the Full Natural Classic to $300 for the Full Glamour Volume.

Envious Lashes seem slightly more affordable, starting at $140.00 for a Starter Set (but it’s only 60 strands per eye) and going up to $245.00 for their premium Envious Eyes set, which is 95 to 120 lashes per eye.

Lash Forever‘s most affordable is the Natural Set, which is $140 for 80 lashes per eye and their premium set is the Red Carpet Diva, which is $210 for 120 lashes per eye. They also offer upgrades to mink extensions for $30 extra, so if you got the Natural Set with mink, it would be $170.


Another continent in which eyelash extensions pricing varies hugely depending on where exactly you are.

Eyelash Extensions London

Having personally lived and worked in London for awhile, I’m pretty familiar with the eyelash extension scene there. The overall points I’ve found are that:

  • It’s pricey. The average salon charges an average of £60 to £90 for a basic full set of classic extensions.
  • It’s in high demand. If there’s a salon or a technician who is especially good with lash extensions or offers a more competitive price, expect to find them booked weeks in advance. I’ve even encountered a few that didn’t even take new clientele.

To give you a more in-depth look at prices, here’s what you can expect at some of the city’s most popular lash extension salons.

The London Lash Studio lets you choose the experience level of the lash artist, with the lowest prices offered by Lash Artists with up to 1 year of experience. If you go with a Lash Artist, prices start at £79 for a Classic Set and £89 for either the Hybrid Natural Set or the Natural 2-3d Volume.

A Senior Lash Artist commands higher prices so you can expect to pay £89 for a Classic Set and £99 for either the Hybrid Natural Set or the Natural 2-3d Volume, £119 for the Glamorous 4-5d Volume and £149 for the Dramatic 6d+ Volume and the The Kardashian Look.

A Master Lash Artist commands the highest prices, ranging from £99 for the Classic Set to £179 for the Dramatic 6d+ Volume.

Eyelash Extensions Dublin

Christoph Eye Couture offers lash extensions for €80.00 for the Light Volume, €100.00 for the Medium Volume, and €120.00 for the Full Volume set.

Ritzy Eyes is a bit more affordable, with a full set of Classic Eyelash Extensions starting at €65, a full set of 2-3D Innocent Volume at €75, a full set of 4-5D Daring Volume at €85, the K.K. Spiky Effect at €90, and a full set of 6-15D Colossal Volume at €150.

Eyelash Extensions Amsterdam

The Eyelash Bar offers several types of lash extensions, with prices ranging from €90 for the classic one-by-one set to €135 for 4/5D Volume extensions.

Ailash is slightly more reasonably priced, with extensions starting at €65 for 90 extensions per eye and going up to €165 for 240 extensions per eye.

Eyelash Extensions Berlin

At Revolver Eyes, you have 4 options for lash extensions, with prices starting at €110 for the Mascara Classic, €120 for the Mascara Comfort 3D, €160 for the Mascara Volume Plus 3D, and €200 for the Star Hollywood 3D.

The Glow Beauty Bar offers Classic Lash Extensions for €139 and Glamour Lash Extensions for €169.

Eyelash Extensions Paris

Secret Lash Paris offers Classic Lash Extensions for €110, Hybrid Lash Extensions for €135, and the Russian Volume Lash Extensions for €160.

Even more affordably, Extensions VIP offers Xtreme Lashes extension starting from just €90.

Eyelash Extensions Rome

The eyelash extension craze has boomed more recently in Italy and a lot more salons are offering them but it’s still not as readily available as in, say, London or New York City.

The range of styles offered by most salons are fairly standard as well and since competition isn’t huge yet, the prices can also be fairly steep.

Angel Beauty Lounge offers extensions ranging from from €80 to €140. At Yumi Lashes, lash extensions start at €130.

Eyelash Extensions Barcelona

Eyelash extensions are big business in busy Barcelona so you’ll have no problem finding a lash extension salon with solid reviews. Even better? Barcelona definitely offers the most reasonably priced lash extensions out of any major city in Europe.

Coco Lashes offers Express Eyelash Extensions for €45, Classic Eyelash Extensions for €70, and Volume Eyelash Extensions for €120.

Lashes and Go offers a full set of 1D Eyelash Extensions for €70, 2D Eyelash Extensions for €85, 3D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions for €100, and 5D Eyelash Extensions for €130.


Eyelash Extensions Bangkok

Blanc Beauty offers lash extensions from 1,800 THB ($57 USD) for 60 lashes and goes up to 4,390 THB ($140 USD) for Volume 4D extensions with unlimited attachments.

Pretty Woman Design is much more affordable, with the Classic Lash Extension full set starting at 900 THB ($29 USD), Hybrid Eyelash Extensions priced at 1100 THB ($35), Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions priced at 1200 THB ($38), and Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions priced at 1600 THB ($51).

Eyelash Extensions Seoul

Eyelash extensions in Seoul are considered a beauty must by many locals and as such, these services are offered pretty much everywhere. I’ve had personal experience getting lash extensions in Seoul during my travels and they’ve been both very affordable and very well done.

The average prices tend to range from 50,000 KRW ($42 USD) to 70,000 ($59 USD) KRW with discounts if you pay in cash.

Eyelash Extensions Bali

Another place I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, Bali is fairly new to eyelash extensions but you can definitely find salons that do them, especially if you stay in tourist hot spots like Seminyak.

At the chic Ashari Lash Studio, prices range from 540,000 IDR ($38) to 700,000 IDR ($49). Rin Beauty Studio offers similar pricing, with lash extensions ranging from 435,000 IDR ($31) to 625,000 IDR ($44).

Eyelash Extensions Singapore

At Peony Tokyo Nails, Japanese eyelash extensions are offered with prices ranging from $70 SGD ($50 USD) for a Classic Set (80 lashes) to $240 SGD ($173 USD) for a Full Gorgeous 4D & 5D Set (720 lashes).

Magic Lash is even better priced, with lash extensions ranging from $60 SGD ($43 USD) for Single Lash Full Sets to $170 SGD ($122 USD) for Mega Volume Full Sets.

How to Find the Best Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Choosing the best eyelash extension salon is going to make or break your experience.

A skilled technician that knows what he or she is doing and uses top quality, non-harmful material will produce the best results and for that reason alone, it’s worth taking the time to seek out an eyelash extension salon that has solid reviews and qualified technicians.

But how exactly do you refine your search for the best of the best? Here are a couple things to consider:

How Much Experience?

They say practice makes perfect and this could not be more true when it comes to lash extensions. The more types of eye shapes, lash lines and extension styles a lash technician has encountered and practiced on, the better they will be.

And that really matters since this is a skill that requires extreme precision, meticulous attention to detail, and an artistic eye. You want someone who knows what they’re doing.

The level of experience factors into everything – not just in terms of the lash extension application. Keep in mind that a more experienced technician will be able to discern what sort of lash materials and techniques will be most flattering for your eye shape.

This really matters – as you can see in these eyelash extensions before and after pictures, everyone has different eyes and the best lash technicians will know what styles work best for you.

It could be the difference between walking out of the salon with cookie cutter lash extensions or flattering eyelash extensions that flatter the natural shape of your eyes.

What’s the Price?

We all like a bargain but don’t be tempted by the allure of cheap eyelash extensions. These are your eyes we’re talking about and it’s just not worth the risk to save a couple bucks.

That doesn’t mean you need to go for top-of-the-line lash technicians – there are plenty of eyelash extension salons that are reasonably priced and do an excellent job. Just avoid the bargain basement lash salons that offer very low prices – more than often than not, they’re compensating for a lack of something, i.e. skill and or materials used.

How Long Is the Wait?

Waiting for weeks or even months doesn’t necessarily mean that that lash technician is the best and a lot of the time, it’s not worth it – you can find an expertly skilled lash technician that can schedule you in within a week or two, even in major cities.

But going to a lash technician who is almost fully booked is a surefire way of guaranteeing that you’ll walk out with lovely lashes.

Because eyelash extensions require regular application, lash addicts will find and stick to one or two trusted lash technicians. If the lash technician you’re considering is in demand with a solid client base, chances are very very good that they know what they’re doing.