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Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

Every girls wants thicker, more luscious looking lashes, and while there are a range of mascaras and even fake eyelashes out there that can do the trick – why settle for temporary long lashes when you can grow your own lashes?

That’s what we’re all about – finding the best ways to grow eyelashes longer, thicker, and faster.

And among the many ways to do so…is Vaseline.

Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow?

We’ve gotten a bunch of emails all basically asking the same question: “Does putting vaseline on your eyelashes work?


Well, it depends on what you want it to “work” for.

If you’re looking to grow longer eyelashes – then, no, Vaseline will not dramatically lengthen your eyelashes. To do that, you’ll want a great eyelash growth product.

If you are looking for more moisturized, thicker lashes – then Vaseline is an easy, inexpensive way of preventing dry, brittle lashes and getting your lash line in tip top condition.

Vaseline is one of those incredible multi purpose skin care products that every girl should have in their handbag. You might simply associate this thick, greasy stuff with soothing chapped lips but it actually has a number of uses and one of the more little-known ones is helping lashes look longer, smoother and less likely to become brittle and break off.

Vaseline moisturizes the base and roots of your eyelashes so they are less likely to fall out, which means they have more of an opportunity to grow.

It also has great emollient properties (it locks in moisture!), which is why it is widely used to sooth chapped, dry lips.

That’s why Vaseline is particularly helpful if you are concerned your lashes may be drying out, or if they feel stiff or brittle due to continual use of mascara. Vaseline can help to rehydrate them, leaving them feeling soft and smooth and far less likely to snap – which can easily happen, especially if you’ve been overdoing the mascara.

You can find Vaseline in most drugstores and it’s dirt cheap so you can achieve more moisturized, well-hydrated lashes without breaking the bank.

And while Vaseline won’t make your eyelashes grow – the great news is that as soon as your apply Vaseline to your lashes, you’ll be able to see instantly smoother, healthier and more defined lashes.

Oh, you can also use Vaseline with or in lieu of mascara. For example, if you don’t like the look or feel of lashings and lashings of mascara, Vaseline will give your lashes a natural, fresh dewy look which is perfect if you are going for a off-duty daytime look.

It also can make your makeup last longer, so if you still feel you need mascara to create that full lash effect then you can apply Vaseline as a base layer on your lashes and then simply coat a layer or two of mascara over the top!

Wait…Is Vaseline Good For Your Eyelashes?

Oooh, good question.

Okay, here’s the deal: Vaseline does have certain benefits. For starters, it’s really cheap, super accessible and it is extremely moisturizing which is why it makes your lashes less dry and less prone to breakage. It also gives the look of instant “fullness” and can help protect your lashes by re-hydrating them.

The downside is that Vaseline is also pretty controversial. It is a by-product of petroleum, after all.

Proponents of Vaseline say that the stuff is safe, but you should know that the components that are removed from the oil during the refining process of petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) is carcinogenic in some cases.

So what’s the conclusion? Is Vaseline good for your eyelashes? Is it even safe to wear?

To be honest, we think it’s fine to use…but not on a daily basis. Vaseline is extremely protective because it provides an impenetrable barrier against outer elements, which is why it can be beneficial when your lashes have been through a lot and need some major hydration pronto.

But for long-term, daily use – the best option to choose are richly nourishing natural oils for lashes like castor oil and coconut oil.

These oils provide nutrients and vitamins for eyelash growth like fatty acids and antioxidants that Vaseline simply does not have. And they come with the added benefit of being completely, totally, 100% natural so you can rest assured about the safety of putting them on your eyes.

But when you do have to use Vaseline, here’s how you should do it…

How to Use Vaseline for Eyelashes

As you can imagine you only need to use a little Vaseline on your lashes to get a great effect.

eyelash growth tips

The best way to apply it is by firstly cleaning your lashes and eyelid area, then use a disposable eyeliner brush or mascara wand or a Q tip to gently dab a bit of Vaseline directly onto your lashes.

Avoid the lash line and concentrate the application on your eyelash tips. Really try not to get any into your eye as this can cause discomfort and irritation.

Once it’s applied to your lashes, you can simply use your forefinger to gently rub a little more onto the lengths and ends of your lashes, and that’s it!

Note: When you use Vaseline for eyelashes, make sure you clean your eye thoroughly when you are ready to remove it – as Vaseline has a rather oily texture, if you don’t do this you can end up clogging your pores around the eye area and below it which can lead to breakouts on your skin.

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Ferne - September 4, 2017

It’s strange because I used Vaseline to lengthen my eyebrows (and it worked) so I thought I’d try it out with my eyelashes too. (I hadn’t read anything about applying Vaseline to your eyelashes). But in about 2 days, my eyelashes were thick and long. Even my family members & friends saw a difference. I’d recommend it.

Willard Mubvumbi - March 3, 2018

I will try it and see the results.

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