The Best Eyebrow Pencils of 2024 – Reviewed

Today we bring you the latest delights for your eyebrows, and some of the best eyebrow pencils.m  This awful year has to offer. 

Now on the surface eyebrow pencils seem like very ordinary and everyday products but you will be surprised to know how much detail, science, and engineering goes into making this product the benchmark of the cosmetic industry.  

Eyebrow pencils are the product that almost every woman uses on her eyebrows every day and since our facial skin is very sensitive and are eyebrow hairs are often not the thickest or the most healthy hairs in our body.

It is vital we choose our makeup up e eyebrow pencil with great care keeping in mind that menu of cheap products main contains toxins or chemicals that can be devastating for our health, eyes and eyebrow hair.

So today we bring you some of our first choices for eyebrow pencils, this list was carefully made to cater the needs of most individuals and if you don’t find yourself included in this list do not worry we will be providing you with the detailed buying guide for eyebrow pencils later in this article.

1- Milk makeup-gel brown eyebrow pencilMilk makeup-gel brown eyebrow pencil

This little thing screams premium from every aspect of it from it’s beautiful and elegantly designed brush to the very tip sharpened just enough to fly over your eyebrows with a formula designed to last even the roughest of a wet day. 

I can bet you can even swim wearing this piece of science. The gel-based formula is perfected to be waterproof and smudge-proof.

The spoolie brush at the back of this eyebrow pencil is made to be dynamic so no matter what your hair quality is may it be thin or thick weak or healthy this eyebrow pencil will glide through it giving you arches that will make others drool. 

The brush attached to the back is also just perfect and one thing is for sure that, that brush ain’t there for the show it works surprisingly well no matter the conditions. 

What We Like:

  • Fine tip.
  • Waterproof 
  • Good spread.

2- Benefit Precisely My Brow PencilBenefit Precisely My Brow Pencil

Want a fine tip eyebrow pencil? Don’t worry this pencil has you covered with a really fine tip and a nice round brush at one end this pencil brings some serious competition. 

The fine tip of this pencil allows its user to make small and fine strokes and arches to give some of the most realistic looks an eyebrow pencil can offer and our little spoolie brush at the other end of this pencil is just perfect to make your strokes blend in, even more. 

OooH, and the best part is that this pencil offers you with 12 hours of water and smudge protection this ensures that no matter how much you party, cry at an emotional movie, or dance while out in the rain you will always retain your high and sharp arched eyebrows arming your face with a stunning look and arming you with a gaze that could kill.

What We Like:

  • Fine tip.
  • Waterproof 
  • Smudge-proof

3- Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow PencilCrayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil

Well well, now that quite a coincidence there right there in the brand name of this eyebrow pencil has defined its greatest weapon. 

Now we agree that it is more on the pricey side of stuff but come on this eyebrow pencils hold the Chanel brand and that definitely counts towards something does it not? 

And we would be lying if we said the performance of this pencil was anything below average. 

You can apply it directly to your wet skin to ensure maximum hydration, and boy this little package packs some super pigment that makes sure you only apply a little bit each time meaning one of these would probably last you forever making it cheaper in the long run. 

Honestly, the texture of this pencil is nice, soft, and smooth ensuring the formula reaches all corners of your eyebrow.

What We Like:

  • Nice soft texture.
  • Premium brand
  • Good spread.

4- L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow PencilL'Oreal Paris Makeup Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Now let’s be honest no cosmetic list or cosmetic bag is complete without a product from L’Oreal after all they have proven themselves as one of the best over the past few years.

 Providing quality cosmetics products at a reasonable price over. They never fail to satisfy their fans or drop something really awesome in the market. 

This eyebrow pencil is nothing less, earning the amazon’s choice badge this fine tip pencil really blows the competition to the sidelines. 

Tested by an ophthalmologist and with contact lens wearers it is perfect for you if you got those very sensitive watery eyes because let us be honest you don’t want to look like you are crying when the new year celebration is at its peak and we would be thankful to God that this awful year is coming to an end. 

Oh did we mention that this eyebrow pencil is also waterproof so it is perfect for a nice pool party where you will definitely need most of your stellar looks?     

What We Like:

  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
  • Safe for contact lens wearers.
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting.

5- Aveda Eye Brow DefinerAveda Eye Brow Definer

Now, this product right here is for our vegan friends out there made with botanical waxes, Candella and carnauba makes it a perfect vegan delight. The beautiful mineral-derived colors give an exquisite natural look to your eyebrow.

If your eyebrows are all malnourished well they are in for a treat because mixed into the formula are conditioning agents including marula, jojoba, and shea butter to help keep your eyebrows soft and natural-looking.

The carefully engineered and calculated angled tip design provides you with beautiful master strokes giving you arches like none-other making you stand out as you deserve to uplift you from the norms.

The delight at the back end of this eyebrow pencil is a marvelous brush made to reach the roots of your hair and masterfully blending in the pigments from the pencil to give you a seamless and consistent look.

This eyebrow pencils special formula ensures that no matter how wet or sweaty the environment gets the shade will hold itself on to ensures you have stunning looks at your disposals at all times and in every condition.

What We Like:

  • Angled tip
  • Enriched with natural extracts.

6- TOM FORD Brow Sculptor Eyebrow pencilTOM FORD Brow Sculptor Eyebrow pencil

Are you a beginner in the world of makeup? perhaps a teen?

Don’t worry this product is especially on this list to cater to your needs. Till now we have not been able to find a single person who did not love Tom Ford’s brow sculptor like legitly this thing is good. 

The slightly tapered and edged tip makes it perfect for application ensuring you are able to reach all corners of your eyebrows and do the finest of details to ensure that your arches look second to nothing.

Making those beautiful fine lines even finer is these pencils brush equipped with an adequate amount of long and short bristles it ensures to spread the formula evenly giving you some very fine and realistic looks. 

The formula is made to be long-lasting ensuring you do not have to cater to your eyes every few hours interpreting your busy day and important errands.

What We Like:

  • Extraordinary brush.
  • All-rounder performance.
  • Long-lasting
  • Realistic looks.

7- MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Eyebrow PencilMAC Veluxe Brow Liner Eyebrow Pencil

With some of the most beautiful and realistic shades, this product was specifically oriented towards redheads but don’t let that fool you no matter what color hair you have, this eyebrow pencil will definitely cater to your needs without ever letting you down.

 Equipped with a fine tip that just melts on each stroke, this pencil provides you with the ultimate experience creating fine lines that just blend into your eyebrows.

 Be careful tho and use a nice sharpener with this pencil as the nib does tend to crumble sometimes under pressure.

 The brush at the other end of this pencil just adds to the charm of this eyebrow pencil as it splits the formula perfectly through its small and long bristles that are just rigid enough to make your master strokes even better giving you a look many people long for.

What We Like:

  • Oriented towards redheads.
  • Easily applicable.

8- Shu Uemura Hard 9 Formula Eyebrow PencilShu Uemura Hard 9 Formula Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil is more of a traditional type but it makes the statement “old is gold” true. If you are a makeup savvy person with some very oily eyebrows and skin then this product is for you.

 A formula that was chemically engineered to activate when it comes in contact with the oils in your eyebrows and skin ensures you get the best colors when you apply this pencil, giving your eyebrows some marvelous arches.

The soft powder-like tip of this pencil melts and spreads through your eyebrows on application providing a nice and even spread.

The fact that this pencil is in such a simple form factor helps it blend right in with items around it so you can easily fit in your stationery pouch to sneak it in school or you can place it in the pencil holder in your office. It will always be our little secret.

What We Like:

  • Small form factor.
  • Oil activated formula.

9- Laura Mercier Eyebrow PencilLaura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil

Ladies buckle up because we have a product for you that is available in multiple shades to cover almost every hair color this sensational eyebrow pencil from Laura Mercier took us and the market by storm.

Equipped with a fine tip sharpener and brush this eyebrow pencil is perfect to take with you on the go the soft and creamy formula ensures easy and long-lasting application.

The fine tip just glides right through your eyebrows without snapping or creating a mess giving your eyebrows the definition and arches they need and deserve after all you should have nothing but the best at your disposal. 

Oh did we mention that this eyebrow pencil also took the amazon choice award now that just adds up to the charm of this beast? 

The super long-lasting formula ensures that the colors and your arches stay on your eyebrow in every situation arming you with stunning looks at all times.

What We Like:

  • Included sharpener.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Multiple shades.

10- Ardell Beauty Stroke a Brow Feathering PencilArdell Beauty Stroke a Brow Feathering Pencil

Ok many of you have been waiting for this product to show up on this list made for the people who are running on a budget at under 7 dollars this pencil is really hard to compete with and after all, it did win the Amazon choice award. 

When used with a gelled and set eyebrow this pencil creates very realistic and fine hair-like strokes to give a dashing look.

 Oh, and did we mention that this pencil is also waterproof and smudge-proof so no matter how much you part, cry, or swim this pencil will hold its ground and stick to your eyebrows giving you nothing but the best performance till the end.

What We Like:

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use.

11- It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow PencilIt Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

Now, this pencil only comes in one shade but there is no need to freak out since that shade is adequate for most users. 

The angular tip will take some getting used to, to find your perfect shade as this pencil gets darker with added pressure making it perfect for you if you are professional and do not want to spend a ton of money getting all different shades. 

This pencil also adds strength to your hair with biotin and saw palmetto extract to ensure good bushy eyebrows at all times.

What We Like:

  • Universal shade.
  • Natural extracts enriched. 

12- Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Super Easy Eyebrow Shaping and Filling ToolBenefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Super Easy Eyebrow Shaping and Filling Tool

It’s time to make space for the boss arguably there is no brand owning the brow category better than Benefit with another amazon’s choice award-winning product this eyebrow pencil really stands out among the others. 

With a custom tip angled just to fill in the smallest of gaps in your eyebrows so you do not have to struggle or waste your time on those little nasty irritating details, the tip gives definition to your eyebrows that helps you achieve a killer gaze and make the other ladies around you drool for that look. 

The spoolie brush on the other end of this pencil just cuts through the formula creating perfectly detailed and small strokes giving you fake but realistic hair.

Available in 12 different shades, Benefit has ensured no one is left out. Oooh, and did we mention that this kickass eyebrow pencil is 12 hours waterproof. 

That means this pencil is ready to take on whatever you throw at it making sure you look nothing but perfect at the end of a party or at the end of a hectic workday.

What We Like:

  • 12 hours waterproof
  • Available in 12 shades.
  • Trusted brand.

13- Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow PencilRevlon ColorStay Eyebrow Pencil

Oh boy, today we are on fire here is another serious competitor to the list of these great eyebrow pencils coming in again with an amazon choice award this pencil makes some tremors in the market.

With a 6 dollar price tag, it is really hard to beat for the stuff it offers is really hard to beat. The angled tipped applicator is perfect for filling in gaps and achieving high arches that just don’t appear easily at this price point. 

Oh, and did we mention that this eyebrow pencil lasts all day without smudging the colors add depth and definition to your brows making them look thicker and bushier. 

Now for the best part and one many saw coming is that this eyebrow pencil is waterproof so we would suggest you go out and buy it right now before it is sold out. 

What We Like:

  • Waterproof.
  • Inexpensive 

14- KIMIKO Super Fine Eyebrow PencilKIMIKO Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil

Now we all know no list is complete without a Japanese product. After all they are one of the most advanced people in the world, always reaching new limits in the world of science.

Surely they are not behind in the world of cosmetics either after we all love Asian people and their beautiful looks now, at least in the eyebrows section you can match your Asian counterparts. 

This eyebrow pencil offers you really fine strokes with its fine tip which never needs sharpening as the twisting tip always stays sharp.

This pencil features a dry formula and according to our reviewer, this formula lasted longer than many other formulas so we know for sure that you won’t be losing your looks at midday when you probably need them the most.

What We Like:

  • Japanese made.
  • Long-lasting.

15- Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow WizAnastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz

This eyebrow pencil brings you an ultra-slim tip to perfectly fill in all the gaps in your eyebrows. It makes sure your eyebrows don’t look weak or mundane after all our eyebrows do have a tendency to thin out. 

The tip makes perfectly fine hair-like strokes and our bristle filled friend, on the other hand, ensures you are able to spread the wax formula to get the most authentic hair-like look this pencil can offer. 

This pencil is perfect for brown hairs oh and did we mention it comes in 10 shades so no matter where you fall on the spectrum the formula has got you covered.  

What We Like:

  • Very slim tip.
  • Available in 10 shades.


So bring this article to an end we would just say no matter what kind of eyebrows you have we are sure and very confident that you will find something of your liking in this list.

Something that suits you, and fits you well. Something that makes your eyebrows arches high, something that gives depth, definition, and color to your eyebrows it’s just the matter of exploring. 

We would highly encourage you to go out and claim whatever suits you best.

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