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Category Archives for Eyelash Growth

Can You Use Latisse While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

If you’re a lash lover like us, one of the first questions you have upon finding out you’re pregnant is going to be along the lines of…”Will I still be able to use Latisse while pregnant?” It doesn’t even have to be Latisse – the real question here is whether it’s safe to use a […]

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9 Best Foods for Longer Lashes (And Healthier Hair)

Eyelashes no doubt fall under the category of underrated facial features that greatly affect the overall look of a person. To some people they may seem like an afterthought, but to those in the know, even the most subtle of changes in your eyelashes can either make you look dramatic, bold, romantic, natural looking, fierce, […]

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How to Get Rid of Eyelash Dandruff: 9 Most Effective Solutions

A head full of flaky, itchy misery isn’t exactly terribly fun, and can lead to serious irritation and redness. Thing is, though, you can get dandruff other places too. Pretty much anywhere hair grows, to be specific, and that includes your lash line. Eyelash dandruff leads to itchy, crusty, red, and flaky eyelashes and lash […]

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Don’t Buy Eyelash Growth Mascara Until You’ve Read This

Mascaras are an instant way to transform short, stubby lashes into thick and full, luscious fringes. But they come with a downside: their effects are short-lived. Well, not so with a mascara that makes your eyelashes grow! These lovely multi-taskers do what good mascaras do and provide instant length and thickness while also working to […]

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Does Coconut Oil for Eyelashes Work?

Every girl wishes she had longer, fuller eyelashes – why do you think there are so many cosmetic products out there to help us achieve a fuller-lashed look? The problem is however, that too much mascara can not only look a little ‘over done’ but can also actually cause damage to your eyelashes making them […]

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Get Naturally Long Eyelashes with Vitamins for Eyelash Growth

Sadly, I will never be an eyelash model. My natural lashes are fairly long but sparse and thin.  That’s probably why I’m so obsessed with long, thick lashes – I’ve always envied women whose long, thick lashes draw attention to perfectly accented eyes. Once I opted for eyelash extensions and experienced what life is like […]

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