Does Coconut Oil for Eyelashes Work? The Truth About Oily Lashes

Wondering if coconut oil for eyelashes works? Join the club. Every girl wishes she had longer, fuller eyelashes. Why do you think there are so many cosmetic products out there to help us achieve a fuller-lashed look?

The problem is, however, that too much mascara can not only look a little ‘overdone’ but can also actually cause damage to your eyelashes making them more likely to break or fall off.

The perfect look is natural and healthy where each lash is clearly defined, dark and striking, and not coated or glued up with thick layers of mascara.

While there are some great cosmetic products out there, one of the best home remedies to help your eyelashes grow thick, strong, and beautiful is coconut oil.

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of coconut oil for skin, hair, and weight loss…but what about coconut oil for lashes?

This yummy-scented oil will make your lashes appear long, soft, and shiny and it won’t clog your pores like other oil-based products which means no nasty breakouts on your skin.

And that’s not all – there’s a lot to be said about using coconut oil on eyelashes…

Why Coconut Oil for Eyelashes?

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

This delicious-smelling oil has become one of the beauty industries not so well kept secrets and is a product that every girl should have in her bathroom.

The health benefits of Coconut Oil are massive and it’s a product that has been praised for its wowing effects on skin and hair, in cooking, and now, yep, you guessed it, for longer, fuller eyelashes too.

Coconut contains many healthy properties such as natural fatty acids which are needed to help cell growth in the human body, therefore applying it to your eyelashes helps new ones to grow.

It’s also one of the best natural ways to give your eyelashes a little boost, improve their overall health, and help them frame your eyes and really make them ‘pop.’

What’s so great about it? For starters, it can be used to instantly improve your eyelashes.

This light oil has a pleasant scent and, once applied to the lashes will immediately soothe and moisturize them, help to create separation and definition, and give them a slightly reflective, glossy quality which helps create a fresh and natural look.

Regular and long-term use of coconut oil comes with more lash benefits, helping to replenish them with much-needed hydration and lash-boosting nutrition which ultimately help lashes last longer before falling off or breaking.

Coconut oil can do this because it is rich in proteins and fatty acids (both of which your lashes thrive on) and penetrates the hair shaft of your lashes to strengthen it with its proteins and fatty acids.

The result? Longer, thicker, healthier lashes.

Coconut oil is also really easy to find –  you can get coconut oil in supermarkets, health food stores, and now, due to its popularity as a cosmetic superpower, in drugstores and pharmacies too.

Of course, you could always scoop it up online for a better price as well.

Compared to most eyelash growth serums, it’s also relatively inexpensive and the amount you need to use to help your eyelashes grow is so small that it will last you for ages too – so a brilliant investment all around!

Is Coconut Oil Good For Eyelashes?Coconut Oil Good For Eyelashes

The awesome thing about coconut oil is that it’s totally safe for your eyes.

Of course, you don’t want to be rubbing this stuff into your eyes (unless you enjoy blurred vision) but while you should be gentle and careful when applying Coconut Oil to your eyelashes, should some get into your eye you can wipe or rinse it away and it shouldn’t cause you any irritation.

Not only is coconut oil great for hair growth – coconut oil is actually good for your eyes. You see, most of the fatty acids found in coconut oil are lauric acid, which has ample antifungal and antibacterial properties that will protect your eyelashes from falling prey to infections that limit hair growth.

And those same fatty acids do all this while also delivering great nourishment and hydration to your lashes and hair follicles!

Does Coconut Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?Coconut Oil Help Eyelashes Grow

Here’s what you need to know about how to make your lashes grow: There are factors like nutrients and conditioning that boost the health of your lashes.

Coconut oil falls under this category. By giving your lashes the nourishment they need, lash conditioners like coconut oil hydrate and replenish your lashes to help them grow healthier and stronger.

Healthy eyelashes are much less likely to fall off or break and more likely to grow to their full length and thickness, which is why people see great results in their lash line simply by providing nourishment.

Here’s what a few people had to say about using coconut oil for eyelash growth…

“Wow, I am amazed! I’ve been using this on my eyelashes for about a week and a half.

I kid you not within the first 4 days I saw a difference! A week ago I overplucked my eyebrows a bit, I’ve been using this on them for about a week, lots of regrowth and they’ve actually thickened.”

“I am one of those girls who was NOT blessed with long, luxurious, thick eyelashes.

In fact, I have been known to apply THREE different kinds of mascara daily, (thickening, lengthening, conditioning), just to make it look like I even have eyelashes.

So, imagine my surprise when, during my morning makeup routine, I suddenly noticed that I HAVE EYELASHES.

Long eyelashes, you guys, gigantic, even, (my daughter says they look like “spider legs”, please see the drawing above for her interpretation).

I don’t know why it works, but (at least for me), it appears that it does, (if my new tarantula lashes are any indication).”

“I do like it on my eyelashes though because it moisturizes them well so they don’t fall out as often.”

All that being said, coconut oil will not necessarily make your lashes longer.

But, it will strengthen, nourish and help your lashes grow to their full height and thickness. This will definitely improve your lash line and make your eyelashes look longer – but they won’t extend your lashes past their natural length.

You see, there’s a limit to how long eyelashes can grow. So if you have naturally short lashes, the only way to make your eyelashes grow is by using an eyelash growth serum.

These serums contain ingredients that both extend the growth phase of your lashes so they grow to longer lengths as well as increase the number of lashes that sprout so your lash line is fuller and thicker.

If you’re looking to actually lengthen your lashes – go for a great eyelash growth serum. And use the coconut oil alongside it to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes.

How to Use Coconut Oil on Eyelashes?

Coconut Oil on Eyelashes

Oh, there are so many ways you can use the lash-nourishing benefits of coconut oil on eyelashes!

The first, easiest option is to use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover. It works wonderfully to remove every trace of mascara and liner – while conditioning your lashes and lids at the same time 🙂

Simply dab coconut oil onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over your eyes.

Another option is to apply coconut oil directly to your lashes as an overnight conditioning treatment.

Use a disposable eyeliner brush or mascara wand or Q tip to help you apply coconut oil onto clean, makeup-free lashes.

The best time to apply is at night so that the oil has time to fully absorb for maximum effect.

You only need a small amount which you simply brush onto your lashes to instantly soothe and nourish them.

If you want to give your lashes an extra boost of lash TLC – try your hand at a homemade lash growth serum.

They’re super easy to make and you can add in a bunch of nourishing, lash-growth-promoting goodies into your DIY recipes!

Is Coconut Oil Safe To Use Around My Eyes?Coconut Oil Safe To Use Around My Eyes

Organic coconut oil is obtained from mature coconuts. They are not only used for eating but also for the skin and in hair products.

Coconuts are rich in moisturizing properties. They are also good for applying around your eyes. It is not irritating at all and absorbs pretty easily.

Is it safe to use around the eyes?

As it is referred to as a pure oil that is why it is safe to apply around the eyes. They are also used to help with dark circles. Not only this but also eye bags can also remove with the help of coconut oil.

Strong Eyelashes Equal Long Eyelashes:Strong Eyelashes Equal Long Eyelashes

We often see people especially boys who have got a long and voluminous pairs of eyelashes.

There are also several women out there in the world who do not mascara to get voluminous eyelashes.

Are you jealous of them?

Yeah me too, cause some of us need coats and coats of mascara to give volume and make them lengthy.

But the question is are long lashes are enough?

The chase to this quest is NO, you know why? Because if your eyelashes are not strong then there is no use for these long lashes.

So try to make your lashes strong and voluminous instead of working on the length of these bad girls.

Will Coconut Oil Make Your Eyelashes Grow Faster?

Many people say that applying coconut to your eyelashes helps them in growing faster.

Is it a myth or fact?

This is not correct at all, although it can help you in growing the lashes to their full length. It can also help in growing eyelashes stronger. But it has no concern about growing lashes faster.

Coconut oil also helps in preventing the lash fall which happens due to using fall extensions.


Virgin coconut oil is used for moisturizing the eyelashes that prevent the problem of dry eyelashes.   

Beat Bacteria With Coconut Oil:Beat Bacteria With Coconut Oil

Some micro-bacterial organisms are naturally present in our eyelashes. They are responsible for infections.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids have properties that help in fighting against the attacks of microbial organisms.

On the same spectrum,

Applying coconut oil to your eyelashes and the area under or around your eye may help you in protecting against different kinds of infections. Also, it helps with the inflammation of hair follicles.

Isn’t it incredible? Wow!!

This does not end here, we have a piece of good news for those who wear mascara. The microbial organisms that are present on our eyelashes can taint your mascara.

Why Is Coconut Oil Better Than Fake Lashes Or Lash Extensions?

There is much evidence that can prove that coconut is better than fake lashes or lash extensions. I am going to mention some of them.

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that does not hurt your eyelashes or anywhere else. Whereas, extensions or fake eyelashes may affect the natural beauty of your eyelashes.

The lash extensions or fake eyelashes are expensive and hard to maintain as compared to coconut oil.

If you use these products then you can irritate your eyes. While using coconut oil you do not have to face such a problem.

So coconut oil wins here. Also, apply coconut oil at night for better results.

Can Coconut Oil Cause Allergic Reactions?Can Coconut Oil Cause Allergic Reactions

Yes, sometimes coconut oil cause allergy but sometimes. That means it is quite rare to have some adverse effects from coconut oil.

Coconut oil allergies are generally known as contact allergies that cause rashes on your skin.

Some allergies are caused by eating food that contains coconut oil. The symptoms of such allergies are nausea, vomiting, hives, diarrhea, etc.

You need to see your dermatologist in case your skin is allergic to coconut. Otherwise you need to see your family doctor.


There are many products that you can use on your lashes for their healthy growth and make them stronger. But using coconut oil is better than them.

Coconut oil is a natural product that does not have any negative effect on your lashes and makes your eyelashes stronger, longer, and voluminous.