7 Things Nobody Told You About Lash Growth Serums

Beauty brands far and wide sell their lash growth serums with promises of “50% more length”, “2/3 of a shade darker”, and “double the volume”.

And yes, we want all that – and more! – out of our lash growth serums. But to be honest, that doesn’t satisfy all of our lash serum curiosity. In fact, there’s a lot being left out of the conversation.

A quick online search reveals a plethora of questions about lash serums that fall far outside the limitations of marketing gimmicks that focus solely on the aesthetics.

In an effort to broaden the conversation (and your lash line), we’ve gathered the most pressing of these into this list of 7 things nobody told you about lash growth serums. Here’s what you should know!

Can you use eyelash serum on eyebrows?

All of the hair on your body is made of a protein known as keratin and every strand consists of a hair bulb and a hair follicle. The hair follicle is where the hair shaft is anchored to the skin, and the hair bulb forms the base of the hair follicle.

This is where living cells build each individual strand of hair – and this system is true for every hair on your body.

The only difference, then, between the hair on your head and, say, the hair on your brows and lashes, is that the latter is located on your face. So, while all your hair is created equally, your brows and lashes are different because of the sensitive skin on which they’re located – but between themselves, they’re relatively the same.

All that is to say that, in most cases, you can swap a lash serum for your brows and vice versa.

Even more evidence to suggest this is more than possible? Check and compare the ingredient lists for lash and brow growth serums, like we’ve done for RevitaBrow and RevitaLash above. You’ll quickly realize that they’re formulated with many of the same key ingredients.

In most cases, the main difference between the two are the applicators.

Note: One pretty important thing to note is that serums containing prostaglandins can cause significant growth, which may not be desirable for already-bushy brows.

Sure, we all love Cara Delevingne’s brows but you don’t want to get too brow-greedy and wind up with Groucho Marx’s browline. Too much of a good thing and all that, you know?

Can you use lash growth serums with extensions?

Many of the lash growth serums on the market contain conditioning and nourishing ingredients that are intended to strengthen eyelashes. By keeping the lash and follicle hydrated and the cells around the area regenerating, your lashes become less prone to damage or breakage.

Lash extensions, on the other hand, can cause damage if you keep them on consistently and over a long period of time. That’s why it’s super important to take good care of your natural lashes while wearing fake ones. 

Lash serums fortify your lashes, help prevent breakage, and, because your follicle is also strengthened, the extensions have a more supportive hair shaft on which to anchor.

So yes, lash growth serums aren’t only okay to use with extensions but we recommend that you go ahead and do so. It’ll help undo the damage that extensions can cause.

Are lash growth serums enough?

What you put in your body in terms of food has a direct impact on how the rest of your body functions. For example, if you eat a box of Halloween chocolate bars, you’re probably going to see the consequences in your skin over the following days (hello, breakout!). 

In the same way as food and diet impacts our skin, it impacts your lashes. Following that logic, a diet rich in protein, vitamin c and e, calcium, niacin, and biotin, may increase your ability to grow fabulous lashes. 

But who has the time and the energy to be feasting on the most nutrient-rich foods for lash growth?

Not I. And probably not you.

Which is where a multivitamin comes in, specifically a vitamin that’s focused on lash growth. Our favorite is Lavish Lash, which contains a combination of the most potent nutrients to boost lash and brow growth from within.

Alternatively, look for supplements containing either collagen (the most abundant protein in the human body can repair damaged hair and contribute to hair growth), or keratin (a structural protein that makes up our hair, nails, and epidermis). 

Combining a lash growth vitamin with a lash growth serum is your most powerful formula for growth along your lash line.

Do lash growth serums cause lashes to fall out?

All of the hairs on your body go through a cycle of growth, rest, and shedding. Your eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles that range over 60 to 90 days. In the span of just one day, the typical person loses between one and five lashes.

Your eyelashes shed – and that’s completely normal. There’s no need to freak out if you notice shedding lashes as you start using a growth serum.

The only difference now is, your lashes are longer, darker, and thicker than they were prior to using the serum. Meaning, you’re just noticing those one to five daily lashes more than you used to.

What are the best lash growth serum ingredients?

If you’re looking for something that gives your lashes dramatic growth, there’s only one type of ingredient that’s scientifically proven to provide it. Prostaglandins such as bimatoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate, and other compounds, are the end all, be all of lash growth serums.

Where most other lash growth serums are effectively conditioners that strengthen and nourish your lashes, serums containing prostaglandin analogs actually affect the growth cycle of your lashes.

By extending the growth phase of the cycle, your lashes have a chance to grow longer, fuller and darker. A LOT longer, fuller and darker.

Are lash serums for everybody?

Okay, so you’re the rare beauty who doesn’t crave for even longer, darker and thicker lashes. Can you still get benefits from a lash growth serum?

Why yes you can. There are lash serums for every need and even if you’re not looking for va-va-voom lash growth, you can still make use of a lash serum to counteract the damage caused by everyday makeup products.

Sure, lash serums are often marketed as products for growing longer, more luscious lashes. But they can do a lot more for our lashes than simply enhance their appearance.

For example, a big beauty mistake too many of us make is forgetting to hydrate – and that’s even truer for your lashes. One big culprit? Your trusty tube of mascara could be hugely responsible for drying and weakening your lashes. While it darkens, thickens, and lengthens on the daily, it’s also sucking moisture from your lashes.

The key to a healthy lash line is moisture, and serums replenish that moisture every (other) night, so they’re a smart beauty choice even for those of not looking for length.

Do I need to take a break?

Speaking of taking care of your lashes, taking a break from your daily makeup routine every once and while may also support the work that your growth serum is doing.

While conditioning mascaras can counteract that damage and work to repair your strands while it does its job, taking a break from eye makeup (and especially mascara) is important.

Consider taking a vacation from your makeup for 48 hours every two weeks to give your lashes a chance to breathe and revitalize.