73 Best Eyelash Extension Examples: Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Curious what lash extensions will look like on your own eyes? Eyelash extensions before and after pictures are an easy way to find out what you can expect. The best part? It costs you nothing but your time.

To be precise, around 5 minutes of your time. Because that’s how long it’ll take you to peruse the below eyelash extension examples and images. We’ve scoured the best lash extension salons so you can see exactly what various types of eyelash extensions look like on a huge range of different eye types.

Grab a cup of coffee – or delicious tea – and get ready to witness eyelash art at its finest.

Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pics

If you’ve done any research on lash extensions, you’ve most likely already seen several eyelash extensions before and after pictures.

But although a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s difficult to get an idea of exactly how lash extensions will look on our own eyes for several reasons:

  • So many eye shapes and sizes. The beautiful thing about humans is that we each have such different eyes. Our precious peepers vary in size and shape and eyelashes do as well, varying in length, amount, curl, and color. So what works amazing for someone else’s eyes may not be suitable for ours.
  • Types of lash extensions. Eyelash extension images are great but they don’t often mention exactly what lash extension style was used. So if you want to get the same look, you’d have to do some serious due diligence on how many lashes were applied and what type of lash.

We want to take as much of the guesswork out of lash extensions as possible. So we’ve divvied up the below eyelash extension examples into categories that we hope are helpful.

Natural Looking Lash Extensions (aka Classic Eyelash Extensions)

You want a little help on the lash front but you also want them to look like they are all yours. But you’ve seen some dramatic lash extension examples and you’re curious: can you get totally natural looking lash extensions?

You know, lash extensions that perfectly mimic the real thing – but better.

Image via Ahoy Lash Extensions

Natural looking lash extensions, aka Classic Eyelash Extensions, are the perfect pick for you. Mimicking nature at its best requires a little more attention to detail and a high level of skill but it can definitely be done. Some tips to get you there? Here’s what to ask for:

  • 1-to-1. Applying just one eyelash extension to every existing natural lash is the best way to get the oomph of lash extensions without looking unnatural.
  • Gentle curl. Of course, the kind of curl you go with depends on the overall look you want. But in general, a more sloping, gentle curl tends to look more natural than the more dramatic C-curls.
  • Thin vs thick. When it comes to creating the all natural look, very fine – even wispy – lash extensions are the way to go.
  • Silk vs mink vs synthetic. While many assume that mink will look the most natural, you can also create a very natural look with silk and even with synthetic lashes.
  • Length. The overall length of the lash extensions definitely matters but what matters more is your lash technician’s ability to adjust the length of extensions depending on your natural lash line.

So, you wonder, how exactly does this look in real life? Here are some beautiful examples of natural looking lash extensions.

As far as eyelash extensions before and after pictures go, the below is a beautiful example of how even the sparsest of natural lashes can get a huge boost from the right set of extensions.

We love how the overall result looks as natural as she’d been born with them.

Image via Hush Lash Studio

The below before and after pictures of Classic Lash Extensions demonstrate why this lash technique is the best for those who want their lash lines to look better…but all natural.

Image via Eyelashr

Classic lash extensions usually produce the most natural looking lash lines, as you can clearly see in the below before and after. So natural, so well done.

Image via Lash Devil

The below Classic Eyelash Extensions show just how natural extensions can be, providing a simple yet stunning accentuation of the eyes.

Image via Evolve Salon and Day Spa

Another gorgeous example of very natural looking eyelash extensions. Absolutely love how they highlight the already beautiful shape of her eyes.

Image via Premium Lashes Bar

Dramatic length and thickness without being over the top, these Classic Lash Extensions are perfect for her eye shape and size, helping to accentuate without overwhelming.

Image via Nouveau Lashes

These Classic Lash Extensions are done using all synthetic lashes and they still look perfectly natural and sophisticated, a testament that mink or silk is not even necessary.

The below before and after picture is a perfect example of how a skilled lash extension technician can keep things looking natural and add significant length and volume.

Image via Spilled Polish

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions may have been your introduction into the world of lash extensions but you may now be hankering for a change. The next step up? Meet hybrid lash extensions.

Hybrid lash extensions are exactly what they sound like: They’re a combination of two different kinds of lash extensions rolled into one set of lashes.

More specifically, hybrid lash extensions are usually a 50/50 mixture of Classic Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Extensions. The overall look is a perfect Goldilocks balance between natural and dramatic.

Curious what they actually look like? Take a look…

A 50/50 mixture of the classic 1-to-1 application and the volume technique of applying multiple lash extensions to one natural eyelash can make a huge difference, as you can see in this hybrid eyelash extension before and after.

Image via Lady Lash

Here’s a gorgeous example of beautifully natural hybrid lash extensions – this lash technician did an expert job of combining classic and volume lashes to create a gorgeous fluffy look without any heaviness.

Image via Flirty Flutters

This gorgeous full set of hybrid lash extensions shows exactly the length and volume this combination can produce.

Image via Lavish Cincinnati

This is a close-up of another well-done set of hybrid eyelash extensions done by the skilled lash technicians at Lavish Cincinnati. Love the dramatic accentuation – all without looking overdone.

Image via Lavish Cincinnati

A beautiful full set of hybrid eyelash extensions on the below model shows the perfect balance of natural and dramatic.

Image via Flirty Girl Lash Studio

Here’s an absolutely stunning example of how hybrid eyelash extensions could be used to create a flawless cat eye look.

Image via By Christie Miteff

If you think hybrid lash extensions are too natural to go full on dramatic, think again. And more importantly, let your lash technician know what sort of oomph you’re after – because voluminous and dramatic is very possible with hybrid lash extensions.

Image via Babe & Beau Spa

Here’s a beautiful example of well done hybrid lash extensions. You can see the expert blending of longer, wispier lashes combined with shorter ones to create a dramatic yet natural look.

Image via MetroLashes

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lash extensions do exactly what they promise: they add a sensational level of volume to your lash line.

To achieve this look, a skilled lash technician applies multiple extensions to each of your natural lashes to provide twice, thrice or even multiple times the amount of volume of your natural lash line.

The result? A ridiculously lush and full lash line.

Image via Dash of Lash Miami

The only caveat is that when it comes to volume lash extensions, the skill set really matters. It can be tricky to adhere multiple lash extensions to each eyelash so you want to choose a lash technician who really knows what they’re doing.

One other note. You may think that because volume lash extensions equal more lashes, you may need to have a good stash of already existing lashes that are thick and healthy enough to handle the heavy lifting that multiple extensions demand.

That’s not true. Because the lash extensions typically used for volume lashes are lighter, fluffier, and often wispier – volume lash extensions are actually perfect for those who have a sparse lash line or even those who are looking for lash extensions to cover up bald spots.

Volume Lash Extensions vs Russian Volume Lashes vs 3D Volume

When it comes to volume lash extensions, things can get a little confusing. After all, there are Russian volume lash extensions, 3D lash extensions, 2D volume lash extensions, and of course, good old simple volume eyelash extensions.

So how do each of these stack up?

Well, in short, all volume lash extensions do one thing: dramatically pump up the volume of your lash line. But the way in which they do it differs with each technique.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s what.

Volume Lash Extensions

Regular volume lash extensions simply refer to extensions in which a cluster of lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. So, a lash technician will isolate just one natural lash with a set of tweezers and apply a pre-made fan of cluster lashes to that one natural lash.

These pre-made clusters are exactly what they sound like – they’re little “fans” of eyelash extensions that have been bought as is or arranged by the lash technician before the client shows up. In other words, they’re pre-made and not customized for each client.

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian volume lash extensions are typically a little more expensive and that’s because these lash clusters are made during the actual lash application so that the base of the fan can wrap around each of your natural eyelashes.

The result is a more natural cluster every time thanks to the handmade and customized nature of these arrangements.

2D, 3D and 5D Volume Lash Extensions

The simplest way to explain 2D, 3D, and 5D volume lash extensions is this: For 2D lashes, two eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash. For 3D eyelash extensions, three lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. And for 5D lash extensions, five lash extensions are applied to one natural lash.

Since this technique of using two or three lashes per natural lash can be customized to the client, this method is also called Russian volume lash extensions.

Okay, now that you know pretty much everything there is to know about volume lash extensions, let’s get to seeing exactly how they look.

Here’s a stunning example of volume lash extensions expertly applied. So much definition and the beautiful curl completely transform her eyes.

Image via Art of Lash

A closeup of what beautifully done volume lash extensions look like on an eye. Love the dramatic definition this gives!

Image via Simply Smitten Beauty Bar

Image via Alondra Gatae

This gorgeous example of mega volume eyelash extensions is the premium lash extension service offered by Envious Lashes. As you can see, the goal is maximum volume.

To achieve the below look, a skilled lash technician applies anywhere between 95 to 120 lashes to your natural lash line in a strand to strand application to get truly beautiful volume and length.

Image via Envious Lashes

Another stunning example of what volume lash extensions can do to draw all attention to already pretty peepers.

Image via Hazy Beauty Co

As you can see below, the volume lash extension technique allows you to go for a seriously dramatic lash line by upping the number of lash extensions attached as well as the thickness and length of the extensions.

Image via Wisp Lash Studio

And last but not least, another impressive set of volume lash extensions that were expertly applied to create a sophisticated, alluring cat eye look.

Image via Treat Yourself Studios

Cat Eye Lash Extensions

Cat eyelash extensions are fairly new to the lash extensions game but they’re in an increasingly high demand – and for good reason.

The technique is as simple as it is effective: the lash extensions are arranged in a cat eye shape, with longer extensions accentuating the eyes’ outer edges. The result is instantly seductive eyes, like so…

This is probably our favorite example of cat eye lash extensions that are done so subtly but so effectively that they’re perfect for everyday life in the office as well as glam enough for a night out in town.

Image via LashDevil

A very subtle yet alluring example of beautifully done cat eye lash extensions.

Image via Winx Lashes

Another expertly done set of cat eye lash extensions by the talented technicians as Lash Devil, these volume extensions add serious oomph and allure to already beautiful eyes.

Image via Lash Devil

These stunningly arranged cat eye lash extensions to transform the below pair of eyes into sheer seductive beauties.

Image via Lashes Downtown

If you’re going to go for cat eye lash extensions, why not go full on? In the lovely example below, you can see how adding even more length along the outer corners lends dramatic sexiness.

Image via LaashLashes

The beautiful thing about cat eye lash extensions is that you can go as extreme – or as natural – as you want. You can see an example of a very subtly done cat eye effect – we love the muted but very seductive effect.

Image via The Lash Spa

And yet another example of very naturally done cat eye lash extensions – they’re so subtle that you don’t even know that they’ve been expertly arranged to make the eye appear longer and more seductive.

Image via LashXPro

Cat eye lash extensions extend just as well to the natural look as it does to the serious volume look, as you can see in the stunning cat eye eyelash extensions below.

Last but not least, here’s a full set of semi cat eye lash extensions that add up to a dramatic difference in her lash line. Absolutely stunning.

Image via Premier Lash

Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

Doll eye eyelash extensions are another popular lash extension technique and although it’s every bit as flattering as the cat eye, the way it works is pretty much the exact opposite of cat eye lash extensions.

Image via Lashes NYC

You see, doll eye lash extensions are exactly what it sounds like: the goal is to create a bright and wide-eyed doll-like set of eyes. To get this effect, longer lash extensions are placed near the middle of the eyes to make the eyes appear rounder and bigger.

The result? Beautifully full lash lines create the round, innocent doe-eyed look of baby dolls.

As such doll eye lash extensions are perfect if you want to open up and augment smaller or narrow eyes.

Want to see them in action? Here are some beautiful works of doll eye lash extension art…

You can see the expert technique displayed in the below doll eye eyelash extensions where longer lashes are subtly arranged in the middle, creating an instantly adorable yet sophisticated look.

Image via Sydney Eyelash Extensions

As you can see below, doll eye lash extensions can be used to create a voluminous, dramatic look as well. And it pulls it off incredibly well.

Image via Lash Game

Here’s a gorgeous example of classic doll eye lash extensions – subtle, natural, and absolutely beautifully done.

Image via Esthetics and Glam

In this close-up of doll eye eyelash extensions, you can see how the lash extensions are applied to the middle of the eyes and then gradually taper off to the ends of the eyes to create a rounder shape on narrow eyes.

Image via Faces by Julie B

The below doll eye lash extensions open up the eyes but don’t skimp on the va-va-voom factor either – love how they frame and augment these eyes perfectly.

Image via Butterfly Weaves

If you’re thinking doll eye lash extensions are all about understated doe eyes, the below example proves otherwise. A gorgeous job in taking narrow eyes to fuller, rounder, and dramatically beautiful levels.

Image via Winx Lash Beauty Bar

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Now that you know how various styles of eyelash extensions stack up, let’s take a look at how lash extensions differ depending on the type of material used.

The first thing you should know is that when it comes to lash extensions, you’re literally spoiled for choice. There are silk lashes, synthetic lashes, mink lashes, and sable lashes, and even within these choices, there are seemingly endless options.

We’re not going to go into everything because, well, we’d have to write a book. Instead, we’re going to start at the top with what’s widely considered the creme de la creme: mink eyelash extensions.

As for synthetic lashes, they’re used in the majority of lash extensions so if you’ve seen any eyelash extensions before and after pictures – a huge chunk of them were done using synthetic lashes.

What we don’t see enough of, however, are specific examples of mink lash extensions. So, without further ado, here goes…

There’s a good reason why people are willing to pay top dollar for mink lash extensions. As you can see below, mink lashes look flawlessly natural, adding a subtle definition to your lashes while looking and feeling like the real thing.

Image via Mise Beauty

A slightly more dramatic and full set of mink lashes arranged expertly in a cat eye fashion. Absolutely stunning.

Image via Studio Sohn

Want serious fullness and definition with volume lash extensions without any hint of artifice? As you can see below, mink lash extensions are perfect to pull off full volume while looking very, very natural.

Image via Aesthetic Florida

Just because mink lash extensions lend a super natural look doesn’t mean that they can’t be used to add serious dramatic flair. Take a look at the below beautiful example of a full set of mink lash extensions on both upper and bottom lashes. So much fullness, so much depth.

Image via Milas Haircuts

Last but not least, here’s one we love of mink lash extensions that were arranged to give serious volume and fullness. Beautifully done.

Silk Lash Extensions

Another popular type of lash extension is silk lashes. They’re considered a sort of Goldilocks option since they’re mid-weight – finer and lighter than synthetic lashes but slightly denser than the lightweight mink lash extensions above.

Image via Her Beauty Lash

Silk lashes are typically softer and more flexible than synthetic lashes, which means they can survive longer on your natural lashes than synthetic ones.

They’re also highly versatile and can be made to be very lightweight and even wispy for more natural looks as well as dense and full for more glam looks.

Thanks to all this, they’re a very popular choice. Here’s why…

You can see how very natural silk lash extensions look – if there was no “before” picture, you’d think those were her natural lashes.

You can see at a glance in the below before and after photo what a difference a full set of expertly applied lash extensions can make.

Image via The L.A.B. OC

Thanks to the lightweight nature of silk lash extensions, they can be used to add some serious volume and fullness without looking the slightest bit overdone, as you can see below.

Image via Tori Blush

Another stunning example of the fullness that silk lashes allow for – while looking natural and lush the whole time.

Bottom Lash Extensions

Okay, so all the attention so far has been on top lash extensions but guess what? You don’t have to stop there. Not when you can take your lash game a step further and spring for bottom eyelash extensions as well.

Bottom lash extensions are exactly what they sound like: lash extensions applied to the bottom lashes.

They’re a little rarer than their top lash counterparts but you can find lash salons that do them – and do them well – in most cities.

And they’re worth the extra splurge because…well, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

As you can see below, when you’re going for a full set of volume lash extensions on top, a matching pair of bottom lashes totally completes the look.

There’s a good reason why lash extensions connoisseurs prefer lash technicians who are also skilled makeup artists – they do an amazing job framing the eyes in the most natural, flattering fashion.

The below top and bottom lash extensions are a testament – absolutely beautiful.

Image via Tasleema Nigh

It’s undeniable here that having bottom lash extensions that match the top definitely lends extra definition and oomph.

Here’s a beautiful example of a classic full set of lash extensions done in the natural classic style. Love how the simple yet stunning set frames the eye.

Image via Bouji Blink Minks

If it’s the intensity you’re after, a bottom set of lash extensions is pretty compulsory and you can see why in the bottom lash extension before and after pictures here.

Last but not least, here’s an example of bottom lash extensions on Asian eyes. Love how they’re kept simple, light, and natural – adding definition and length without overwhelming.

And speaking of Asian eyes, let’s take a look at how lash extensions look on various types of Asian eyes…

Eyelash Extensions on Asian Eyes

As someone with Asian eyes, I can testify firsthand that it is not always easy to find a skilled lash technician who is experienced with Asian eyes. And trust me – it matters.

The last time I took a chance on a new lash technician, I emerged with lash extensions that were well-applied but much too thick, much too long, and much too curled for my face.

In short, those extensions made me look like a caricature of a drag queen. They totally overwhelmed my face and I ended up removing those extensions at home in a couple of days.

Although every person has their own beauty and style preferences, my own lash proclivities can be summed up as ‘natural with a bit of oomph.’ Here are some examples of eyelash extensions on Asian eyes that I think are beyond superb.

Here’s a beautiful example of Asian eyelash extensions on monolid eyes. The extensions used are thinner and perfectly wispy, which lends the overall extensions a very natural look, despite the long length.

Image via Lulu Eyelash

Another example of classic lash extensions on Asian eyes done in a completely natural looking fashion. You can’t even tell the lash extensions aren’t her natural lashes.

Below is a beautiful example of Asian eyelash extensions done by Belle Beauty House. The style is called Fairy Volume and is the perfect combination of natural and dramatic.

Image via Belle Beauty House

Here are some gorgeous Korean eyelash extensions that do an expert job at beautifully augmenting the natural shape of the eyes. As natural as can be while adding a lot of definition at the same time.

Here’s a subtly brilliant example of Asian eyelash extensions that add just the perfect amount of lash boost without appearing the slightest bit unnatural.

Image via Tori Blush

Here’s another gorgeous example of eyelash extensions on Asian eyes, again by Belle Beauty House. The style is a more dramatic take on the above, called Fairy Mega Volume and it pulls off the va-va-voom look in a classy, luxurious way.

Image via Belle Beauty House

Another beautiful example of naturally done volume lash extensions on Asian eyes.

Lash extensions that are too thick and heavy can overwhelm Asian eyes but that doesn’t mean you can’t get volume lash extensions on Asian eyes. When done right, like in the examples below, you can pull off tremendous volume and length while flattering your eyes rather than overwhelming them.

Image via Lashes by Caroline

Image via Trangs Touch

And yet another gorgeous example of volume lash extensions on Asian eyes expertly done by the skilled lash technicians at J Lash. For more beautiful examples of eyelash extensions on Asian eyes, check out their Instagram.

Image via J Lashes

Eyelash Extensions on Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you may be curious about lash extensions but not quite sure if they’re suitable for your eyes. The good news is that lash extensions for hooded eyes work just as well as any other type of eyes.

The (semi) bad news is that skill level and the lash technician’s aesthetic sense really matter. You want to choose a lash technician who has the experience and a good idea of how to open up hooded eyes and bring out the possibly obscured lash line.

Curious how lash extensions on hooded eyes look? Let’s take a look…

A beautiful example of eyelash extensions on hooded eyes that look natural and glamorous at the same time.

Image via Blink by Deb

Here’s a beautiful set of lash extensions on monolid, hooded eyes – love the volume and fluffiness provided!

These lash extensions are subtle and natural while opening up these hooded eyes in a subtle baby doll fashion. Gorgeous.

Image via Lashes and Brows by Sophia

A full set of eyelash extensions for hooded eyes really open up and define these eyes, wonderfully done.

Image via Dainty Lashes

Last but not least, another expertly applied set of lash extensions on hooded eyes – love how they frame and widen, adding definition and length in a dramatically natural fashion.

Image via Lash Therapy Indy

Okay, now you’ve seen how various styles of eyelash extensions look on every kind of eye shape under the sun. Ready to get some yourself?

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