Eyelash Perm: What Are They & Are They Safe?

An eyelash perm is a hair treatment applied to your eyelashes to provide you with a long lasting curl. A single eyelash perm can give you curled lashes for up to 8 weeks!

Of course, it depends upon the procedure, products used, and person who is doing the work, but your curved lashes will last longer than a week.

There are many eyelash perm products on the market, so you should always do your research. I recommend reading reviews of the products and the ingredients themselves.

Since eyelash perms interact with one of your most prominent facial features, being extra cautious is important. Finding the right product that gives you striking, curled lashes for weeks, without compromising on your health is very do-able. There are many great products in the space.

Why Would Anyone Get An Eyelash Perm?Eyelash Perm

An eyelash perm will accentuate your eyes and keep your eyelashes perfectly curled for an attractive look. It is somewhat of an optical illusion as the upturned eyelashes of one’s eyes look longer than straight ones.

The lashline of your eyelashes will fully cover your eyes, which helps create a natural look that highlights your eyes.

Of course, you can achieve a similar look by curling your eyelashes. But, the curled lashes will not last nearly as long as they do with an eyelash perm. Not to mention – the damage that curling your eyelashes daily can incur.

At the end of the day, doing an eyelash perm is up to personal preference. But, it is definitely a great way to increase your eye beauty with minimal upkeep.

How Do Eyelash Perms Work?Eyelash Perms

From start to finish, an eyelash perm takes about 45 minutes. Lash perms are done using mini foam rollers wrapped/coated with special adhesives. These adhesives allow your lashes to retain a curl. After the rods are in place, a perming solution is applied on your eyelashes with a small brush.

The esthetician then covers your roller-wrapped fringe with plastic wrap. Next, they will let the eyelashes dry for at least five minutes.

Subsequently, when the perming chemicals have taken full effect, a neutralization solution is then applied. Following that, more of the plastic wrap is applied. Then, after another short wait the mini rods can be removed and your lashes will have a natural, lasting curl!

What Are The Results Of An Eyelash Perm?

An eyelash perm results in natural looking, curled eyelashes. The lasting effects of an eyelash perm depends on your lashes` life cycle (most people have a 60-120 day life cycle). As your lashes grow and fallout, the lash perm results will gradually fade. You will know when you require your next perm. A single eyelash perm will last around four to twelve weeks with most procedures resulting in around 2 months of curled lashes.

After an eyelash perm, you can keep your normal beauty routine while eliminating the usage of damaging eyelash curlers. It is also important to note that you can still use mascara if you would like to accentuate your permed eyelashes.

Although, an eyelash perm doesn’t take too long, it can feel like you are paying a hard price in terms of time and money. But, as you see the lasting results you will be very satisfied with the time you save getting ready each morning. You should also see healthier, fuller lashes now that you no longer are using a heated eyelash curler everyday.

What Are The Risks Of Eyelash Perms?Eyelash Perm

There’s no doubt that this procedure consists of a lash loss risk. Yet, it is much less damaging than using a heated eyelash curler on your lashes daily. The most important piece is to make sure that your eyelash perm is done by a trained expert.

The skin and eyes around your eyelashes are very sensitive and when used wrong the chemicals can cause irritation of the eyes or burn your skin. Your technician must be careful when applying the perming solution. When the appropriate precautions are taken, the perming solution is safe (and is designed for use in the eye area).

There is also a time factor involved – you don’t want to leave the solution applied on the eyelashes for too long as it can “fry” your lashes, causing them to break prematurely or fall out. It is also important to note that you should not get your lashes permed more than once per month.

For these reasons, you are strongly advised to seek the help of a person who knows how to properly do an eyelash perm. In addition, you should seek out the best professionals in your area; otherwise, you may face problems. Similarly, you should seek out eyelash perm products that have the highest quality, as to prevent adverse reactions and damage to your eyes and skin.


In the end, I would like to tell you that eyelash perms can be both useful and dangerous at the same time. You have to be very careful while applying it as the eyelash area is a susceptible part of your body, and many detrimental things can happen.

One should always take precautions while using such products so that nothing goes bad. If you want to know more about eyelash perms, just read this guide and review any products you choose with a careful eye towards quality.

There are many strong products in the market and most of them are reasonably priced. If you have made up your mind to try out an eyelash perm, and have read the guide above, you are ready to walk into the wonderful world of natural looking, curled eyelashes!

Just be sure to find qualified professionals with lots of experience doing eyelash perm procedures. Make sure to inquire about the products they recommend and any risks those products may impose. It never hurts to independently research a product’s ingredients to make sure it is in line with your health standards.

Say goodbye to your heated eyelash curler and hello to your new eyelash perm!