Eyelash Curling Do’s and Dont’s: 6 Golden Rules for Curling Lashes

It’s no wonder why eyelash curling is so popular. After all, nothing says alluring and gorgeous quite like perfectly curled lashes.

Well-curled eyelashes go well with any outfit, for any occasion, but unfortunately, there can be a lot of difficulties and obstacles surrounding eyelash curling, and those perfectly curled, stunning lashes can sometimes feel elusive at best, impossible at worst.

There can be a lot more one needs to keep in mind than you might think at first.

Today, we’re here to let you know what to do, and what to avoid, to get the curl your lashes dream of – as painlessly as possible.

Do Clean Your Lash Curler:Lash Curler

Let’s start with basic hygiene. It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this important bit of maintenance.

Eyelash curlers often get coated with mascara, the makeup they accidentally touch, and a whole host of icky nonsense you don’t want near your peepers.

Do you really want all of that caked-on nastiness ruining your eyelashes? Not to mention the risk of getting an infection in your eyes.

Here’s how to clean your lash curler, do this regularly, at least once a week:

Get a cotton ball, your favorite eye makeup remover, some natural oils like olive or coconut oil, Castile soap, and have a washcloth handy.

Put some of the eye makeup removers on the cotton ball and use it to rub off the makeup from the rubber pad and metal bar on the curler.

If there are stubborn mascara clumps and smudges that refuse to come off, wiping it down with a natural oil will get it right off.

Next, put just a few drops of Castile soap in a medium bowl, and fill it with water. Get the cloth damp, but not dripping wet, with this mixture. Thoroughly wipe the entire curler down with the cloth, but try to avoid metal joints so they don’t rust.

Then, to get the soap residue off, rinse the clamp of the curler under a faucet, again taking not to get joints too wet.

Finally, pat dry with a towel, and you’re all set!

Don’t Force:Lash Curler

As gorgeous as curled lashes are, nothing quite says “botched curling job” than a bunch of missing eyelashes.

Remember that if you pull too hard, you risk not only irritating your eye by pulling the skin of the eyelid repeatedly, you can also pull out eyelashes by the root, or bending them at a sharp angle instead of a gentle curl. And no one wants that dreaded L-crimp for all their curling efforts.

So instead of forcing it, ease up on the pressure and adopt a “slowly but surely” mentality.

If you feel any more than a light tug at the root of your eyelashes, stop and try again, gentler this time.

Oh, and if you find that you’re constantly having to force hard to get any sort of curl – it’s time to switch curlers.

The best eyelash curlers don’t require much of a force at all so choose one that will give you the perfect curl with a quick pump or two.

Do Replace Pads:Lash Curler

Do you know the little rubber pad on clamp-style curlers? Well, being made of rubber and all, it will eventually get worn out, and even regular cleaning and TLC only delays the inevitable.

If you get obvious cracks or tears in your pad, replace it immediately. Otherwise, try to replace it at least every four to seven months or whenever it starts losing its curling bounce.

Note: You can typically get replacement pads from the same company that made your curler. But some curlers don’t readily offer these.

For example, the Shu Uemura lash curler is a great, solid device but they don’t sell replacement pads – you’ll have to buy a whole new curler once your pad runs out! 

Shiseido’s curler, on the other, offers plenty of replacement pads you can find and purchase easily.

Don’t Curl After Applying Mascara:Mascara

If you’re using a traditional, clamp-style eyelash curler – one of the most important rules is to apply mascara after using the curler – not before.

Yes, we know, it’s tempting to curl after the mascara – especially since curled lashes can droop under the weight of a fresh coat of mascara. But this is a big no-no for a few reasons.

For one, you’re scraping off all that mascara that you just went through the effort of putting on. Pretty counterproductive.

Plus, curling your lashes with mascara causes the curler pad to get ickier faster and become more likely to attract dirt, debris, and bacteria.

But the most important reason you shouldn’t curl your lashes after applying mascara is simple: you can lose lashes. Because mascara tends to stick, a firm squeeze with a curler can be enough to pull weaker lashes from your lids.

So overall not a good idea. In fact, the only time it’s okay to curl lashes after applying mascara is…

DO Use a Heated Lash Curler:Heated Lash Curler

Using heat when you curl can help your lashes curl more easily and hold the curl longer.

Plus, heated lash curlers have a unique advantage – many of the best ones are wand-shaped and can be safely used after applying mascara to give your lashes an extra lift.

Instead of forcing your lashes – and potentially tugging a few out – a heated eyelash curler slightly warms the mascara so you get an extra bend and lift and then it ‘sets’ when the mascara hardens again.

The result? Curled lashes that last all day – without any risk of lash loss.

Do Take Care of Those Lashes:Lashes

The more nourished, healthy, and pliant your lashes, the easier they’ll be to curl in the first place.

On the other hand, the more brittle, rough, and overall unhealthy they are, the more likely to get breakage and unflattering angles when you try to curl.

In essence, it all boils down to the golden rule: take care of your lashes and they’ll take care of you.

The basics of lash care involve making sure to remove your makeup every night, especially your eye makeup.

Sleeping with mascara is a surefire way to brittle lashes – not to mention that it can end up in your eyes, causing eye irritation and increasing the risk of infections. Oh, and did we mention panda eyes?

You can even go a step above and give your lashes some real TLC by using an eyelash conditioner that contains nutrients, amino acids, peptides, and extracts to nourish and moisturize as well as strengthen and fortify lashes against thinning and breakage.

You can choose from one of the best eyelash conditioners or simply make your own DIY lash serum using natural oils and a used-but-sanitized mascara brush to help keep your lashes healthy and supple!

The Takeaway:

There can be a lot of unexpected pitfalls when it comes to curling your eyelashes, but with a little practice – you’ll be creating perfect curls, without lash loss or breakage!

So whether you have a big night out coming up or just want to boost your confidence on an otherwise average day, take our advice to heart, grab your curler, and have at it! We’re sure you’ll be gorgeous.